A little unplanned rest?

So, yeah, this week has been a total mess.  If my goal was to be as much of a Slacker as possible, I have succeeded.  However, since that was not my goal, big fail!!!!!  I have not run since Sunday.  Yikes!!  I swear I have this kneejerk reaction to challenges, it’s like I try to fail.  It has happened twice now with both the plank challenge and the pushup challenge.   As I posted before, I set myself a challenge for miles in November and the first week isn’t looking so pretty.

Pretty much sums it up
Pretty much sums it up

Monday I did not run as I was getting ready for the trip the next day.  I did take my running gear with me on Tuesday, hopeful that I could get in a few miles around the area while the girls were playing their tennis match.    First sign against this was the tall locked gates and fences prohibiting us from actually getting on campus, let alone to the tennis courts.  Once we finally were let in, it was around the 3rd comment from another coach there that we had to make sure to look out for “unsavories”, which made me think, umm maybe not.   I sat in the van for a bit and worked on school work instead and sure enough, some kids tried a stunt until they noticed me still in it.  Seriously?  That was an exhausting day without running though, so maybe that was a good thing.

ok, this should have been the first clue
ok, this should have been the first clue

As for Wednesday, that was just pure Slacker-ness.  I should have taken my gear with me and changed at work and then driven straight to the gym.  But I did not.   No, I drove all the way home with the intention of changing and then heading out.  Well the road to Slacker-ness is paved with good intentions, right?   Yep, day 3 with no run.  😦 Tonight was school and with the time change, I can no longer run before class.  The road is too narrow to run in the dark.  Ugh!!!!

 A little pre- dinner road trip photo op.
A little pre- dinner road trip photo op.

I have been feeling a little under the weather the past two days but didn’t think much of it.  That changed tonight when I became so ill in the class that the teacher stopped class to ask if I was ok.  That was then followed by them trying to find me a ride home.  The campus is about 30 miles away.  Talk about embarrassing.  I drove myself home but did leave early.   Plans of trying to run tomorrow before work have now been scrapped.   This time may be for a good reason but I feel like I have become the excuse queen this week.

I have work tomorrow and Saturday, so at this point I think I will just call this an unplanned rest week.   It means I will more than likely not make the miles goal that I set for this week for the Pile on the Miles challenge.  😦 But hopefully some rest, planned or not, will just help me step it up next week and after.   As for now, I am resting in my chair watching Glee.


Hope everyone else is having a good week!

Any races this weekend?

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