Fun Times ( and a little running)

I tried to start this post last night but the kitten decided she wanted to join me on the comfy chair.  I was cold so I had the big blanket out.  She made it very hard to type.  Not sure if it was her purring or just me but I totally fell asleep in the chair.  It’s a good thing I didn’t drop the laptop.

ok, maybe bigger than a kitten
ok, maybe bigger than a kitten

Thursday saw a successful girl’s night out.  We lost one before it even started (missed you A!) but picked up another.  🙂   We hit Chili’s for yummy food and drinks and then were off to an early showing of Catching Fire.  And it was amazing.  I got a little teary eyed and I knew what was coming.  Could have done without the guy a few rows down getting trashed and shattering his wine glass, but the movie was great.

The only real downside to the night came when I realized I had left my hat in the theater.    😦 It was my favorite hat!  It had been a little misty when I picked up my friends, so I had been wearing it to and from dinner and into the theater, I hate umbrellas (and cause more harm than good with them) so for years I have been wearing an old fedora.  I tried calling and emailing the theater but no luck.  Ugh! Otherwise, it was a great night!

Today marked the 1st of 9 days off.  I’m on vacation.  Part of me is excited and part is anxious.  I have not had that many days off in… well ever.  But work gives me no choice, so here I am.   If I had my way, I would just have a 4 day weekend every once in awhile.  But no such luck.  So much time and so little to do.

My first morning of vacation started off with a very slow 5.5 mile run.  And it was so cold, and I apparently thought I didn’t need gloves or ear warmers.  Stupid.  It was cold and I was slow but whatever, I still made it a happen.   I even ran halfway up 2 hills I have always walked before.  One of which was my driveway- when my shin splints were really bad, I would drive to the bottom and park before running.  So to even make it partway up was cool.  This run may have been slow but I met my weekly goal for the Pile on the Miles challenge.  Woo hoo!

Saw this online and loved it!
Saw this online and loved it!

My run was cold and early because nerdily enough I had a date with my tv at 11:50.  Today was the 50th anniversary special for Doctor Who and I was too impatient to watch it later.  It was awesome!  Between this and Catching Fire, it has been like nerd-vana for me this week.  Now if I can just go get my book that came out this week, it would be a trifecta of awesome-ness.

Tomorrow my goal is to get in some track time and maybe do a little speed work.   Now let’s see if I follow through or let this vacation thing go to my head.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend!

Anyone else see Catching Fire or The Day of the Doctor?

Anyone racing?

3 thoughts on “Fun Times ( and a little running)

  1. Congrats on the hill running but sorry to hear about your hat! That’s a bummer to lose a favorite thing, no matter what it is!

    I watched Day of the Doctor, complete with homemade “fish fingers” and custard! I loved it! What did you think of it?


  2. I loved Catching Fire!! I just saw it last night, and I cried a little as well! I will say though I’m learning I would much rather watch movies in my own and home and not have to deal with people like your wine-spilling-guy 😉

    Enjoy your vacation and extra free time for long runs and nerdiness!!


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