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Sundays for me alternate between track days and Slacker Sundays.   And despite my best intentions to have yesterday be a track day, the Slacker in me won over.  The time came to go run and well, a nap really sounded like a good idea at the time.    I can’t even say that vacation brain kicked in because it was just me.

Today was the first real day of my vacation, and I admit I slept in, late.  It was kind of awesome.    I had plans to go to lunch with my mom, run some errands and hit the gym in the afternoon.  Those plans were derailed in the cutest of ways.

How cute is she?!?
How cute is she?!?

My parents have been fencing their yard in preparation of getting a dog.   It’s almost done but not quite so some thought the dog would be the beginning of next year.  Surprise!!!!   My dad was totally not prepared for us to show up with a dog.    Neither, really was my mother, there was nothing for the puppy yet.

So the afternoon was spent taking care of this adorable fur ball (so hard I know 🙂 ) and running around getting stuff for her.   She now has a collar and a leash, a bed and some toys, a squeaker frog!  What she does not have is a name.   The whole family is in on it now, but no one agrees.     I said Marathon, my brother said Ammo, my dad said “not thought out”.  My mother has shot everything down, I am currently calling her Misfire, but my mom hates that and it is her dog.

Every time she would bring up getting a dog, I would tell her that it had to be able to run. That way I could “borrow” her and train her to run with me.  I have always wanted to run with a dog, instead of being attacked by them.    She is an Aussie/ Lab mix and the lady said that she could totally be a runner.  We would just have to start her early and slowly and she could do shorter runs.  Woo hoo!

Even after I chased her around the yard all afternoon I knew I should get a run in.   According to my Nike fuelband, chasing a puppy does not earn you many points.  😦 It was getting dark and I did not feel like going to the gym.  So I changed into whatever was on the top of my running drawer and went for a quick run.   Good lord, I was obnoxious.

Damn, that's bright!
Damn, that’s bright!

But, racing the darkness, I completed 3.8 miles.  If I could have seen my phone to know how close I was to 4 I would have run more.   But that’s for another day.

Anyone have any tips for puppy training?

Hope everyone had a good Monday!!!!

And some last cuteness-

Puppy playtime
Puppy playtime



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  1. Aww, so cute!!!! I showed my wife and she suggested Sophie. I’m terrible at naming things, but she looooves names and their origins. Good luck coming up with something!


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