Oh, the fresh air!!

I made it to work on Friday, woo hoo!  Man, that was tiring.   My first phone call left me in a coughing fit.  Apparently I hadn’t said that many words together in a few days, ha!  🙂  By the time work was over, I was done.    I made the drive home and was off to try and sleep more before work this morning.

Yesterday, I received a smile in the office mail.   I haven’t been able to see one of my friends since before Christmas as we haven’t been able to make our schedules work.  😦  Her Christmas present has been in my car for the last 4 weeks.    She sent mine on Friday.  Such an awesome surprise on a tiring day!!  Every runner’s dream, right?

Thanks, A!!!!
Thanks, A!!!!

Or one of them at least .  Now I just have to decide which race to use it on.  🙂

Today was my Saturday to work so I was up early heading out the door.   Normally, this time of year the drive would be green and pretty.  Today was just shades of brown.  Seriously where is the rain?!!?!?!   And I know I will complain when it actually does happen but where is the cold?   It was 80 something when I left work and mid seventies when I got home.

After hitting Target and stocking up for the next week, it was time for a run.  I had to have a little conversation with myself about it.   I could use one more rest day right? No.   I was cold, even though if it was warm outside.  Wear layers.  What if I started coughing?  Take water.  It’s gonna be hard.  Take walk breaks.  The floor looks perfect for a nap.  Move it, lazy!!!   Plus, running today was about more than just me- #megsmiles.

I changed into my brightest clothing and went out for a run.  After a week of absolutely zero exercise and 4 days being sick, it was harder than I would have liked but I told myself I could walk anytime the going got tough.  And by that I mean my breathing, if I started huffing and puffing, slow down!!!!   Especially considering I am still slightly congested.   But then when am I not, stupid deviated septum.

A little puppy time
A little puppy time

It felt good to be outside and moving.  My legs were a little stiff but that was to be expected.  I initially planned for 3 but added in an extra loop.   Overall I think I took 4 walking breaks and was running slower than usual, but it was not the run I had been dreading.   Even just putting on my running clothes perked me up.   That’s not to say I wasn’t tired.  As shown by my complete lack of drive to fully complete 4 miles.

photo 5

Hmmm, so close to 4, but I was not doing that driveway again, nope, not happening.    For today, 3.92 was just fine.  I made sure to stretch really well after my run as I hadn’t done much moving lately.   Hopefully I can get in a few miles tomorrow as well, plus I still haven’t tested out my new shoes!  I’m such a Slacker!  I feel like they are taunting me from the box.

Who ran today?

Good luck to all those racing tomorrow! 

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