Going on a week now

I last ran one week ago today.  It was a pretty good 4.5 miles and I was looking forward to a long run a few days later.   I had a plan, right?

In my previous posts I talked about being sick.  Ugh, but I was optimistic that I would be better soon and able to get back to running.  Tuesday morning I woke up and still felt crappy.  My boss had a morning meeting so I made the trek into work, hoping I could leave when she arrived.  I was hoping that another half day of rest would be enough to kick whatever was wrong.  By late Tuesday evening I knew that was wishful thinking.  😦   I called in sick for Wednesday.  Let me clarify by saying that I don’t call in sick.  I can count on one hand with fingers left over the times I have called in sick in the last 7 years.  Same for the previous job of 10 years.   Now with my previously mentioned stomach issues, I have gone home early or come in a few hours late.  But calling in? Very, very rare.

The plan was to get as much sleep as possible on Wednesday and feel better by Thursday.  I woke up at 8:30 AM, and could not fall back asleep.  WTF?  I made it from the bed to the Comfy chair.  My eyes were so swollen I could barely see (TMI?).  I thought maybe I should call the doctor.  So an appointment was made for 4:00.    I dozed off and on in the chair until then.    I was feeling really rough, so my pops had to drive me to the doctor.   My mother later drove me to get my prescription.   Sad but true, and I am very thankful.  I looked like such a creature I kept my sunglasses on in the waiting room until I was in an exam room.  That’s when I noticed this-

Oh so classy, right?
Oh so classy, right?

Even with beginning the medication, today was another sick day.  😦  More time spent in the chair with a blanket.   Temperatures outside hit a record high for January (90º!) and I was covered up with a blanket.   I did get some reading in though-

photo 2 (5)

After that, it was time for an Arrow marathon with my eyes half shut.  Now my goal is to get some more rest and hopefully make it to work tomorrow.  Then, work on Saturday.  Fingers crossed I will feel up to some really slow miles this weekend.  Which, thankfully is a 3 day weekend.    I have to run off the almost full bag of Lay’s I have consumed in the last 3 days.   It figures that I get sick and crave crap food.

Good luck to everyone running Disneyland this weekend!

Thanks for listening to me whine  🙂

8 thoughts on “Going on a week now

  1. I’ve been in a bit of a slump myself. Just burned out on crappy, cold, gray weather here…and I have the hardest time getting myself on that treadmill for more than a boring, dreadful mile. I hope you’re feeling healthy and on top of the game again soon!


    1. Our cold weather here is only in the AM but my problem is the darkness. I don’t run at night and the treadmill just seems so boring when I get off work. I don’t understand how some people love the treadmill.


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