4 days and a wedding

I really wanted that to say miles not days.   Actually I wish it said something around 8-10 miles but any miles would be great.   But no, moving on to day 4 of icky-ness.  Actually as long it is taking me to type this, it may be day 5.

Yesterday was day 3 of rest, I so wanted to run but the pressure in my head just wouldn’t quit.   I just wanted to cuddle up with a blanket in my Comfy chair.  But I put on the makeup (a bit) and did my hair and dragged myself off to a wedding with my mother.   After she raided my closet that is.

Just don't look at my eyes...
Just don’t look at my eyes…

Made it through the ceremony only having to avoid one coughing fit. I probably shouldn’t have tried to sing along.  The wedding was cute, so were the couple getting married.  🙂  Then it was off to the reception and along the way I discovered I had lost my sunglasses in the church.  Ugh!   I went back to look but no luck.   The reception was actually at the lake I like to run so I was able to check out the conditions.  Verdict- the lake is a puddle.    I feel bad for the ducks.  😦

The reception was lovely and awkward because I had no idea who anyone was.  But I didn’t feel up to chit chatting so it all worked out, right?   My mother wasn’t feeling well either so we left shortly after giving the bride and groom our best wishes.   It was then home to crash.


This morning was no better but I was stupidly optimistic so I packed all my gear anyways.  Ha!  I didn’t even make it through all day at work.  I made the drive home, and crashed in the Comfy chair with a blanket.    Yuck.  Nike also told me just how much of a Slacker I was last week.  I missed 3 runs last week.   Ouch.  Being sick sucks and this week isn’t starting out so great.

Ok, that’s enough moping by me, maybe I should get some sleep.   Does dreaming about miles count?

Thanks for listening 🙂

How was everyone’s Monday?

For those who ran Disney, how’s the recovery going?

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