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Real Running Conversations

Wow, I love all the comments on the last post.  I am so glad to know that I am not the only one who can get a little crazy while running.  🙂

Tuesdays seem to be turning into a typical rest day for me.   I had briefly thought about trying to squeeze in a run before my doctor’s appointment but I didn’t get off early enough.  That was probably a good thing as it was pretty warm when I got home and I was still in a little funk from Monday’s rambling 🙂     So instead, I went to the doctor (yuck) and then just had an easy night.  And maybe some pizza.  🙂

Yesterday, I had the beginning’s of a migraine but I was ready to run.  I knew I was meeting M after work to run a few miles.   I haven’t run with M since last fall, so I was excited.  Then I found out C was joining us-sweet!     As I drove up to M’s house, I had to laugh out loud.   They were both waiting on the sidewalk and somehow without planning it first, we all wore pink.  Like bright pink, so 3 blondes in pink tanks.  And blogger fail, I forgot to take a picture.  😦   We didn’t really have a route planned but it didn’t matter.  We ran when we wanted to, walked when needed and talked a lot.  It was great.  M’s just getting back into running so when we passed her house at 2.6 miles, she peeled off and C and I rounded it out to 4 miles.    Now if we can just make it a weekly thing.

While it was a great run, it still felt hard.  Granted, I don’t usually talk (out loud) and run at the same time.  Then a light bulb clicked- my doctor had ordered a bunch of lab work and I had the blood work done that morning.  That lady was a vampire!   Seriously, how many vials did she need?!   And she left me with a gnarly bruise.  That could have made me a little tired.  Oops.2.5miles

That headache that was niggling yesterday was a full-blown migraine when I woke up this morning.   It got so bad, that I actually took something for it at work.  Our first aid kit makes me smile, I took a “Pain Terminator” today.  I love the names they make up for their generics 🙂 I also accepted that the planned 6 miler was not happening.  Instead I headed to the lake for a short 2 miles.  Sometimes, running can help my head.  Usually I would head to the gym for the treadmill but I figured the lake was just as good.  If my head was pounding after the first lap, I could call it done.   It wasn’t easy but it wasn’t horrible either, actually pretty speedy.  I finished 2 laps plus a tiny bit to hit 2.5 miles and headed home for the comfy chair.   Interestingly Nike says I ran through the lake tonight-

ummm, not so much
ummm, not so much

I did get an inhaler from my doctor on Tuesday but I haven’t noticed any difference in either run.  Then again I was never very good at using one.  🙂   But in yummy news, we have awesome customers and I got to enjoy this today-cheesecake Anyone racing this weekend?

Any big plans?


Run!, Slacker

Going on a week now

I last ran one week ago today.  It was a pretty good 4.5 miles and I was looking forward to a long run a few days later.   I had a plan, right?

In my previous posts I talked about being sick.  Ugh, but I was optimistic that I would be better soon and able to get back to running.  Tuesday morning I woke up and still felt crappy.  My boss had a morning meeting so I made the trek into work, hoping I could leave when she arrived.  I was hoping that another half day of rest would be enough to kick whatever was wrong.  By late Tuesday evening I knew that was wishful thinking.  😦   I called in sick for Wednesday.  Let me clarify by saying that I don’t call in sick.  I can count on one hand with fingers left over the times I have called in sick in the last 7 years.  Same for the previous job of 10 years.   Now with my previously mentioned stomach issues, I have gone home early or come in a few hours late.  But calling in? Very, very rare.

The plan was to get as much sleep as possible on Wednesday and feel better by Thursday.  I woke up at 8:30 AM, and could not fall back asleep.  WTF?  I made it from the bed to the Comfy chair.  My eyes were so swollen I could barely see (TMI?).  I thought maybe I should call the doctor.  So an appointment was made for 4:00.    I dozed off and on in the chair until then.    I was feeling really rough, so my pops had to drive me to the doctor.   My mother later drove me to get my prescription.   Sad but true, and I am very thankful.  I looked like such a creature I kept my sunglasses on in the waiting room until I was in an exam room.  That’s when I noticed this-

Oh so classy, right?
Oh so classy, right?

Even with beginning the medication, today was another sick day.  😦  More time spent in the chair with a blanket.   Temperatures outside hit a record high for January (90º!) and I was covered up with a blanket.   I did get some reading in though-

photo 2 (5)

After that, it was time for an Arrow marathon with my eyes half shut.  Now my goal is to get some more rest and hopefully make it to work tomorrow.  Then, work on Saturday.  Fingers crossed I will feel up to some really slow miles this weekend.  Which, thankfully is a 3 day weekend.    I have to run off the almost full bag of Lay’s I have consumed in the last 3 days.   It figures that I get sick and crave crap food.

Good luck to everyone running Disneyland this weekend!

Thanks for listening to me whine  🙂

Run!, Slacker

4 days and a wedding

I really wanted that to say miles not days.   Actually I wish it said something around 8-10 miles but any miles would be great.   But no, moving on to day 4 of icky-ness.  Actually as long it is taking me to type this, it may be day 5.

Yesterday was day 3 of rest, I so wanted to run but the pressure in my head just wouldn’t quit.   I just wanted to cuddle up with a blanket in my Comfy chair.  But I put on the makeup (a bit) and did my hair and dragged myself off to a wedding with my mother.   After she raided my closet that is.

Just don't look at my eyes...
Just don’t look at my eyes…

Made it through the ceremony only having to avoid one coughing fit. I probably shouldn’t have tried to sing along.  The wedding was cute, so were the couple getting married.  🙂  Then it was off to the reception and along the way I discovered I had lost my sunglasses in the church.  Ugh!   I went back to look but no luck.   The reception was actually at the lake I like to run so I was able to check out the conditions.  Verdict- the lake is a puddle.    I feel bad for the ducks.  😦

The reception was lovely and awkward because I had no idea who anyone was.  But I didn’t feel up to chit chatting so it all worked out, right?   My mother wasn’t feeling well either so we left shortly after giving the bride and groom our best wishes.   It was then home to crash.


This morning was no better but I was stupidly optimistic so I packed all my gear anyways.  Ha!  I didn’t even make it through all day at work.  I made the drive home, and crashed in the Comfy chair with a blanket.    Yuck.  Nike also told me just how much of a Slacker I was last week.  I missed 3 runs last week.   Ouch.  Being sick sucks and this week isn’t starting out so great.

Ok, that’s enough moping by me, maybe I should get some sleep.   Does dreaming about miles count?

Thanks for listening 🙂

How was everyone’s Monday?

For those who ran Disney, how’s the recovery going?

Reward, Run!, Slacker

The Slacker Way

So, yeah the 4th of July planned run didn’t happen, the weatherman lied!  Over 100 again, too hot even for the chair, couldn’t even be a Slacker the right way.

So a little bit about the Slacker way:

My goal is to run 3 times a week, cross train twice and have two rest days.   In the beginning I stuck to the training plan really well.  Then come January, I was offered a promotion in a different town and began commuting every day.   The plan took a hit 😦  I managed to stick to the running 3 times a week but the cross training took the hardest hit.   I had been riding a stationary bike twice a week as my cross training.  It was helping my running; I felt that it helped with my breathing which in turn helped my pace.   Then the slacker-ness set.

Over the past few months, my training has looked somewhat like this- Run Monday, Wednesday and one weekend day.  I play in a volleyball league on Tuesdays so I was treating that as cross training (ha!).  As for my runs, I would aim for one speed-work and one long run and the other would just fall in the middle.    Shortest run would be around 3.5 and my long run around 5.5 when not training.  My running has at least stayed on pace and I can see improvement in my times, so woo hoo for that!!!

This week after posting and reading what everyone else was posting, I just felt like more of a Slacker than usual.   I ran on Tuesday and Wednesday plus volleyball on Tuesday but not following through with a run on the 4th just made me sad, hehe.   So Saturday afternoon in the middle of a migraine and the nausea that came with it, I was like what the heck, let’s hit the track.

I love the track, for me it’s faster than a treadmill (boring!) and it’s a good place to go when you are feeling a little crappy.  So much easier it walk back to your car than 3 miles back to your house :).  Plus, when I run the track my mother joins me to exercise as well.  It’s perfect, she does her pace and I do mine.  Also good to have someone there when you are feeling wobbly.  So my goal was to out run my headache.  I figured an easy 45 minute run would help, bring on those endorphins!   Forgot that I have troubles with the Easy part when on the track, oops!  But even though I pushed harder than I should have (not the best idea) I defeated the headache!!!

As a reward for the 4.5 miles, the weather cooperated enough to make the comfy chair comfy again, yeah!!!!


And on Sunday, I followed through and got back on the bike!  8 miles done, heck yeah!!!!   Now, if I can just keep it up:)

chill out, Race Day, Run!, Slacker

Heat = Lazy Runner

So my neck of the woods has just come off of an excessive heat warning.  Perfect for running, right?

Five days of temperatures above 110 makes it really easy to be a slacker runner.   It was so unbearably hot that even my comfy chair was a no go.  Felt like a dang sauna for your backside, ugh.  To make matters worse, I got sick last Friday.  Seriously, who gets the flu in the summer?  My body couldn’t decide if it was shivering with the chills or melting from the heat.

After the lovely knockout of heat and flu, I was forced to run even less than a slacker like me likes to.   Being a commuter as well as inherently lazy makes running in the morning and avoiding the heat highly unlikely for me, I like sleep!    With the drop in training and lingering icky feeling, I was forced to postpone a race that I had planned to complete on July 4th.  This totally bites as I was hoping for a new 5k PR there:(.  I know the course really well and was very optimistic.    Cue inner scream.

I did manage to go for a run this evening after work; if 2.5 miles counts as a run.  Since I couldn’t do the race tomorrow, I did the course tonight instead.   Turned out to be a hotter 86 than I felt ready for.   It was almost 7:00 PM for crying out loud.  I actually maintained a decent pace throughout the run but just felt so sluggish.  I have a 10k a week from Saturday so I need to get it in gear!  Less slacker, more of a runner!

Tomorrow is actually supposed to be below 100, so I am aiming for a good 5 mile run at the local track.  Here’s to hoping for a good pace, good overall run followed by some good 4th of July fun!

And maybe after all that, I can get back to the comfy chair.

Happy 4th of July!!