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Bright, shiny and new!!!!

Shoes!!!!!!  As I mentioned in a previous post, my Mizuno Wave Inspire 9 were getting a little tired.  In fact, I probably shouldn’t have run my half marathon in them.  But I loved them so much!  I set a PR for 5K, 10K, and half marathon distances in them.  So, ok, maybe I was a little attached, a little overly sentimental.

My favorite :)
My favorite 🙂

Monday’s short little run brought the mileage total up to 444.  The wear was showing and the support has faded.  Poor shoes.  😦 It was time to do something.   Mizuno has been teasing the release of the Wave Inspire 10 for sometime in mid-November.  I had mixed feelings about this for a few reasons.  #1 was that I didn’t want to wait that long.  I needed shoes now, so I could break them in for November races.  #2- I loved these shoes, 10 were redesigned, what if I hated them?  Plus by the time I would figure that out, I may not have been able to find the Inspire 9.

I have been checking websites off and on for about a month now, hoping I could find the Inspire 9’s for a little less.    Monday after my creepy run, I decided to just buy my shoes.  I have bought (been gifted) every pair of running shoes from The Running Warehouse.  I love them, great selection and customer service.   I am probably a very annoying customer, as I usually try on like 7 pairs of shoes each time.  This time I knew exactly what I wanted, so I figured I would go online.   Easy peasy right?

Strike 1, they had the 9 in two colors but not my size.  Well crap.   Ok, how about the Mizuno website?  3 colors available, but again not my size, strike 2.  I was starting to get a little nervous.  Did I wait too long?   Next I checked out Road Runner Sports.   I had never been to the site before but kept seeing it on Twitter.  Success!!! They had my shoes in my size!!!!

I ordered them around 10PM Monday night.  They had a deal with their VIP account, so I figured why not.  I got 20% off plus free shipping. Score!  And yes, I paid for my first pair of running shoes.  Tuesday morning, I received an email that they had shipped.  Well that was fast.  I still expected them to take a while.  After getting home from work school on Wednesday, I found my shoes!!! Less than 48 hour turn around!  I was impressed.   Part of me wanted to go for a run but my neck was freakishly sore and stiff after class, so I held off.

Thursday, I headed out after work, before more school, for a little 3 mile run.  The weather was amazing, bright shining sun and blue ocean.  It was a little windier than anticipated; the water was choppier than I had seen it.   The shoes were great, no issues, I could really feel the support.


So very, very pink
So very, very pink

Only one slight quirk, the shoes are pink, like in your face, bright pink.  (Sorry, Mizuno, Beetroot not pink) I think this is the brightest pair of shoes I have owned.   I could see the pink out of the corner of my eye while running, that will take some getting used to.  🙂 I can count the number of pink things I own on one hand.

On the shoe subject, I rewarded myself for achieving my 10K goal with these super cute platforms-


I wore them today for the second time 🙂   Love them, but almost walked out of the right one 3x today, my right foot is smaller.  😦  I need to buy one of those heel inserts.  It’s hard to believe I am a runner when I sometimes have troubles walking!


Can’t wait to get my next run in with my new shoes!!!


Anyone else have any favorite shoes?


Anyone racing this weekend?

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Heat = Lazy Runner

So my neck of the woods has just come off of an excessive heat warning.  Perfect for running, right?

Five days of temperatures above 110 makes it really easy to be a slacker runner.   It was so unbearably hot that even my comfy chair was a no go.  Felt like a dang sauna for your backside, ugh.  To make matters worse, I got sick last Friday.  Seriously, who gets the flu in the summer?  My body couldn’t decide if it was shivering with the chills or melting from the heat.

After the lovely knockout of heat and flu, I was forced to run even less than a slacker like me likes to.   Being a commuter as well as inherently lazy makes running in the morning and avoiding the heat highly unlikely for me, I like sleep!    With the drop in training and lingering icky feeling, I was forced to postpone a race that I had planned to complete on July 4th.  This totally bites as I was hoping for a new 5k PR there:(.  I know the course really well and was very optimistic.    Cue inner scream.

I did manage to go for a run this evening after work; if 2.5 miles counts as a run.  Since I couldn’t do the race tomorrow, I did the course tonight instead.   Turned out to be a hotter 86 than I felt ready for.   It was almost 7:00 PM for crying out loud.  I actually maintained a decent pace throughout the run but just felt so sluggish.  I have a 10k a week from Saturday so I need to get it in gear!  Less slacker, more of a runner!

Tomorrow is actually supposed to be below 100, so I am aiming for a good 5 mile run at the local track.  Here’s to hoping for a good pace, good overall run followed by some good 4th of July fun!

And maybe after all that, I can get back to the comfy chair.

Happy 4th of July!!