The Slacker Way

So, yeah the 4th of July planned run didn’t happen, the weatherman lied!  Over 100 again, too hot even for the chair, couldn’t even be a Slacker the right way.

So a little bit about the Slacker way:

My goal is to run 3 times a week, cross train twice and have two rest days.   In the beginning I stuck to the training plan really well.  Then come January, I was offered a promotion in a different town and began commuting every day.   The plan took a hit 😦  I managed to stick to the running 3 times a week but the cross training took the hardest hit.   I had been riding a stationary bike twice a week as my cross training.  It was helping my running; I felt that it helped with my breathing which in turn helped my pace.   Then the slacker-ness set.

Over the past few months, my training has looked somewhat like this- Run Monday, Wednesday and one weekend day.  I play in a volleyball league on Tuesdays so I was treating that as cross training (ha!).  As for my runs, I would aim for one speed-work and one long run and the other would just fall in the middle.    Shortest run would be around 3.5 and my long run around 5.5 when not training.  My running has at least stayed on pace and I can see improvement in my times, so woo hoo for that!!!

This week after posting and reading what everyone else was posting, I just felt like more of a Slacker than usual.   I ran on Tuesday and Wednesday plus volleyball on Tuesday but not following through with a run on the 4th just made me sad, hehe.   So Saturday afternoon in the middle of a migraine and the nausea that came with it, I was like what the heck, let’s hit the track.

I love the track, for me it’s faster than a treadmill (boring!) and it’s a good place to go when you are feeling a little crappy.  So much easier it walk back to your car than 3 miles back to your house :).  Plus, when I run the track my mother joins me to exercise as well.  It’s perfect, she does her pace and I do mine.  Also good to have someone there when you are feeling wobbly.  So my goal was to out run my headache.  I figured an easy 45 minute run would help, bring on those endorphins!   Forgot that I have troubles with the Easy part when on the track, oops!  But even though I pushed harder than I should have (not the best idea) I defeated the headache!!!

As a reward for the 4.5 miles, the weather cooperated enough to make the comfy chair comfy again, yeah!!!!


And on Sunday, I followed through and got back on the bike!  8 miles done, heck yeah!!!!   Now, if I can just keep it up:)

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