Skillet and Donut Holes

This “trying to be more dedicated than 3x a week plan” is really making me tired.   The plan that I am following has been calling for 6 days a week.  With being sick last week and my inherent Slacker-ness I have been hitting 4.   Which is double what I did in December (oh the holidays) and 1 more than the Slacker Way.    Who knows, maybe 5 is next.  🙂

Tonight I decided to try the Garmin on the treadmill one last time, and lo and behold, it worked!!!  I was thinking that if non GPS mode was based on accelerometer technology (seriously who makes up these words?), then a lot of that is based on arm movement right?  When I run on the treadmill, I wear my phone in an armband on my left arm.  For whatever reasons, I’ve noticed that when I wear an armband, I don’t move my left arm as much.   I have tried to correct it but not much luck.   So tonight, I figured I would try the Garmin on the right hand.  It was kind of awkward, I had troubles getting the watch tight, and pushing the buttons was tricky, but it worked!  It matched the treadmill exactly.  I still had Nike+ going on my phone just in case, but tonight they all matched.   I can’t claim to understand why Nike+ works on my left arm and not the Garmin, but hopefully this will correct the issue in the future.

After yesterday’s rest day- chosen by me not the plan-  today called for a 3 mile easy run.   My goal was 6 miles to make up for the run I missed yesterday.  After work, I got started later than I planned so 6 turned into 5.   I slept kind of rough last night so I was glad that today was an easy run.  Also thankful that the treadmill helps control your pace.  🙂   I wore the Wave Rider’s again and I am liking them so far.  My shins and ankles were a little sore in the beginning and around mile 4, but no more than anytime I’ve changed shoes.    The shoelaces are freakishly long so I will have to fix that.

Untitled picture

I finished my 5 miles and walked a little more for a cool down. The run felt pretty good.   I made sure to not push either myself or the shoes but it felt like a good workout.  Which was good as a customer had brought us donut holes this afternoon.  Seriously, no restraint with that yummy, glazed goodness.

I can’t wait for the time change, I miss running outside in the evening.  The gym and the treadmill are great, but sometimes distracting.   Tonight there were 2 women on treadmills next to me carrying on a movie trivia game.  Which would have been fine if they weren’t so loud.  My playlist tonight was Skillet, and they are not a quiet band.  I had it pretty loud with both ear buds in and I could hear their conversation perfectly.   Then there were the guys on the ellipticals in jeans and cargo pants.  Isn’t there a dress code?

I stretched some before leaving.  I also made nice with my foam roller tonight.   Tomorrow will be another rest day then it’s a ten miler on the schedule for Saturday.    I’d like to be optimistic and say I will try for a few miles tomorrow but with later hours at work and having to get my tires fixed in the AM again, let’s say rest day.

And she won
And she won

Right now, I’m being stalked by a Comfy chair thief, so it’s off to bed for me!

How is everyone’s week?

Anyone else have any random gym stories?

6 thoughts on “Skillet and Donut Holes

  1. That is the most frustrating thing on the planet to me at the gym. It’s bad enough that my ear buds have to compete with the same songs playing over the loudspeakers all the time, but then when people get on right next to me and start talking REALLY loudly the WHOLE time they’re on there it drives me bonkers.

    That’s the nice thing about getting there between 4:30-5:00 am – there are far less people to annoy me so I can usually find my own quiet treadmill and enjoy my time. I did move once though because these two girls got on right smack next to me when there was a whole ROW of open treadmills and wouldn’t be quiet. I stopped halfway through my run, went to the far end of the next row over and continued the rest of my workout. LOL


    1. A few years ago, I managed to go in the morning quite often, one time I swear there were 3 people on the treadmills next to me that never been to sleep. I think they all went out partying and then thought “hey, let’s go to the gym”. It was ridiculous.


  2. I’m counting the days until the time change as well! Because I work nights and evenings, I wake up at 10:30(ish), eat breakfast, run, eat lunch then go to work at 4 and the sun is already going down by 5. My days feel so short!


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