Someone Kick Me

I had good intentions about getting in some really good runs over the long weekend.  You know what that saying about good intentions?  Yeah.  I had hoped to run a few miles Sunday evening after the hike but it didn’t happen.    There was some drama with the mother’s puppy and that made a perfect excuse.  Monday was a day off from work, perfect opportunity to get in some miles, but nope, saw Godzilla instead.     May has been a pretty off month for me; I am kind of nervous for my race on Saturday.  I feel completely unprepared and it’s just the 10K.  I am so glad I didn’t sign up for the half this time around.


I did get in a few miles after work on Tuesday.  But honestly, starting in 96º was not the best idea.   4 miles turned into a 5K, a slow, hot 5K.    I ran at the lake so I am still walking the construction section and I was so thankful for those walk breaks.   I even tried to take a picture to show how hot I was.   I felt like I was panting like a dog, ugh.

poor puppy
poor puppy
This is how we hung out
This is how we hung out

Speaking of dogs, my mom had a banquet thing for tennis, so I hung out with the puppy for a bit after my run.   She got hurt on Sunday trying to protect her yard and had to go back to the vet Tuesday.   She does not like her medicine.   Plus she is sad that she can’t play with her toys for a few weeks.  😦  We just chilled on the patio.   She would doze off next to me, then wake up to see if I was still there. It was kind of cute. 🙂

what the hell am I doing with my hand?
what the hell am I doing with my hand?

I once again hit the path for a few miles tonight.  4.5 sluggish miles.   The goal was a nice, easy pace of 10:00.  Pace met, but it didn’t feel easy.   I don’t know why running feels so hard lately.  I haven’t even run over 6 miles since my last half marathon.  Apparently May is synonymous with Slacker.  I was very happy to see the walking sections tonight as well.  But sooner rather than later, they will finish the construction and I will no longer be able to rationalize the walking so easily.   Wah Wah.  I really need to kick this- whatever this is.

Ok, it no longer be called a lake
Ok, it can no longer be called a lake

Tomorrow I hope to get to packet pickup for the race on Saturday.   It’ll be tight with work but I think I can make it.  Less stress for race morning then.  🙂 Is it too much to hope that this race will be the kick in the pants I need?   And a cookie counts as carb loading right?  Now if I can just hold myself to 1.

How has your week been?

Anyone else have a rough month or so of training? 

What are your weekend plans?



14 Comments on “Someone Kick Me

  1. poor puppy, I hope she heels quickly! I totally feel you on the month of May has been a crappy running month. :/ oh well! I hope your 10k turns out better than your thinking it will.


  2. I see a theme going as I catch up on blog posts tonight. Seems like people are having issues adjusting to the heat. I’m with y’all. But we have no choice. Just have to work around it. Best of luck on your race!


  3. Good luck tomorrow! And you know what, May has been pretty “off” for me too! I ran a half marathon the first weekend and then was all pumped to take a couple weeks off running and pump some heavy iron, and even though I had great workouts for the most part, I didn’t go into them with the enthusiasm I usually do. June will be different! I’ve got a new training program beginning Monday so we’ll see how that goes. I hope things pick up for you too!


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