Running with Turbo

Even though I have been running for a few years now, there are still times that I feel like a complete newbie.  I know plenty of people have faster times, some people run more miles on a daily basis, so many people have run a full marathon and I am not sure that I ever want to run one.   Usually I am ok with all of these things but sometimes all those feelings and insecurities come rushing back.

After Sunday’s fail of a run, I headed out Monday with the a goal of 4 easy miles.  To that end, I headed to the nice, flat lake path to take it easy.  My left leg has been a little sore off and on so I was thinking of the following splits- 13 for the warm up mile, 10-10:15 for 2-4, with a .6 mile cool down walk.   I am still walking the bridge through the playground area due to construction and little children so this seemed not only doable but easy.  That was the plan.

Who dressed me?!
Who dressed me?!

About 1/4 into my warmup, I stopped to get a rock out of my shoe.   This was when I first encountered Turbo.  A guy dressed all in black comes running my way moving pretty fast.  No big deal, I’m warming up, nothing to feel embarrassed about right?  I hit the half mile mark at about 7.5 minutes and break into a jog, then around .75 of a mile here comes Turbo again.   Still warming up, still ok, but I did pick up the pace a bit.  I was just finishing the first lap (around 1.2 miles) and nearing the bridge area when WTH?! Here comes Turbo again!  Adding insult to injury, he was now bouncing a tennis ball on the ground and catching it, all while running.  Come on!   Now it was matter of pride, I mean he essentially lapped me 3 times!   No walk break just keep running.   He passed me again during lap 2 and twice in lap 3.  I had to take a short walk break, which of course happened right as he was passing, still bouncing his ball. Starting lap 4, I noticed that he had moved on to do pull ups and chin ups- which I think he did the entire time it took me to complete that last lap.  I’m not sure what made feel more self-conscious; the fact that he was so damn fast or that he had no idea I was being an insecure creeper.  😦

Miles 2-4 all mid 9's again, oops.
Miles 2-4 all mid 9’s again, oops.

Since Monday turned out faster than planned, I took a rest day Tuesday.  I headed back to the lake on Wednesday for another easy 4.  This time it was woman I ended up racing pacing.  You know that e-card about a treadmill racing?  Definitely.  This also applies to stationary bikes...

Yeah, it was like that.  We seemed to be evenly paced, so we passed each other at the same 2 places on each lap.  If we had been running the same direction around the lake, that might have been creepier actually, breathing down each others neck.   Then when I was walk/ jogging my cool down, guess who was coming my way?  Turbo, again all in black.    I made it back to my car and was putting all my gear away when he ran by again, bouncing his trusty ball.   I swear if it wasn’t a huge privacy issue and slightly stalker-y I would have tried to get a pic of him and his ball.

What about you guys?

Ever run into or by someone that made you feel like a total newbie?

Please tell me I am not the only lurker person who checks out other people’s running habits?

What are you up to this weekend?

13 Comments on “Running with Turbo

    • Right?! Who does that? I can barely manage running sometimes let alone bouncing and catching a ball while doing it. Even though I kind of did want to try it. 🙂


  1. You cracked me up “he had no idea I was being an insecure creeper”.

    And yes, we are always racing – no matter what!

    And, alas, I’m usually loosing (for now), but I’m still beating everyone that isn’t out and about!

    Having said that, I felt a power walk this morning, and set off. And came in a 3.5 mph, but the little old lady that does it every day – she hits 4 mph. Talk about feeling like a slacker!!


    • I felt like a like a total lurker. 🙂
      Everything’s a race isn’t it? 3.5 is still awesome!! And like you said, way better then everyone just sitting there. 🙂


  2. Haha! I always check out other people’s running habits! I try not to compare myself to them though! When I first started running, I felt like a complete newbie. I still get butterflies at the beginning of a race! 🙂


    • I generally don’t compare myself to others anymore, but this guy was so speedy, it was hard not to. I am nervous before every race, big or small. Starting lines are nerve wracking!


  3. I think most people attracted to running are naturally competitive, so it’s hard not to compare yourself to others! My boyfriend doesn’t really like to run yet he can run circles around me- so frustrating haha! But you are out there several times a week running and dedicated to a healthy lifestyle, and that says a lot! 🙂


  4. I totally check out other runners lol! I sometimes do get affected by them but most of the time I recite my mantra, “My race. My pace” and keep doing me.

    There’s this one guy in my run club who runs so beautifully (talk about creeper lol! I’m a total weirdo!) and when I’m doing my speed work, I tell myself to keep form just like the guy jajaja!!!


    • That’s a good mantra!

      Turbo ran pretty too! Every time I try to correct my form, it falls apart after a minute. I think I am more jealous of perfect form than I am of speed. 🙂


  5. Ugh, I feel like that all the time. I just always try to remind myself that I’m doing my own thing, that I’m faster/fitter than I used to be, and someday I might be someone else’s “Turbo.” 😉


    • I think it affected me because the last few months have been a backslide. But that said, I am fitter so I just need to keep trying! Not sure if I will hit Turbo level though, maybe I should practice my tennis ball bouncing skills. 🙂


  6. Oh boy, I feel like a total newbie all the time, especially when I run with/near my run club. I am the slowest by far, and there are a few guys who run to events then change their shoes to do whatever we’re doing, then change back and run home. Whereas I drive, and wear one pair of shoes. Ah well
    I sometimes have similar situations like the one you had with Turbo… when I run around the pond I’ll usually notice when I start to see the same person or people as we run past each other, and I start to compare my pace with theirs based on where we pass at each lap. You’re certainly not the only one! 😉


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