How to Fail a Long Run…Again

When I last posted, I hinted that Sunday may have not gone according to plan.  Without further ado, here is my simple guide to fail a long run.

Just follow these fool proof, slacker tested steps-

  1.  Enjoy a rest day prior to the planned run.  Along with this indulge in some movie watching  and popcorn eating
  2.  Consume your body weight in popcorn, or at least come close.
  3.  End up spending most of the night reading a book.  Why? Because so much popcorn made you ill and at least the book is a productive use of time when you can’t sleep.
  4. Oversleep due to being ill as well as finishing previously mentioned book.
  5. Put off run until later in the afternoon.  Start run when it’s 93 outside but due to your over tired self, it feels like 105.
  6. Try anyways- walk a lot- only finish 6 miles.

Congratulations, you’ve successfully failed a long run.  #longrunfail

That hill is evil
That hill is evil

After my failed attempt on Friday, I was planning to run the 10 miles on Sunday.  Other than work and foam rolling, I stayed off my feet as much as possible on Saturday.   Too much popcorn was an epic fail which resulted in a long night followed by sleeping in.  Truthfully I kind of did not want to run at all.  I finally forced myself out the door after 2:00.  And I knew that if I didn’t go then, I wasn’t going at all.

Such pretty splits, ha!
Such pretty splits, ha!

I warmed up slowly but never really got into it.  I met up with my mom a little after mile 3, that combined with a hill meant I walked most of that mile.   It was awesome.  Then it was more running, oh and some more walking.  I knew 10 was so not happening, so it was another 6 miles in the book.  I took a 16 oz bottle of water which is more than I usually take and I drank the whole thing.    Ugh.  This was just not my week for a long run.    I’ll try again next week.  🙂

What about you guys?   

Ever bail on a long run? How about eat too much popcorn? 

Hope you all had a good Monday!! 

26 Comments on “How to Fail a Long Run…Again

  1. Popcorn always makes my stomach hurt for at least 2 days! No fun 😦 good job on making it to 6 miles though! Btw, I was laughing at the slacker approved steps.


  2. I usually have to buy the single serving packs of popcorn to keep myself from binging. There have been more than a few days, especially in the summer, when the humidity gets to me and I really don’t want to leave the house at all, especially to go running and get all sweaty. Good attempt, though!


  3. I eat too much popcorn pretty much every day. It’s delicious. I’ve never bailed on a long run, but I have definitely wanted to. Heat and humidity are tough.


  4. Long runs can be tricky in the summer. I’ve had my fair share of long run fails. You will get it next time I am sure.


  5. Sometimes wonderful things like popcorn and books should just come before long runs in terms of importance 🙂 (Can I be nosy and ask what book you were reading that kept you up late?) I’ve definitely failed a long run or two, and I didn’t even have excuses!


    • That is true! It was a silly YA novel called Crash Into You. A little hokey but not bad. I admit I have read 2 in the series now. Long runs do seem to go one way or the other don’t they?


      • Cool, thanks! A little hokeyness is needed every now and then, for sure 🙂 And yeah, I don’t think I’ve ever had an average long run… they’re either awesome or terrible! (So far, anyway!)


  6. There’s no such thing as too much popcorn! My favorite snack, ever.

    That sucks about the long run, but it happens. Best not to beat yourself up!


    • It was really good, and I will probably do it again. I will just sure to do the long run first!

      I am choosing to call it a step-back week now, hehe, revisionist history. 🙂 Thanks!


  7. Aww man, I ate a bunch of popcorn tonight! Sorry to hear it will mess up my run tomorrow! Haha, once I showed up (a few weeks ago) for a group long run and halfway through told a gal next to me, ‘I did everything wrong last night – ate hot wings, drank moscow mules, etc’. It def came back to haunt me!


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