An Unexpected Walk

Happy Monday!!  Does that even make sense?

This weekend didn’t exactly go as I had hoped but it was still a good and mostly relaxing one.   Step one was accomplished on Saturday morning, sleeping in!  I actually woke around 7 and went back to sleep.  My alarm went off at 9 but I have been feeling a little under weather lately (more than usual) so I totally admit to staying in bed for another 45 minutes.    It was kind of glorious.  I decided then that Saturday would be my full rest day.  The plan was to go to lunch with my mom and my brother, do some errands and then clean my car.   Best laid plans right?IMG_6578

IMG_6625I ended up getting a call while at lunch that had me flying out to work town for a little snafu.  Actually, my mom was driving because I had been with her which was better because I would have been speeding.  🙂    After taking care of the situation we started for home.   She asked if I wanted to try walking on the beach.   Now I am not really a beach person- sacrilege, because I can see it from work- but she did just drive me, so I said sure. So glad I did.IMG_6595 IMG_6608

I gave her directions to a park with beach access and we were off.   We’re having a heat wave right now, it was 100 flippin’ degrees in a town that considers 85 hot.   The sand was hot on the way down but the water felt amazing.    No lie, part of me just wanted to sit in the water but I didn’t have clothes to change into.  😦IMG_6601 IMG_6613

IMG_6602We did about 1/2 mile to the beach and around 2 on the beach.  That’s the farthest I’ve ever walked barefoot.   The water was super clear, and I went about knee high at most.  Lower leg workout- score!!   Downside to this walk- on the way back, all the beach access points looked alike.  We missed ours and came up a ways down on the street.  I was reasonably sure I knew where I was and what street I needed to be on.   We found it but it dead ended into a mini canyon.  What?    No lie, I asked Siri for help.    We were 1.4 miles from where we parked, oops.   But we made it back and just chalked it up to extra exercise.   🙂IMG_6591

Sunday involved a little shopping.  I may have spent some money at the Running Warehouse but more on that later.  🙂   I chose not to run that day but according to that stupid heath app on my iPhone, that I don’t know how to use, I walked over 3 miles shopping.   Combine that with the almost 4 miles on Saturday and I will call this active rest.   🙂

How was your weekend? 

Do you have fall weather yet or summer lingering where you are too?  Tomorrow is supposed to be 90+ here.  😦

What’s the best unexpected thing you did  lately?

19 thoughts on “An Unexpected Walk

  1. I wouldn’t mind a heat wave if I lived by the beach, those views are incredible.
    Here’s is summer all over again. Saturday the weather fooled me, went for a long workout too late (9am) by 10 I wanted to die, was way too hot and humid.
    Have a nice week!


  2. My weekend was pretty good I got to see Kevin James on Saturday and our we got our first taste of fall weather here with lows in yhe upper 50’s but despite that our weather is still very bipolar right now and summer doesn’t want to take a hike … ugh!!! This week are highs are still going to be pushing 90


  3. That looks like a beautiful walk and sounds love a lovely active rest weekend 🙂 I use FitBit and am always so surprised at the number of steps I accumulated while I shop! All the more reason to spend some money I guess 😉

    We have fall weather here but it’s still a little warmer than I’d like this time of year. It’s only about 18C (which is around 64F), but I’m ready for boots and sweaters and scarves! We got a bit of a teaser last week and my coconut oil finally solidified in my cupboard, but it’s back to liquid now.

    Most unexpected thing…probably relaxing on Sunday! I’m usually go-go-go all the time and then while Sunday is my “relaxing” day I tend to do all my housework and grocery shopping. I did nadda this week!


    1. What’s funny is then when I wore my Fuelband, shopping days were always my lowest days, but I also don’t think it ever worked properly, I had it replaces twice.

      Sweater weather sounds amazing, even work town has been freakishly warm, I am seriously over wearing a dress everyday.

      Relaxing is awesome right? I have to try to have more weekends with nothing on the agenda. 🙂


  4. Beautiful pictures! We are having our Indian Summer in San Fran, last weekend we hit the 85+ to 90’s and I love it! The ocean water is too cold to enjoy though 😛


    1. Thanks! It’s been 90-100 around here and almost 90 in work town. I was surprised at how nice the water was, I wish it was like that all the time. It would be a reason to walk down to the beach on my lunch. 🙂


  5. That sounds like such a beautiful day! I feel like we never really had too much of a summer here. It got really hot for like a week and now we are in the 50’s. Great for running, but I really feel like I missed something this year.


    1. We’ve had an epic, long hot summer. I think we are skipping fall this year. 😦 I think it was 90 when I started my run this evening-at 6. I miss the 70’s and I think 50 would feel awesome right now. 🙂


  6. Love walks on the beach! Um doesn’t that sound like some Singles Ad?! Haha! I’m here in the San Francisco Bay Area and it’s “Indian Summer” for us so we’re getting upper 80s. Ugh, I can’t wait for the Fall weather!


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