Sayonara September

September was synonymous with stress.  Anyone else have that feeling?  I didn’t even have to deal with the biggest stressor- back to school.   Starting with the last 2 weekends of August, I had something going on every weekend since.  Either work events or work, races or the festival.  I call myself Slacker for a reason; I like a weekend where the only thing I need to plan is if I want to run before or after lunch.   I am so looking forward to this weekend, I swear I am sleeping until after 9 on Saturday.

But all whining aside, let’s talk numbers.  I said I needed to step back and have a few more rest days and I followed through.  September is my lowest mileage month yet.   But that’s ok because I am finally listening to my body, it only had to shout for a while.  🙂


  • Ventura Half Marathon
  • HOB Fun Run 10K
  • HOB Fun Run 5kseptemberrecapGoing forward into October (how is it October?!) I will continue to take it easy.  Running only 3 days a week and hopefully cross training 2.    I am trying to work on slowing down my paces until I figure out this asthma thing.   That’s actually a lot harder than it sounds.   Sometimes I feel like I am crawling but running a 9:00 minute pace, other times I feel like I am really pushing and look at my watch to see an 11:00 minute pace.   Time to focus on trying to run by feel, fingers crossed.

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    Me these days.

I also want to have fun.  Health issues aside, the 5k last weekend was fun.    I wouldn’t mind a few more of those.  At this moment, my race calendar is completely clear.   I had wanted to run 2 half marathons in October and 1 in November, so now I am looking for fun 5k’s.    I was also hoping to run a trail race in November with my mom again but it’s been pushed to January for some reason.   However that actually works better.  🙂

Funny thing about my 62 miles?  On Tuesday I was super tired but wanted to hit 60 miles for the month.  I was at 57.5, so I told myself I only needed 3.5 miles to hit 60.   See a problem there?  While running I wanted to quit at mile 2.5 but my lack of math skills were still in full force.    It wasn’t until I added the run into Nike+ that I realized my error.   Seriously?!  Basic addition and I mess it up.

Happy October!  Happy Friday!

Anyone else add wrong running?

Any awesome October plans?

20 thoughts on “Sayonara September

  1. September was crazy in here and so will be the first 2 weeks of October.
    This weekend I don’t have to travel with work or races, but I’ve told all my friends I’m crazy busy. I need to work my relationship with my sofa.
    I have a long workout planned for Saturday early morning and then I’ll be free.
    Enjoy your weekend!


    1. Every time I think things are going to calm down, something else happens. Ahh, yes the sofa relationship. 🙂 I have a big comfy chair relationship. Have a great workout and enjoy the freedom after!


  2. Yeah, math while running is not an easy task. But hey, at least you DEFINITELY hit your goal, right? For me, October will be full of wedding planning and half marathon training, whee!


  3. All of my weekends have been packed lately as well! It is so good to stay busy, but sometimes you just need a break to relax! I don’t think that is being a slacker, you just appreciate a little R&R…which is healthy 🙂


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