Too Many Lightbulbs

Happy Thursday!!!  This post kind of ended up as a brain dump, so join me for a random ride.

Getting Nowhere-

Yesterday was my appointment at USC.   I was nervous going in.  I was afraid they were going to say there was something really wrong with me.  I equally afraid they were going to tell me that it was all in my head.   I was concerned they might tell me stop or cut back running.  What I wasn’t prepared for was a cranky older doctor with such a thick accent I asked him to repeat himself at times.    He implied that my current gastro is not the brightest and disregarded my previous diagnosis and 4-5 years of symptoms and focused only on those of the last 4 months.    He is sending a list of tests to my doctor for him to run.  One of them is something I have been asking for so I guess that’s a win.   Actually everyone there was a cranky pants.  They need to work on their bedside manner.10-9

Getting Slower-

I’m trying to adjust to the fact that 11-12 minute miles are my normal now.  And that sometimes even that normal is hard.  Today’s run was closer to 13.  Then again, it was 95º and I have had less than 9 hours of sleep in the last 48.  So I was happy to get it done and still felt good about it at the end.  Forward motion right?  On the downside, I ran the lake path on Tuesday and saw a sign saying they are closing the path.  Effective yesterday.  Boo.    I though at least another month before I lost it to darkness, now it’s gone so they can clean the lake bed.  But I did get one last day in the dirt to break in new toys.  Still more on that later.  🙂 trailshoes


Even though I have accepted that I need run slower right now, sometimes seeing it makes me cranky.  So I finally downloaded Zombies, Run as a distraction.  Yes, I am about a year behind on that.  It sounded silly but I thought why not.   It’s amusing and I found that listening to spoken words slows me down better than when I was pacing myself.   Apparently I need more brain power to process the story, ha!   It doesn’t require anything more than running and the story plays out in the background.    I also talk to it, oops.  So the character just survived a helicopter crash and is running for their lives.  But along they way they are supposed to pick up supplies.  Like batteries and water and first aid kits, etc.  Oh and underwear and sports bras.  Did I miss the part where I stole a horse and buggy to carry all this?!  The first run picked up 28 items.  How would a person carry all that and still out run a mob of hungry zombies?  Oh, and 4 of those items were boxes of light bulbs.  Maybe the runner wrapped them in the underwear and sports bras?  Otherwise how are they not just shards of glass?    Ok, maybe I am thinking too much about this.  😛  But like I said, it’s a distraction.IMG_6677


I saw a recipe for Halloween Bark over at   Let me preface this by saying I have no talent in the kitchen.  None.  But this only had 3 ingredients, I thought I could make that.  Yeah, umm no.  Did you know chocolate could burn?  In a microwave?  I didn’t.   After that I had to scale back the amount I was making.    I sort of stumbled through the rest.  The end result- not pretty.  But damn tasty!  I took it to work and we ate all of it.   🙂

So what random thing did you do this week?

Ready for the weekend?  Anyone racing?

Ever run with Zombies?

Have any baking tips for dummies? 

21 thoughts on “Too Many Lightbulbs

  1. Hope you find answers to your health questions with the test that were ordered for you. As a person who works in the medical I have always said that when you lose your sense of bedside manner, it’s time find another profession. Sorry about Mr. Grumpy pants chica. And no worries about your pace just keep on keeping on. I think we are both dealing with the same weather issues … wicked heat and humidity in the fall … UGH!!! Your paces will return especially once the temps cool down some for good and looks like the situation probably played into your slower pace as well. So just keep up the good work! Sweeeeet looking Mizuno’s by the way! 🙂


    1. It was across the board- from the guy working the front desk to the nurses and the doctor. I know they were busy but come on.
      I think I need a break from the heat and my head games. I’m getting there, it’s just harder to switch gears than I thought.


  2. Ohhhhh and yes, I almost forgot. I will be racing this Sunday in the Pretty in Pink 5K in Clearwater, FL and it’s looking to be a hot & humid one! :/


  3. Lol! I’ve had a similar baking fall. FYI: caramel can burn in the microwave add well! Hope that you get your stomach issues straightened out. Sounds like this new doctor might be a good start.


  4. I think 11-13 minute miles are nothing to shake a stick at, especially with the heat wave you’re having and with your heath situation! I can get down about my pace too, especially when I get used to one and it starts to drop, but the important thing is that you’re still running and still kicking butt! 🙂

    Some friends of mine have done the Zombies, Run! thing and love it. I actually downloaded it about a year ago and was really excited to try it out, but then I got a new phone because that one was crap and I didn’t want to spend the money to download it again (I switched from an Android to an Apple, so I couldn’t carry it over). Boo. It sounds fun but I’m still refusing to buy it again out of principle!

    That Halloween Bark still looks amazing!!


    1. You are right and rationally I know that. It’s just irksome to see the numbers on the watch headed in the other direction.

      So far, it’s amusing. It helps me slow down, the tracking is a bit wonky though. But yeah the price made me think twice for awhile.


  5. I hope you can get to the bottom of your gastro problems. I’m sure your crazy hot weather isn’t helping with your running! I’m impressed that you even get out there. Baking is my weak spot in the kitchen but when I’m melting chocolate I usually boil water (very low boil) in a small pot and put the chocolate in a pyrex glass dish so it just fits in the pot but doesn’t touch the water. No burning.


  6. Chocolate is so fickle – I’ve burned it a couple of times. I understand looking at the pace and being a bit frustrated. I’m in a similar boat with regards to pace and I just want to see something faster! Of course, I haven’t done too much to make that happen… oh well.


  7. I enjoyed the heck out of ZR! for a while, but eventually the missions ended up all sounding the same, and I ended up back with music. What I need to try are podcasts, apparently. Audiobooks have been okay too.

    It’s hard to scale back when you’re used to operating at a higher level. I feel your pain.


    1. It’s working for now. :). I’ve thought about audio books but how much space does that take up on your phone? I am close to max already.

      I am hoping that scaling back now will help next year. Fingers crossed.


  8. In your defense, sometimes people share recipes that don’t actually work at ALL or they fail to tell you important info to get the recipe JUST right. I am more of a baker than anything, but I am NOT a creator of recipes. I leave that up to the experts!


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