Getting Back Into Things

Where did Thursday come from?  I feel like I have been playing catch up all week!   But, really I kind of have.  I was excited to go back to work on Monday but a little anxious about all things I knew I needed to catch up on since vacation.    It had suddenly occurred to me that I had taken off month end and month start– umm, oops.    I only had a couple hundred emails.  My boss, said “that’s it?’- ha!   I was glad that Monday’s are usually rest days.

Tuesday turned in more of a workout than planned.   The Christmas had been delivered last Friday and it was one of those high school fundraiser trees.  The ones that you buy sight unseen a month before and hope isn’t horrible.  They delivered it but it didn’t come with a stand.  From what I hear, my coworkers went and bought a stand but couldn’t get the tree to fit without a saw.  So it was still all bundled up and propped in the water leaning against the wall on Monday.  My inner Christmas nazi ( my mother and former coworker’s nickname for me) was kind of freaking out.   There were no decorations up and it December 8 and the tree just looked sad.   But I couldn’t do anything about it on Monday.   On Tuesday I was determined to get the tree up.  Last years stand was one ofthose ones with the spike in the middle but we didn’t have anything to drill the tree.

Kimi with one of the two trees in my bedroom.
Kimi with one of the two trees in my bedroom.

Necessity is the mother of invention, right?  We had screwdrivers at work and I had a mallet in my car.   We laid the tree across a chair so it was easier to use our poor attempt at a drill.  It took us a couple of hours but we finally made a hole that would fit the stand.  Then we had to use the mallet to try to make the stand fit better.    Customers thought it was hilarious.   We finally got the tree upright and unwrapped.  It’s freakin’ huge!  And a little crooked, well crap.    A few phone books and paperclip containers later, it was as straight as it was gonna get.

'Taking down the Christmas decorations is just as much fun as putting them up'.....said no one ever!!I decorated it in between working yesterday and taking a bunch of tests I forgot were due by Friday.  Take a test, hang the lights.  Help a customer, hang the ribbon etc.    As of today, the snowflakes are up, 6 of the windows are lit with lights, and the wall art is up.  It looks so festive!!  I don’t have the energy to hang the bells and garlands from the high beams this year though.  Maybe that will be an every other year thing?  And Slackerfail- I forgot to take any pictures!

Mile 2 was not that fast- the Garmin got a little cuckoo.
Mile 2 was not that fast- the Garmin got a little cuckoo.

After Tuesday’s impromptu “hammering” cardio, I headed to the gym after work.  I was hoping for 5-6 miles but was late getting out of work.  Then I was stuck behind a car going  20 up the hill on the way home.  So by the time I got to the gym I only had 30 minutes.    I decided to try a tiny progression and see what my stomach did.   So I tried the following-

Distance Pace
.5 mile Warm up
.5 mile 10:30
.5 mile 10:00
.5 mile 9:30
.5 mile 8:30
.5 mile cool down

My stomach behaved which was awesome because it’s been a rough week in that department.   I had my normal treadmill trauma though.  Both shoes came untied at different points, almost snapped my head phone cords when trying to fix my shoes.   I also managed to fling another water bottle lid as well.   Seriously, what gives?!

Who’s excited about Friday?  I work on Saturday.

Anyone getting in a last race this weekend?

Ever had a decorating fiasco?

13 thoughts on “Getting Back Into Things

    1. At this point I have to laugh about it, apparently I have turned in Calamity treadmill girl. I thought about watching a show on my phone one time but who knows what I could do when distracted! I’d probably break something.


  1. Awesome job on that progression run! And I swear, those tree stands are never straight – we’ve got our tree at home propped up with magazines and a puzzle. That’s what tree skirts are for, right?


  2. I am super pumped that it’s Friday! I had to travel for work this week so I’m more exhausted today than usual. I’m sorry you have to work Saturday… I feel your pain as both a former Saturday librarian and retail worker 😦

    One last race of the year for me on Sunday!


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