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On the heels of last weeks good but short speed work, I thought I would be running on Wednesday and Thursday since I couldn’t run Saturday.  We were supposed to have our our work holiday party on Saturday evening and with working in the morning, I would have had little time to run.  I would also be unable to attend Vine St with my family like we traditionally do.  When the work party was canceled for a few reasons I was actually ok with that.    I figured I could get in a6ish mile run after work and go to Vine st.   Which was a doubly good plan because my stomach hated me on Wednesday so I changed it back to a rest day.

A week of fail
A week of fail

Thursday, unfortunately, dawned with more of the same.  I refused to change my plan again, so I headed to the gym after work.  I slogged through 3.5 slow, miserable miles before calling it quits.   Which bites because NikeC was there working with the trainer and I have been wanting to tag along with them but there was just no way.    But it was better than none!IMG_8149Thursday night- Friday was the “epic storm” in these parts- ha!!  But I shouldn’t snark- between all the rain then and yesterday, streets have been flooded, power has been out and a giant boulder rolled on to the freeway last night hitting a semi- everyone is said to be ok.    Saturday and Sunday were ruled by my stomach- not only was there no running involved, I almost bailed on Vine St.   I tried to get my family to go ahead and then meet them.   But I made it through- all the pretty lights- and did manage to complete some Christmas shopping on Sunday.  IMG_8091This week is the stomach testweek- can we call it that?- so running will be hit and miss.  After last weeks short 6 miles, that makes 2 short weeks.  😦  With Tuesday being prep day and Wednesday being the test, I had to breakmy own rule and hit the gym on a Monday if I wanted to get a run in.  It actually wasn’t that busy.  But then most people probably didn’t want to drive in the down pour.  We Californians are babies in the rain, then again, I did hydroplane at one point so maybe they had the right idea.   Another 3.5 miles in the books.   🙂


I can’t eat today and for some reason all I have wanted is pretzels.  And pictures of pizza keep popping up on my Facebook and Twitter feed.    Waah.

How has your week started?

What food are you craving right now?

How’s your weather?

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  1. Sounds like a tough week … I hope you get some answers or at least some knew information soon.

    There were some wild weather scenes from CA last week, some people definitely ended up in scary situations!

    As for us, the weather feels more like early spring – low 30s overnight, high 30s in the day, occasional rain, without any sun for more than a week, and no sun coming in the next week ( as an aside we live in the 1st or 2nd least sunny area – along with Seattle – in the country ..ugh). After a few sub-zero windchill mornings I will take the slight chill 🙂

    And this week is ‘ holiday party’ week at work – Monday it was my engineering division lunch, where we adopt a few local families, buy presents and at the lunch we wrap them all. It is rewarding, but felt more rushed than usual. Tuesday was the year end wrap up communications meeting and holiday lunch for the project I am working on, which is a big project for our company so it was huge … And felt like a standard communication meeting but with better food and poinsettias on the tables! And today, we have the lunch for the development group I am working on with the project, which I should be more personal and fun since it is at a restaurant and there are just a dozen or so of us.

    Happy Wednesday and hope things go well for you today!


    • I am thankful for the rain because we really needed it but I wish it had come a little more spaced out than it did. 2-3 days of it just dumping on drought dried land made things a little sketchy. Sub-zero windchill?! No thank you, cold is hard enough on it’s own without the wind!

      I hope you had fun at your meetings/ parties. I love the idea of adopting families and getting gifts for them. We used to do that where I worked a few years ago but then they switched to a bigger scale toy/food drive for the holidays. They partner with a local tv station and I know that it benefits more families but sometimes I miss the personal touch of the Angel tree. I think I am done with holiday parties for the the holidays. Now if customers could just stop bringing us such delicious cookies. 🙂

      Thank you!


  2. You west coasters and your weather. It’s so funny. My friend Dan was traveling on business and happened to be out in CA during “stormageddon” and sent us a video. We all just kind of laughed. He said they shut down schools and stuff? It looked like any other rain storm we have here. I have heard from my parents, though (that live in Vegas), that when it doesn’t rain for a while and then pours, the roads are extra bad because of oil slicks and stuff from building up on dry pavement? Maybe that’s why it seems to bad?


    • Trust me, I know it’s hilarious. I usually make fun of how everyone reacts when it rains around here. Then things like that boulder coming down make me realize I should be less of a smart ass sometimes. But yeah, with being in a drought for so long, the ground was super hard and roads very oily so the first huge storm basically turned into run-off and flooded things. Going forward though, it should be better now.


  3. I hope this week is going better for you than last and that your stomach starts behaving itself!

    I have a friend (originally from Boston) living in SF right now and he’s been snarking like crazy about the weather and schools closing and things. But it’s all what you’re used to and what public works are prepared for, right? I mean, mudslides can’t be fun. I remember it snowed about 2 inches during my semester abroad and the entire city shut down and we thought it was hilarious, but no one over there had plows or shovels or salt or anything. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Hope everyone stays safe out there!


    • Thank you!

      I think it was just so much rain in such a short period of time after having been in a drought for so long. I hoping that now that the ground has softened up a bit, the next storm will feel a little easier. Towns were running out of sand bags! Half of my commute is a rural highway that has landslides all the time, a bunch of rocks came down. But I lucked out in a way because it’s known as hazardous- road crews were prepared and had it cleared super fast.


  4. I’m sorry about your stomach problems :/ I really hope you figure out what the issue is soon. I struggled with stomach problems all last year that prevented me from running sometimes. I talked to a nutritionist and decided to try cutting out wheat from my diet. I have felt soooo much better since. There are still some other foods that cause stomach issues for me (like fried foods!! lol), but I’ve been learning what my stomach can handle and what it can’t over time. I haven’t been following you very long so I don’t know what you’ve tried already, but I do hope you get solid results soon. Otherwise I would consult with a doctor about trying some elimination diets (if you haven’t already done so).


    • I have been on so many elimination diets over the years. They usually help for a short time then do nothing at all. I’ve been to a nutritionist before but I was less than impressed. Right now I am trying to go grain free about 85% of the time. I am not succeeding yet. Oddly enough, I am fine with fried foods but apples kill me. What’s that about? I have been dealing with my stomach for about 10 years now, these last 6 months have just been a little rougher. Thanks for the tips!


  5. This has been the month of fail for me. I was planning to run 100km but I’ve barely run 17 to date! My whole family got sick, then sick again and now I have a small injury. Time to rest and run later 😉
    I’m craving something sweet!


    • Oh no! Being sick and the injured is no fun, I hope you feel better soon!

      I figured I would be craving a cookie or something but 2 days without real food and all I wanted was something salty. 🙂 But now sweet does sounds good…


  6. Boulder hitting a semi whaaaat!?!?! The weather has been good here, low 70’s for high’s and mid to upper 50’s for lows. It could actually be a bit cooler in my opinion ha lol 😛 My week started out so-so just trying to get over this injury one day at a time and my head cold is finally starting to come to an end 🙂


    • Right? That’s what I thought when I was watching the news. Our highs are in the 50’s and lows in the 30’s. Which is fine by me, normally by now we would have hit freezing temps a couple of times. Yay for the rain! Glad to hear you’re feeling better cold wise, hopefully your foot follows suit soon!

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  7. Aww man, your poor stomach! I hope it gets better soon! Way to start the week out with a run! 🙂


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