Standing is Not the Same

I survived!

Haha, but in all seriousness, this was a long week.  It also has had very little running so far.    Tuesday was taken up by prep and Wednesday the lovely test.    Tuesday was one of those times where I thought maybe I should be a morning runner- but nah- I like my sleep.   No solid food for almost 2 days and the horrible taste of the prep aside- the test was easy.  I went to sleep talking about my hair color and woke up in the recovery room.    My mother says I was a little hyped up from the meds they knocked me out with.   Apparently I reminded her of one of those funny internet videos.

Hmmm, I don't remember taking this
Hmmm, I don’t remember taking this

I took my running gear with me on Thursday hoping I would feel up to running but that may have been a little optimistic.   I felt super achy all day.  I don’t know if it was a side effect of the test or the biopsies but I just hurt.   I figured the smarter thing to do was rest.   Which ended up working out because my mom called needing me to run to the pharmacy for my dad.  He went for a hike and came back with a ton of ticks!!! Yuck!    Also, my mom is skeeved out about the 25K now.  He had hiked part of the course and I know he never sat down.   But late January should be fine tick wise… I hope.  Yuck again.

Last Sunday, when I was shopping I treated myself to a little gift.   I have been feeling a little uninspired and truthfully a little fluffy, so I picked up a new activity tracker, a Fitbit Flex.  Not a Fuelband this time, come on I went through 3 of those in less than 18 months.  Have you noticed you hardly ever hear about the Nike trackers anymore?   I really considered the Garmin Vivosmart and Vivofit but I was really only interested in step tracking and sleep tracking.   Plus it was kind of a steal as it was part of a Christmas sale.    So far I am liking the app interface as well.

Oh, that's not good
Oh, that’s not good

I really wish I could say the Fitbit was defective but I know I was just lying to myself.  I have worn it everyday since Monday and Monday was the only day I cleared 10,000 steps.   But even that doesn’t really count- it includes my 3.5 mile run.   Even if I cut myself some slack for Tuesday and Wednesday due to the test- that still leaves Thursday and Friday.  Did I mention I have a stand up desk?  Standing is not the same as walking!!!    I didn’t even clear 5000 steps on either day.  I don’t see how that is possible on a Friday, I felt busier than that.   Thursday, we were down two people and the number was still low.  Apparently I need to step it up.  Pun intended.  I kind of already knew this but seeing it spelled out on the phone means no more denial.   IMG_8168I’m all for being a Slacker but that’s just sad.  Oh, and as for sleep?  I’m averaging 6 hours a night.  Ouch.   The only thing I am successfully completing/ exceeding is the suggested water intake.

What stands out about your week?

Are you ready for Christmas?   I am so not.

Have you ever used a tracker? Thoughts?

17 thoughts on “Standing is Not the Same

  1. I’m tracking my steps with Android Fit right now, built into my phone.
    It’s not as complete as one on the wrist, but has some nice stats.
    Not sure if a dedicated tracker is worth the money :-/

    As far as Christmas goed: today I REALLY need to get my last gifts, 5 days left…


  2. I really like my vivoSmart, as it also gives me phone notifications and I can easily glance at it while running to see what is coming in and if I need to deal with it … well, it did until it got colder 🙂 Honestly I like the Polar Loop better in some ways because it is smart enough to figure out when you sleep without you having to enter a dedicated sleep mode. But the vivosmart is also very thin and light … can’t go back – I don’t like anything on my wrist anyway!


    1. I really thought about the Vivosmart but I just didn’t want to pay that much when I didn’t really need the extra features. I just want something basic to kick start my lagging motivation in these winter days. Trying to less of a slacker is hard! 🙂 I was so used to wearing the Fuelband that even after 6 months without it, my wrist sometimes still felt naked, so the Fitbit was an easy adjustment.

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  3. I hope you guys got all the ticks off your dad! I wouldn’t expect them to be out this time of year, either!

    I don’t have a tracker, but I think it’s interesting that running does not count. I didn’t know that! I thought when people tracked their 10K steps, running would be okay. Interesting.

    I stand a lot at work too, and it’s too bad that does not count for something!


    1. Right? Usually by now we would have hit freezing multiple times but I think the rain is keeping it warmer and the ticks are lingering. I hate ticks!

      Well, running can count, I was just honestly hoping that I walked more on a daily basis. I feel like I do, particularly on Mondays and Fridays. But it looks like I have been living in denial. I really thought that when they built the stand up desk for me a few months back I would move so much more. But now I have a goal!


  4. I got my mom the Fitbit for Christmas last year but I haven’t used it myself. This past week was super busy at work for me and I didn’t get to exercise at all really, and I felt the effects on my run this morning! I’m excited for things to calm down in January…


    1. Last December I ran a measly 34 miles and I figured I could easily double that this year. But with work, family and holiday commitments and trying to get the shopping done, it is harder than I thought. I am hoping for a calmer January as well, fingers crossed!!


  5. I’m with you on the step denial. I got a Fitbit from a coworker who wasn’t using it anymore and it’s been very eye-opening. Having a desk job makes you REALLY stationary. No good. Now that my foot is feeling better, I’m hoping to “step it up” as well 😉


    1. I really thought I was moving more! I did pretty good this weekend but today was just sad again. I need to figure out how to add in more steps but still get my work done! Glad to hear your foot is felling better!


  6. Glad to hear you survived the procedure! Fingers crossed that answers are provided. I’ve been really tempted to wear a tracker that monitors sleep just because I’m curious! My GPS watch tracks steps, distance, and calories burned, but I was doing so badly on days I didn’t run that I just got fed up/shamed and don’t wear it every day. Probably the wrong approach to take but… ignorance is bliss, right? 😉 I do need to step it up though!


    1. The sleep part is interesting. I figured I was getting a little over 7 hours but now that I am doing the math, I have no idea why I was lying to myself. 🙂 But yeah, seeing the low number most days is kind of demoralizing… and as of right now, I haven’t figured out how to up my steps without disrupting work.


    1. I looked at the Up too, really it was a toss up, I just wanted something basic that tracked sleep and steps. Yeah, it’ll be interesting to see who comes out on top, or if everyone just gets bored with the whole thing.


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