Week 7 Recap- Hello Lucifer

Training for:

  • Livermore 13.1 -March 26
  • Destination Races Santa Barbara 13.1- May 13

So other states have winter storms with names but California never has.  Mostly because we rarely get storms out here.  We get earthquakes.  Well, last week California got their chance at a storm with a name- Lucifer paid us a visit.  Talk about over dramatic.   But in all seriousness, Friday was kind of like all hell breaking loose.  Flooding, landslides, sinkholes, etc.   The drive to work was sketchy at best with next to zero visibility between rain and fog and that was before I encountered the crazy wind.    Debris was all over the road, I really missed owning an SUV.   I was rerouted in work town due to downed power lines.  We ran without power for 3+ hours at work.  At one point, the entire town was out of power.   Trees were falling left and right, including our parking lot.  Work is one building over from the police station and one block up from the the fire department- I have never seen that much non-stop activity before.   One news report said that there was a new emergency call every 2 minutes.  All state parks and beaches were evacuated and closed due to falling trees.   Roads were closed for flooding all over the county.     And this was calm compared to some of California.

Monday- Rest  After the previous days long run, my legs were a little tired so I stuck to the day off in between workouts plan and rested.  As I drove away from what looked like an amazing pink sunset and decent temps for once, I couldn’t help but think that I should have run.

Tuesday- 3.1 miles   The slowest, most uncomfortable miles ever.     My stomach was being a total asshat but I forced myself to run anyways.   Or I tried… if you can call it that.   I couldn’t tell you the last time I ran that slow.  It was definitely not a confidence inspiring run.  What I haven’t mentioned is that my stomach has been a complete asshat these past 2 weeks.  Pretty much everything I eat makes me sick, boo.

Wednesday- Rest  After the previous day’s farce, I wasn’t even going to attempt it.

Thursday- Rest- More asshat-ness from my stomach.  Yay.  This time I listened to the cues from my body and just put my running gear back in the car and drove home.

Friday- Lucifer–yeah, no running.

Saturday- 4.5 miles  I had planned on running my long run but the break in the storm wasn’t as long as the weather app said.  Boo.   Then when I did head out, I could not get it into gear. I was so sluggish.  Even downhill; I slowed down downhill- who does that?   I know there’s a ton of moisture in the air which is not making my asthma happy but man I saw some numbers on the watch this week that just depressed me.  So I tried not to think about it.

Sunday- 8 miles– I slept like crap the night before so when my alarm went off to get up and run, I slapped that thing off, rolled over and went back to sleep.   I figured I would see how many miles I could squeeze in before the storm came back in the afternoon.    I won’t lie, I kind of wanted to skip the whole thing.   I told myself I could cut it short if I was absolutely miserable.    I was thinking about it during mile 2 but I kept pushing on.   Mile 3 picked up the pace a bit, same with mile 4.  Mile 5 saw some rain, a hill and a mini wall.  I slowed down but kept going.  I also let myself be distracted by a cute little house for sale.  Mile 6 was better but I knew mile 7 had a big hill.  Oddly, mile 7 was the exact same pace as mile 5.  I did an out and back loop kind of thing that put me just past 7 at the bottom of my driveway.   I had a sudden burst of energy so I ran past so I could hit 8 miles.     For a run I didn’t really want to do, it ended up being the best run all week!

15.5 miles for the week and actually 3 running days.  Now if I could just cross train.  😛  The miles went up and in some ways it was a better week then last week.   Have to look on the shiny side right???    Now if I can just keep the momentum going and not backslide.   Which may be hard, I admit I am struggling with all this rain.    There is still more to come.   I think I can, I think I can.

How was your week?

What did you do this weekend?



Run!, Slacker

About that…

On the heels of last weeks good but short speed work, I thought I would be running on Wednesday and Thursday since I couldn’t run Saturday.  We were supposed to have our our work holiday party on Saturday evening and with working in the morning, I would have had little time to run.  I would also be unable to attend Vine St with my family like we traditionally do.  When the work party was canceled for a few reasons I was actually ok with that.    I figured I could get in a6ish mile run after work and go to Vine st.   Which was a doubly good plan because my stomach hated me on Wednesday so I changed it back to a rest day.

A week of fail
A week of fail

Thursday, unfortunately, dawned with more of the same.  I refused to change my plan again, so I headed to the gym after work.  I slogged through 3.5 slow, miserable miles before calling it quits.   Which bites because NikeC was there working with the trainer and I have been wanting to tag along with them but there was just no way.    But it was better than none!IMG_8149Thursday night- Friday was the “epic storm” in these parts- ha!!  But I shouldn’t snark- between all the rain then and yesterday, streets have been flooded, power has been out and a giant boulder rolled on to the freeway last night hitting a semi- everyone is said to be ok.    Saturday and Sunday were ruled by my stomach- not only was there no running involved, I almost bailed on Vine St.   I tried to get my family to go ahead and then meet them.   But I made it through- all the pretty lights- and did manage to complete some Christmas shopping on Sunday.  IMG_8091This week is the stomach testweek- can we call it that?- so running will be hit and miss.  After last weeks short 6 miles, that makes 2 short weeks.  😦  With Tuesday being prep day and Wednesday being the test, I had to breakmy own rule and hit the gym on a Monday if I wanted to get a run in.  It actually wasn’t that busy.  But then most people probably didn’t want to drive in the down pour.  We Californians are babies in the rain, then again, I did hydroplane at one point so maybe they had the right idea.   Another 3.5 miles in the books.   🙂


I can’t eat today and for some reason all I have wanted is pretzels.  And pictures of pizza keep popping up on my Facebook and Twitter feed.    Waah.

How has your week started?

What food are you craving right now?

How’s your weather?

Run!, Slacker

Every Other Day

With Monday being a day off for me and my team not making the volleyball playoffs, it was the perfect day for a run.    However after running on Saturday and hiking on Sunday, that would be the third day on my feet.  I haven’t run back to back days in months.  Since cutting back a little I have been trying to run every other day.  So I wasn’t too sure how it was going to go.

Get away from the zombies!! You run!! lol
Awe, Pinterest, you rock

It was kind of warm when I headed out but better than last Thursday.  Once again I as running from Zombies.  Actually I noticed that I have the chase feature disabled in the app so mostly I just listen to the story.  Oops!  Oh well, I will save that feature for when I feel up to speed work again.  Sounds like it would be good for fartleks.    My legs were tired and I was a little warm so I kept it to a short 3 miles.    I clocked a low 11 mile for mile 2, woo hoo!

I admit that this week’s workout were planned around washing my hair.   Is that pathetic?  I have an all day work trip tomorrow, and getting up around 4:30 means I want to be ready as soon as possible which means no flat iron.   I have to say that running every other day has helped my hair feel a little healthier.  🙂  But that’s not the point.  A lazy quicker Thursday morning means no workout on Wednesday.   Which in turn meant running on Tuesday.  4 days in a row?  That was either going to be the worst run ever or not.

stormy weather
yeah, it never rained

Sometimes the craziness of Tuesdays after a 3 day weekend makes me wish we had worked on Monday.  I was late getting out of work and there was chatter of a storm coming in.  By the time I got back to town the light was fading rapidly due to clouds and the wind had picked up.  The river path runs adjacent to the street, so I figured I would try to squeeze in 3 miles.   With my slower pace I wasn’t sure I would have the time and I also thought I might get cold since I hadn’t packed for a temperature drop.    But bonus for packing a neon colored shirt!    After walking a bit, I started running but still took walk breaks when needed.  I thought I was going to have a problem breathing since the humidity was 63% but all was good.  Maybe I finally figured out my inhaler?   When I turned around and headed back it was pretty dark.  I had the aid of a slight downhill section so I booked it.   My lungs and stomach held and I ended up clocking a 9:47 in mile 3.   Best mile I’ve run since August, woo hoo!    I’m not sure if it was the weather or feeling rushed or if it’s because my stomach has been slightly better but I’ll take it.  🙂

Now it’s off to bed for me, I have a long drive in the morning and I do not like long drives.  Let alone ones followed by a day long seminar.    Any tips for staying awake?  I slept through almost every college class, something about enclosed places and no air.   I’ve already plotted the locations of McDonald’s along the way.  🙂  Not for the food but for the cheap Diet Soda.  Caffeine is a must tomorrow.

How has your week been?

Run any awesome miles lately?

Tell me I’m not the only one who washes their hair every other day?

Seriously, tips for staying awake at a seminar?  Oh that’s followed by an exam?