Horrible to Harmony

This week was rough.  Which was shown partly in my lack of posting.

The Horrible-

So in an effort to not whine too much, here’s a brief recap.  Monday was a typical Monday except that my stomach graduated from asshat to bastard level and that continued through Wednesday.    Good thing I don’t run on Monday’s right?  Tuesday I was all set to run but my dad had a phone emergency (he’s on my plan).  There was no way for me to run and go to AT&T and still eat dinner at a time that wouldn’t piss off my digestive system further.  So no run.  Wednesday- usual rest day but I needed and wanted to run after missing the day before.   After finishing up at work I headed to the lake path hoping I had enough time to get in 3.5 miles before it got too dark.   It was a horrible, miserable run.    It wasn’t even because of my achy legs or hamstrings.  Those felt fine.  My stomach was horrible, my toes hurt and my head was not happy.  I called it at 2.5 miles.

Waking on Thursday, I found that the headache that had been playing peak-a-boo for days had turned into a full on migraine. Stupid hormones.   I thought about calling in but I am covering another location while their manager is out and knew I couldn’t do that.   One plus, is that it’s a shorter commute.    Never having worked in this location before I kind of felt like I was putting out fires all day and I didn’t know where the fire extinguisher was.   The day ran late and by then my head hurt so bad and I was so nauseated that I didn’t even attempt to run.   Friday was more of the same head wise, work was a little calmer though.      My head hurt so bad that I actually took 2 Aleve for it Thursday.  One thing I’ve never mentioned here is that I dislike taking pills.  Maybe because I have so many prescriptions as it is but I rarely to the point of never take something for pain.     My go to is an icepack for pretty much everything.  I didn’t realize how shocking it would be for me to take something though.  I had some interesting reactions when I mentioned it to some people.  It was useless anyways, they didn’t help.  Oddly the only thing that helped was food.  Not only food but greasy food.  I ate In n Out 2 days in a row for lunch.  The pain actually eased for a few hours.   But I was so ready for the weekend by the time work was over.IMG_9470 IMG_9558  Harmony-

Saturday I was super tired and though my headache had eased, it was still lingering.  I slept in before heading to SLO with my mom.  It’s kind of a monthly thing.   We had both taken running gear so we could potentially go on an easy hike.   I wasn’t sure I would be up to it but I felt like a sloth.  Particularly after 2 days of fast food.  😦     After a good day of shopping we headed to the Harmony Headlands.  It’s short, 4 miles out and back, easy, not technical at all, and has a gorgeous turn around.  IMG_9571 IMG_9554Let’s be clear, this was not a run, it was supposed to be an easy hike.  Which for the most part it was, but damn my mom walks fast.     It was hard to keep up sometimes.  I know I had an off week but come on.   But that’s ok, the scenery made up for it.  Plus the weather was awesome.    I had some phone problems so I didn’t get a lot of pics from the start of the trail but I figured it out by the end.  IMG_9476

All in all, it was a great way to end the day.  My legs were happy and my head was good too.    And we may have seen whales!!!  Well just the spouts, still cool though.

How was your week/ weekend?

Ever had a headache that wanted food?  Or am I just weird?

24 thoughts on “Horrible to Harmony

  1. Sorry you had such a crappy week, but so glad that you ended on a high note! I can see why they call it Harmony Headlands, it looks absolutely gorgeous! Hang in there, here’s hoping you have a better week!


  2. Ugh, I’m sorry you had such a rough week! Glad it ended on a happier note, though. You and your mom take the most amazing hikes with such beautiful views! And as for headaches that want food, you are not alone. My migraines usually want mac and cheese… sometimes Stove Top Stuffing. It’s very weird.


  3. Ugh, that sounds like a tough week. I’m glad it at least had a happy ending! Fingers crossed that your stomach and head stop acting up!


  4. I’m sorry about your terrible headache/migraine and stomach issues :/ I’ve been hampered by stomach issues before and it’s not fun at all. On the plus side, those views really were gorgeous! And I’m so glad you got to spend some good quality time hiking with your mom. I saw my family this weekend too although it was more low key. I had to use their house for showers and laundry 🙂


  5. I get migraines and sometimes food helps – typically I go for the caffeine though. Then ALL THE PILLS! So, not sure if the caffeine actually helps! Glad you are feeling a bit better. You are a trooper for going to work though.


    1. Oh, caffeine is a must in my world! But even it wasn’t helping those days. Truthfully if I had been working in my normal location, I would have called in late but there was no one to cover me at the other location.


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