Wear and Tear

Happy hump day!!

The weather man was predicting 100% chance of rain on Tuesday and while I highly doubted it, I moved my easy run to Monday evening anyways.    Tuesday did dawn rainy and it poured for a bit but just a bit.   It was sunny and clear by early afternoon.   Boo.  We needed more rain than that.

Running on Mondays always feels harder than it should.   It’s probably all in my head but I feel like I put out more effort and get less back.   My mom wanted to walk so I headed to the river path to meet up with her.  I walked with her for most of the first mile before running on.  She had a meeting to get to so she was turning back early.  I wasn’t sure what I wanted to run yet.   It was also my third run in my new shoes.   4-7The run turned out to be a little too fast to be easy.   Oops!   I wasn’t paying much attention to my pace and took a couple of short walking breaks when I needed to.    I had just finished mile 3 and noticed someone about 1/4 mile ahead who looked like my mom.  Huh?  I thought she had turned around long ago.  Either I was moving faster than I thought or she had slowed down.    Turns out, it was a little bit of both.    She had done a ton of yard work that day and was feeling super sore.  I slowed and chatted with her a bit before running ahead to finish out 4 miles for the day.    The temp was dropping and my ears were freezing.  Had it not been for that I would have run more.  My ears are my weak spot, once they are a cold, I turn into a big baby.

As I stretched out, I noticed that my new shoes are already dirty.  What gives?!  They have less than 20 miles on them!  In other thoughts, how do I kick myself right there?

Do you see that spot?
Do you see that spot?   Not the best picture.

I think running a 25K and 2 half marathons in the last 65 days has caught up with my feet.  Oh and training for half marathon #3 of the year in 18 days added to that.    I think my one toe will never be the same.  It can’t decide if it wants to lose or keep a toenail, for now it has 2.    The same toe on the other foot is losing it’s nail per usual as well.  Yesterday I discovered a giant blister/ callus on my left heel.  How did I miss that?  I am trying to determine how much of it is from the consistent (for me) training and how much is from the new shoes.    Urrrgh.

I am so glad it’s Thursday. How has your week been?

How do your feet fare during training?

Weekend plans?

22 thoughts on “Wear and Tear

  1. My feet are usually the problem during training. Terrible blisters are constant, and I’ve had a couple of injuries to my feet as well. I hope it’s not your new shoes causing issues!


  2. Cold ears is a terrible feeling – I get ya! My feet hate training. I have one toenail that is always in some stage of falling off or bruising and it’s a pain… literally. Plus blisters, a heel spur, occasional tendonitis… my feet are angry!! Hopefully my gait retraining that I’m doing will help with that.

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  3. I had two toenails on two of my toes, too! (that sentence had a lot of T’s!). What shoes are those again? I love it when my running shoes get dirty – it means I’m actually using them. Those are some speedy paces!


    1. I love when my trail shoes are dirty but I like to keep my running shoes clean as long as possible. I’m weird I know. They are Mizuno Wave Inspire 11. They feel pretty good when running so I hope my feet adjust soon.


  4. NIce paces! I lost two toenails training for my marathon last year and they are only looking normal again now. And giant blister from my half marathon last month. At least my feet are covered up for the moment and I don’t have to inflict them on anyone for another month or so.


    1. I lose the same two toenails every training cycle and the grow back odder each time. We are in flip flop weather out here already so I inflict my horrible feet on people every weekend. 🙂 I have refrained from peep toes at work though.


  5. ooh your feet are sure taking a beating. Mine have been pretty good lately (knock on wood) but your new shoes are super cute.! love the colors.


  6. Whenever I notice my feet taking more of a beating (aka developing more blisters), I make it a point to put Body Glide or Vaseline all over my foot (even around the heels). It really helps! Maybe you could try that?


  7. Ahahaha I feel ya on the lost toenails. My second toes are always losing nails, and I have permanent callouses. Since we live in flip-flops year-round here, I just put some polish on the skin and hope that no one looks at my feet too closely!


  8. My goodness you sound like you are falling apart! My feet are loving my new sneakers. I too get spots like that on my sneakers and lower calf muscles when running outside. It’s really bad in Spring and Summer a.k.a muddy season.


  9. Nice shoes.
    Just thinking about losing a toenail is making me cringe. Urgh. My feet are usually OK while training, but there is one particular race that makes one of my toenails turn black. It has happened twice and it’s always the same toenail. Luckily, I don’t have to face losing the nail and it just grows out – it’s still growing out from my race in Jan.


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