Training Win?

You know summer has arrived and it’s hot outside when you are the only person outside. I don’t just mean outside running, last week on a few of my runs I was the only person outside period.   No one in their front yards, no one in backyards and no kids playing.     And with the town/ state on water restriction, no lovely sprinklers to cool off with.   I know hotter temps are coming so I figure I may as well get used to it.    I love the heat but I am not adjusting as well this year.   Maybe I’m getting older? 😬.   Or three years working in a town that averages 30-40 degrees cooler a day is just confusing my system.   Who knows, but I did complete my first week of training last week.IMG_0869


Rest day.   I wanted to run but the plan said rest.   Still I packed my running stuff for after work.    My stomach is usually a little iffy on Mondays (too many carbs on the weekend)  and this day was no different.  Since I needed to pick up a prescription after work and there was no way I could run then make it to the pharmacy, I decided to take the rest day.   Halfway there it dawned on me that I could have changed at work, picked up the prescription then run in home town.  Duh.   I briefly considered changing in the Target bathroom but hell no, I’ve seen porta-a-potties cleaner than that place.


This was supposed to be a 40 minute workout with pace intervals in the middle.  The first kink in the plans was that Community BBQ nights started at the lake park where I like to do my speed work.   Everywhere else is hilly or on busy streets.  I avoid the park during the BBQ nights, no need to run around 100+ people having a party.  I headed towards hometown knowing it was hot.  It was 94 when I parked my car and that was with a pretty good wind.  I reassessed the pace workout to an easy 40 min.  I felt like I was crawling.    I’ve noticed that it’s taking me longer to warm up during these hot runs.    I usually walk for 5 minutes, the last few runs have been 10 minute walks.   Shouldn’t it be the opposite?   Ugh.   3.55 miles in 40 minutes.IMG_0813


Yeah, short- hot panic fest.  But we’ve talked about that already.   2.31 miles in 30 minutes.


I was supposed to have a meeting about a race so it was a planned rest day.    The meeting was at the high school and my mother had tennis practice so we planned to meet for dinner after.   However, the other party did not show up so after walking around the school wondering if I had the wrong meeting place, I waited for her in the front of the school in the shade.    A nice janitor told me I shouldn’t have waited that long.  πŸ™‚  I told him I was now waiting for my mother and at least the shade was cooler than sitting in my car.   But yes I was the one sitting out front like a sad puppy.  Oh, high school- I don’t miss you.    I mostly typed last Thursday’s blog post on my phone and took a cranky selfie.  So it was moderately productive.  Then I drowned my irritation in Mexican food.  #sorryatkinsIMG_0835


I got to come in later than my new normal of 7:30 and I briefly considered running with that extra hour of sleep but nah, I hit snooze.    Work was a usual crazy Friday and once off I headed home.   I was tired, it had been a long week but for some reason that “motivational” quote popped into my head. 

 I made it home by 7, changed and was out the door 20 minutes later.  Say what?!  My stomach was cranky, partially due to the previous nights indulgence and the cookies on Friday, and I had been in high-heeled boots all day and I knew it was going to be less than pretty.  But even with all that it was awesome.    It was a good way to end the week and I was glad to see that there wasn’t any residual issues from Wednesday.   3.75 miles – 40 minutes.


Turns out running the previous night was a good thing.  Saturday started with work followed by the usual errands.   I try to do all my shopping on Saturday.  Then the family headed down to SLO for an early Father’s Day Dinner at Olive Garden.   I mean early, we were there by 4.    I may have indulged in too many bread sticks.  Oops, #sorryatkinsagain.    It’s been 3 months since I’ve eaten pasta and I really don’t miss it.    Luckily my usual go-to at Olive Garden is their Garlic Rosemary Chicken.  So yummy.     Dinner was followed up with frozen yogurt for desert.  My poor stomach but it was all so yummy.  πŸ™‚  I pushed my long run to Sunday.


The plan called for a 50 minute long run.    Ummm, that’s not long.   I realize it’s only week 1 of 17 and most half marathon plans are 12 weeks but still.     I wanted some structure to my summer runs so I picked 17 weeks.   But, yeah, those 50 minutes kicked my ass.  I actually headed out around 10am since I knew it was going to be hot.  It was already in the 80’s.  I huffed and puffed my way through 5 miles in 56 minutes.   Yes miles 1 and 2 had times where I met up with my mom and the puppy and walked more  but what was with the other 3?    I have to figure out this heat thing or I am never breaking 2.    I did like having the run done earlier though.

So, week one done.  Bring on week 2.   And maybe some speed?  *sorry about the random picture sizes, I am having troubles figuring out Dropbox.  😦

How was your weekend?  And Father’s Day?

How long do you usually train for a half marathon?

What do you consider a long run?


21 thoughts on “Training Win?

    1. 8-12 is what I used to do but 18 kind of worked out last time, so I figured I would try it again. πŸ™‚ I usually say 7+ is a long run but I keep trying to get over 10k but just can’t seem to follow through. Grrr. πŸ™‚

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  1. The heat this summer is no joke. It makes it so difficult to get in tough quality workouts. I consider a long run anything 10 miles and over, but I think that’s because I’m twisted and like running 8ish miles daily haha. I usually train seriously for about 4-6 weeks for a half. Just making sure my body is going to be used to the speed and improving on tempo runs. Great week of training! Keep it up girl ! : )


    1. I love the idea of running a weekly long run of 10+ miles but have yet to make it a reality. 4-6 weeks? That’s hardcore! And what I used to do since I was such a slacker πŸ™‚ But I had no base to back it up. Oops! Thanks!

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  2. My neighborhood has felt like a ghost town lately! There are usually tons of kids running around outside but it has been completely deserted because of the heat. It’s been in the high 90s every day here for the past two weeks. I’m already ready for fall!!!


  3. Ugh, it’s so hot there! It hasn’t gotten that high consistently here (or maybe at all?) but these past few days have been mid-80s and wicked humidity. I’m kind of glad I haven’t had to run in it! I consider a long run to be anything over 5 miles… usually, anyway. For a long time it was anything longer than a 5K but now that my running club does a weekly 5-miler, it seems more normal to me! πŸ™‚

    You may have already shared this, so apologies if you did, but what app are you using for your training plan?


    1. I think the only saving grace is that humidity is not normal for us. On the days it is that hot and humid, I stay inside. And actually use the air conditioner πŸ™‚ Otherwise it has to be above 100 before I do. But I hate humidity. Blech.

      I actually haven’t said it yet. I am trying the Run Trainer App. It let me pick the plan length, long run day and how many days I wanted to run. I can move workouts around but can’t actually edit what type of workout I did. I just wanted something basic and a paper version never seems to work for me. And it was free!

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      1. Humidity does suck. And thanks for the info about the app! I may have to look into that for myself, once I’m finally uninjured enough to get back into a plan πŸ™‚

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  4. Oh man, the heat is killing my pace too! I’m seeing splits I haven’t seen in years, but I feel like I’m killing myself. Hang in there! For half marathons I shoot for anywhere from 6-10 weeks, depending on how much I’ve been running in the month before.


    1. Oh my splits are hideous! It’s like a kick in the teeth when you are trying to get faster. I was so lazy after SLO that I figured a longer plan might actually get me moving! Well I hope so, otherwise 10 weeks might become a necessity. πŸ™‚


  5. I consider anything longer than 5-6 miles a long run, but am so glad when my plan says long run it gives me a mile number, or I’d be running a lot of 5 milers. Same thing with the heat. I ran 3 miles yesterday and felt like I was flying…..but my times were crap. Glad we can all commiserate together:)


    1. My last plan had weekly runs by time but all the long runs were miles. This plan is entirely based on time. I’m not sure how I feel about that yet. Oh the heat is killing my paces, I’ve been trying to not look at my watch. 😦


  6. You killed it! Great job this week! πŸ˜€ I usually consider long runs anything over 8 miles so yeah…haven’t been doing many (or any) of those lately.


  7. Ugh the heat!! I’m with you on hating on it, girl. The heat and humidity wreak havoc on my times and make me lose confidence in my abilities. But I guess all we can do is slog through and push ourselves (but not too far of course!) and hope we eventually acclimate? Eh, I’ve got a ways to go on the whole acclimatization too. Don’t sweat it! (Pun intended haha) Great job with this week though!!


    1. Haha, sweating is about the only thing I think I am doing well right now! I picked the wrong time to try for speed! Seeing the splits on the watch is definitely not fun, I’m trying to ignore them. πŸ™‚ Luckily this weekend looks to be a little cooler!! Not that will help with the acclimating. Thanks!

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