Week 4- A Little Early

I am kind of liking these weekly recaps.  I feel like they are helping keep me on track.   Particularly this week, I ran the gamut of craving a run to feeling like doing nothing but stuffing food in my face.   Yes, I am a stress eater.  There were donuts involved this week.  And those Sweet Potato Food Should Taste Good chips.  Both so yummy but so not on the approved list of foods.    😦

I alternated between heels and flats all week but my legs are still pissed.   I rarely get to sit while training and I am feeling it.  I don’t think my legs ached this bad after my first half marathon.  Then I just couldn’t sit down…or get up without help.   🙂    I normally stand the good majority of the day but would usually sit for about 2 hours through out the day.  Now I just fall into the comfy chair exhausted on my lunch.   Trainee #3 starts on Monday so I need to figure something out.  Unfortunately running shoes are not an option.

Monday Actual- 3.5 miles -12:13, 10:39, 10:13 and change

I had to do some rearranging this week, which meant a Monday run.  Oof, that was hard.  Monday running just seems harder.   Plus I don’t think my legs appreciated running the day after my long run.  I usually rest the following day.   I tried to treat it like a recovery run and keep the pace easy but I was all over the place.  I even wore compression socks since I knew I was sore.  Truthfully, I wore them all day.    I might have to do that more often until things calm down.  IMG_1034

Tuesday- Rest

I had blood work planned for the morning.  This was part of why I switched up my running days.  I didn’t think they were going take a lot but I figured I better err on the side of caution.   Ugh, I hate needles.   I got to the lab at 7:04, they opened at 7.  I was the 15th person in line.  Seriously?!   I was actually late to work.  IMG_1051

Wednesday- Speed work- sort of

The plan called for a 25 min warm up followed by 3 minutes at HMP, 1 minute easy jog x5, then 16 min cool down.   Sounds easy enough but I just wasn’t feeling it.   As I drove north, I was trying to decide what to run and where to run it.   My mom called and she wondered if I would head out with her.  No speedwork-yay!   So we headed out for a short 3 mile jaunt.   That turned into 4+ for me with some random intervals.   I was planning on taking it easy but then I decided to just run whatever I felt like.    So I ended up up with really random speed intervals while I looped around and occasionally met back up with my mom but it was fun.  🙂

Thursday- Rest

Hmmm, I am sure I did something interesting this day but I can’t remember anything so I guess not?  I know I posted this.

Friday- Rest

I was at work by 7:30.  I am on vacation Monday and Tuesday so I wanted to make sure I did everything I needed to do before leaving.   I was out a little after 5:30 and I though about running a few miles but I did all my weekend errands instead.  One less stress this weekend right?

Saturday- Rest – more than likely. 

I am torn between running or walking a couple miles as a shakeout for tomorrow or resting.  My legs are still super sore and I can’t decide which one would be the smarter choice.   I also need to decide exactly what shirt I am running in tomorrow.  And I am procrastinating packing my change of clothes while I type this.  For some reason, I am can’t decide what I am going to want to put on after tomorrow’s race.  #decisionsdecisions  Whatever it is, it needs to be comfy enough to get me through a day of walking and shopping.  Ok, maybe hobbling and shopping.  🙂   I had helping making a new playlist though-IMG_1071

Sunday- Shoreline Half..and my birthday  🙂

To be continued…

Happy Saturday!!!

What do you like to do after a race?

How was your week?

Do you stand or sit at work?

20 thoughts on “Week 4- A Little Early

  1. Yay! Happy Birthday!! And have a great race!
    I hate running on Monday’s too and usually rest, but I have found when I do run on Monday’s, I do better at sticking to my plan for the week.


    1. Thank you!
      It was odd, I ran all the required workouts but since I was done sooner in the week I felt kind of lazy. I kept wanting to run more but figured that might not be smart before a half. 🙂


  2. Great job this week! I always think Monday running seems harder – I love when I can do some cross training instead! Smart that you didn’t run when you had blood work to do! Your kitty is sooooo cute!!! I’m such a cat lover. looking forward to hearing about your half marathon – hope it went well!!


    1. Cross training Mondays would be a good idea. I really need to implement some sort of cross training schedule. He doesn’t usually like to hang out so I was surprised to see him by the computer. Guess he thought I needed help. 🙂 It did go pretty well, thank you!

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  3. Monday running does seem harder for some reason. I tend to sit too much at work, so I asked for a wooden shelf thing that would turn my desk into a standing desk, but it turns out the height isn’t right and I’ve been too lazy to adjust things. So I either stand and hunch, or sit. Neither is great. One of these days maybe I’ll get it sorted!


    1. Mine isn’t quite the right height either. When they built the new cabinets for me there was some reason why it couldn’t be a little higher. I think it was more work for them but for the most part it works for me. I just learned that I need to sit a bit throughout the day or my legs get super sore. That’s just not possible with 3 trainees right now. I hope you get yours squared away!


      1. Thanks! Me too. I’ve definitely found I can’t stand the whole day though, either. It’s either my hamstrings and hip flexors taking a beating from sitting, or my feet and calves and knees hurting from all the standing. Yeesh!


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