Goodnight Lake

Tonight’s run was brief and a little melancholic.  The day that evening runners like me dread is near.    Sunday- the end of daylight savings time.  Waah!    I am not one to run in the dark, I don’t like it.   I like seeing where I am going and you never know what may be lurking in the shadows.  😃  My rule of thumb is that if it is too dark to see with my sunglasses on, then it’s dark for me to run outside.  So with that in mind, I headed to the lake path tonight for a little “see you later” run.    My last run outside after work this year.  It was slow and short and reminiscent of a favorite children’s book.

 Goodnight dry lake bed.  
Goodnight nice stretching equipment.

   Goodnight bridge.

Goodnight interesting shaped tree branch.

Goodnight random goats- happy eating.   

Goodnight lake cat- (please be here in a few months)


Lights are on, it’s time to go.  

Goodnight lake, see you next year.
Do you dread the end of daylight savings as much as I do? 

Have any running routes you have to miss according to the seasons?

Favorite bedtime story?

17 thoughts on “Goodnight Lake

  1. I love your pictures and this post! I’m with you on dreading the end of daylight savings. I’m an evening runner too and I strongly dislike running in the dark. I think I’m going to get some lights and reflective gear to try it this winter but I’m still on edge about that…


  2. Cute post. That used to be my favorite story to read to my daughter b/c it was so short. Bit she never liked it (b/c it was too short). Anyway. I’ve always hates running in the dark until my son got me a running flashlight. It makes ALL the difference!


      1. A runners flashlight. So it has a nice loose strap. I think it is Nathan brand. It is bright with a red strobe on the back of it. I get lots of compliments about its visibility

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  3. The kiddo and I love goodnight moon! Great pics! I’m a morning runner now, so I’ve been running in the dark for the past month or so and it’s not my favorite 😦 the one good thing is that I don’t have to worry about whether or not my outfit matches because no one will see me!


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