Week Ummm Recap

You know, I am not sure how to title these anymore.   Training for City to the Sea may be over but Big Sur is now less than 2 weeks away.     The goal was to keep my fitness steady before Big Sur and before I carry out a new training style after that.  Well, hmmm.

Monday- Last Harvest Marathon meeting.    Race day was less than 7 days away and there was a lot to be done.   Again, not that I was doing much- I just upped my media posting for the race.

Tuesday–  Had an evening meet up with the some other people from work.  There was a point in time when everyone in my position knew each other no matter which city we were in but the company has doubled in size in the last year or so and we can no longer say that.  Someone suggested that we try to meet up outside of work.  I figured why not?

Wednesday- 3.5 miles  It felt good to get out running.   I had only taken 3 days off from running but I was feeling twitchy.  I went to the lake and just kept it nice and easy.     It was a good run.  As I ran back towards the parking lot for my second lap, I noticed a group of people all clustered together just staring at the sky.  Umm, what did I miss?   Turns out there was a giant hawk hanging out in the trees.

Thursday-  Kettle bell workout.   I had planned on running again but my stomach had other plans.  I tried reintroducing some foods I have been missing during my paleo attempts and it didn’t go so well.  I figured the dvd would still be a good work out and I could quit easily if I needed to since I was at home.  I completed the workout, and felt wrecked.  Man I need to strength train more. ๐Ÿ˜‚

Friday–  Oh mama, it hurt to walk.  I think the weighted squats broke me.  Let’s not even talk about sitting and standing.


Remember those crap roads I mentioned?
Saturday3.1 miles.   I woke up with a niggling headache but ignored it.    I originally had a shower to attend but things had changed so I headed out for a short run before I needed to head to volunteer at the registration/ pick up tent for the Harvest Marathon.   Seriously my legs felt broken, I ran so slowly.   They finally loosened up a bit when I hit my driveway.  Figures.  ๐Ÿ˜Œ     I then went to registration.  The temp being in the mid-80’s with high humidity was not helping my headache any.    I worked the pick up tent for a few hours before heading to the school to find out where I was stationed the next day.  I was assigned to be the course monitor for my mother’s water station so score.   My head was pounding so I headed home after that.   Slept with an ice pack in an effort to try to head off a migraine.

Sunday– Harvest Marathon!!   So early.   It was dark but not cold when I got up.  My head was so rough, I headed to McDonald’s for a coffee and a soda before the volunteer meet up.  Yes, soda, even though it wasn’t even 6:15 yet.   I was hoping the caffeine would help my head.   Picked up some of the kids and headed out to our little corner.    Thing about the Harvest Marathon?  It is a benefit for Paso Robles School Athletics- all the aid stations are staffed and run by the high school sports teams.   This station was the tennis team- hi mom!   We set up and we were ready!   We were at mile 8.5, so the first runners would be coming through around the hour mark.    The kids had water and Fluid and were cheering on the runners.    They all looked strong but you could also tell the hills were harder than they had hoped.   Another thing about Paso?  There is no such thing as flat.    One guy was hilarious.  He had a thick Texas drawl and he comes running up saying- “Well, I had been running a 9 minute pace, but that last hill put me at 11!”.  He got water and rounded the corner- up another hill.  We could hear him saying “and now I’m at 13!”.

My head was really throbbing and I was feeling super nauseous so at one point I went and sat in my car for 20 minutes.  I could no longer deny the migraine.   Grrr.  The last of the runners went by and after waiting longer we all headed out.  My mom had planned breakfast with her team after and I went along.  My head hurt so bad, I just sat there.    Once home, I took a super long nap.   I really wanted to get in a 10 miler but I had troubles getting to the bathroom so that did not happen.  Grrrr.   I usually average one migraine a month so hopefully it will be cooler when the next one hits.  This weekend was pretty warm and humid.   Cooler than the 90’s but still pretty warm.

So it was a week filled with running related events just not as much running as I had hoped.   I’m rolling with that though and it just leaves room for improvement this week.    Truthfully getting through this weekend was a big check on my to-do list.   I feel so much less stressed now, so yay!

How was your weekend?

Ever work a water station for a race?

Migraine tips?  Mine usually need ice, dark rooms and lots of food. 

15 thoughts on “Week Ummm Recap

  1. Haha I completely hear you on the ‘twitchy’ feeling when you haven’t run in even a few days. When I first got injured I wasn’t allowed to run or do literally anything else. It was yoga or bust. And I was in such a shit mood for that first week!

    I’ve never worked a water station but I definitely want to! There’s a halloween race coming up where you get to dress up and (maybe) jump out at people! I imagine that won’t actually be happening at the water station cos it’d get messy. But just at various points along the course ๐Ÿ˜€


    1. That would be so hard!! Either that or I would turn into a total sloth. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Ok, if I was the one jumping out at people, that could be fun. I don’t want anyone jumping out at me though! There was a zombie race nearby once- you could sign up to be a zombie and chase people. I’m not sure how that sounded, haha. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. Oh man, migraines are the worst! Good for you for still getting out there and doing what you had to do, despite the migraine. I’ve found that if I take ibuprofen the moment I feel a migraine coming on, it really lessens the severity. I also drink plenty of water and some caffeine. Sleep, food and darkness are what usually do the trick as well. I hope you’re feeling better today!


    1. I admit I can be stubborn when it comes to taking something for my migraines. Partly because nothing ever seems to work and partly because I have so many other pills already. I did end up taking something Sunday afternoon though. Not sure if it was that, the nap or the pizza that helped more. ๐Ÿ™‚ Today is much better, thank you!

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  3. That was like my recap. ummmmm. Haha. So fun that you got to volunteer at the Harvest Marathon! And UGH migranes are terrible. Can’t believe you still went to breakfast with your migraine! You are a trooper!


    1. I wanted to bail on breakfast but I was driving some of the kids and I didn’t want to mess it up for them. Plus I was hoping the food would help. No luck but it was worth a shot. I feel like every time I feel better something else makes me sick- grrr.

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    1. I can get the aural ones too but not very often, unfortunately regular migraines are more common for me. I usually get a bad one every few months, this one seemed a little worse. Hopefully that means it will be longer until the next one! ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. I’ve never worked a water station… I’m a little intimidated them, to be honest! I’m scared I’d hold the water wrong and the serious runners would get mad at me, haha.

    Sorry about your migraine, I hate them. I had one this weekend too. They suck. I usually drink as much water/juice/Nuun whatever that I can stand, and lay down in the dark as much as I can. Fatty foods like ice cream and mac and cheese seem to ease the pain more than others for some reason. Also, gently massaging the palm of my hand that’s on the opposite side of the head pain (my migraines are always on the right, so it would be my left hand) helps a little bit too, at least temporarily.


    1. They can be interesting. It’s harder than you think letting people know what’s in the cups. Particularly when the electrolyte is called Fluid. ๐Ÿ™‚
      Why is junk food so good when you have a migraine? All I wanted for 2 days was pizza. I finally broke down and ate it last night. My migraines usually run across my forehead, this one was especially sharp in my temples. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


    1. I am mostly better, thank you! My hair’s a little tricky pulling back but I love it- thank you! I think water stations were my gateway to running. ๐Ÿ™‚ I worked one for a few years before running my first race. ๐Ÿ™‚


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