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Goodnight Lake

Tonight’s run was brief and a little melancholic.  The day that evening runners like me dread is near.    Sunday- the end of daylight savings time.  Waah!    I am not one to run in the dark, I don’t like it.   I like seeing where I am going and you never know what may be lurking in the shadows.  😃  My rule of thumb is that if it is too dark to see with my sunglasses on, then it’s dark for me to run outside.  So with that in mind, I headed to the lake path tonight for a little “see you later” run.    My last run outside after work this year.  It was slow and short and reminiscent of a favorite children’s book.

 Goodnight dry lake bed.  
Goodnight nice stretching equipment.

   Goodnight bridge.

Goodnight interesting shaped tree branch.

Goodnight random goats- happy eating.   

Goodnight lake cat- (please be here in a few months)


Lights are on, it’s time to go.  

Goodnight lake, see you next year.
Do you dread the end of daylight savings as much as I do? 

Have any running routes you have to miss according to the seasons?

Favorite bedtime story?

Run!, Slacker

That’s What She Said

Anytime I have a day off during the week I like to rearrange my running schedule so I can run that day.  During the winter that means one less day on the treadmill and anytime I can straight home after work is a plus.    Since I have a business mixer on Thursday, I figured running Monday and Wednesday would work better anyways.   At least that was the plan. However when the alarm went off the next morning, the room was spinning.   I paused to notice the accompanying pounding headache and went back to bed.

It never fails, once a year in spring, usually on a long run, I get a little too much sun and feel like crap for the next 24 hours.  However it usually happens in late March, early April- not February.    I had a feeling I was going to regret not wearing a hat on Sunday.      So instead of running, I took my usual rest day and slept some more.  Then I spent the day doing a little bit of shopping in SLO.  I picked up some new toys-IMG_9292Tuesday was supposed to be the start of running outside instead of my easy treadmill run.   The sun didn’t get the memo and never came out to play.  Where was the cloud cover when I was doing my long run on Sunday?  Work ran over and by that time I had zero desire to head to the gym.   Particularly when I knew I had a tempo on plan as my other run for the week.   I’ve been trying to only look at the current week of the training plan.  That way I can con myself into following it- it doesn’t seem so intimidating that way.   🙂   If I had noticed that I had a tempo two weeks in a row, I would have chosen the hill repeats last week.

It said a 15 min warm up, 3 miles at tempo followed by a 15 min cool down.    Yeah, I didn’t have that kind of time.    I started my new medication at the beginning of February and it has been an interesting experiment so far.  One of the things I’ve figured out is that I have to eat earlier, either that or don’t go to sleep.  Or skip eating dinner but that’s not a better option.  So I shortened my run.   I had 45 minutes so -10 minute warm up, 1 mile tempo, 60 second recovery, 1 mile tempo, 60 second recovery, .5 mile tempo, cool down.    Random, right?

Yeah, the recoveries grew a little.
Yeah, the recoveries grew a little.

Holy crap, it didn’t suck!!  In fact, it kind of rocked.   I was able to hit my paces and keep my breathing under control.  Yes, I should have skipped the little recoveries but I still maintained for 2.5 miles.  That half mile was faster but I didn’t push the lap button until after I’d slowed down.   If I hadn’t been pressed for time I would have completed that last full mile and my full cool down.

Oddly enough, I noticed a few things while on the treadmill this time.  Walking I felt fine, no real achiness and I was walking in straight line.   Hitting the tempo paces felt good as well.  No aches or pains and again running in a controlled, straight line.   And when I slowed down to a 10:30-12:00 pace?  I was all over the damn place.   Things ached and twinged, and I was bouncing off the sides again.  What gives?!   I tried to focus on my form throughout the whole run and I didn’t feel like anything had changed.   I am curious to see what happens on the treadmill next week.

It was nice to leave the gym feeling like I accomplished something for once.  I was still a nasty mess but I felt like it was a good nasty.   Usually I just feel disgusting and nasty.  What is it about the gym that makes me feel so gross?   Is it Daylight Savings time yet?

When was the last time you were surprised by a run?

Does your form change when your pace changes?

It’s almost Thursday!!!!

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Runaway Chicken

With daylight savings fast approaching and being one of the few runners who does not look forward to it, I have tried to get as many miles in after work as possible.   This can mean shorter than normal runs but I would rather run that than the treadmill sooner.

Tuesday I headed to the lake path on the chance that it was open like last week.   Unlike last week, the signs were out. Waah.  I stood for a few minutes and pondered.   Then I became a lemming and followed the 20 people ignoring the signs.  So bad I know but it was my last time at the path until spring.  I only managed 2.5 miles before I thought it would be too dark to complete another lap.    The path only has two lights- both near the playground.

from last week, when the signs were down
from last week, when the signs were down

I was stretching out on the fitness bars when I saw a Chihuahua looking dog coming down the street.  I waited a moment and didn’t see any owners.    This corner of the path can be pretty busy car-wise so I decide to see if I could figure out where the dog lives.  He was having none of that.   His barking made me laugh.  He didn’t sound mean, more like a petulant teenager.  “Leave me alone, mind your own business, what are you looking at”.   While I am trying to decide if I want to force it, I hear a rustling in the bushed across the street.   I looked up to see a chicken walking away from a house and going towards the street.  It’s making a jail break!

So now I don’t know if I should chase the dog or the chicken!  Or do I leave them both and just go back to my car?    A group of people was coming my way and a nice older man told me that the dog wanders on its own all the time.   He also agreed that it wasn’t the friendliest.   So I asked him about the chicken.   While we were chatting the chicken came back down around the house.  It walked to a gate in the fence and tried to squeeze in.  Then it tried to climb the bush running along the fence.  It wasn’t escaping, it was locked out!  Once again, it followed the path around the fence, I think there must have been another gate back there.  The man tried to open the gate but couldn’t get it open.    I was beginning to feel bad for the chicken, all it wanted to do was go home.  It knew exactly what door to go to but couldn’t open it.  So the nice man and I went door knockin’.    We found someone who lived in the same house but didn’t own the chickens.  He called the owner before heading out to try to catch it.

Apparently the chickens roam during the day before going back inside the fence.  I run this path 2x a week and have never seen or heard the chickens before.  Plus it’s a residential area.   After handling that, the man and I parted ways.  So I probably could have finished another lap but I wouldn’t have had the runaway chicken experience.  🙂  Last evening at the path completed.  10-29skyI work this Saturday, so I was able to get off a little early on Wednesday.  I headed back to town hoping for at least 6 miles but dreaming of more. Ha!  I completed 6 but it was so damn hard.  Nothing hurt, I just had zero energy.   It was also 87º… on October 29.  Ugh, where is fall.   I hit 4 stop lights between mile 2.5 to 3.5.   Then my stomach informed me that 4 miles would have been a better idea at mile 3.75.  I was 2 miles from my car.   There was a bench just past mile 4 and I took a break.  I think I sat for about 10 minutes before finally heading off to finish my run.  6 miles done and I managed to keep my overall average pace at 11:45.  Considering how I felt though, I will call that a win!

What was not a win was the bloody toe I found when taking off my socks.  Boo.

What’s the strangest animal situation you’ve ever run into?

Did you know chickens were so good with direction?  I had no idea. 

Anyone racing this weekend?

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Loving this Light

I mentioned in my previous post that this week is inspection time at work.  I thought I was prepared but what I was not prepared for was for him to show at 8:05 on Monday morning.  Seriously?!!?  I hadn’t had my coffee or my soda; I was in a sudden panic that I hadn’t crossed my I’s or dotted my T’s.  Aargh!!!!   By the time the day was done, I was just stressed and cranky.  I needed to run but I knew it wasn’t going to be awesome; my brain was tired.

I may have been stressed but I was so excited to take advantage of the time change!   I changed after work and headed for the lake path that I haven’t been able to run since the time changed last year.    My commute is a narrow two lane highway going through a canyon which is prone to rock slides.  The road has no shoulders, blind corners and is heavily shaded.  Seriously I think my hips are bigger than the “shoulder”.  The speed limit is 55 but most treat that as a suggested minimum.  Imagine my surprise rounding one of the corners to find a man running with traffic wearing black.   Seriously, dude?!   I get that you want to make the most of the extra daylight, but this is not the road for it!

lakeCollageOnce I arrived at the park, the weather was amazing.   I was aiming for 5 miles.  The path is a little over a mile around so I was hoping that 4 laps would be 5 miles.  That would be perfect, right?  Not so lucky.  Lap 1 came in at 1.18.     Lap 1 included my warm up but I could tell I was sluggish.  I was ok with that because I just wanted to run.    I was also a little sore from Saturday’s long run, wearing new boots all day hadn’t helped either.

Miles 2 and 3 were a little rougher than I would have liked; this trail is flat after all.   I feel like it was just after mile 3 that I settled in.  Mile 4 felt good and 5 was better.   Since I was on the backside of the lake when I hit 5 I kept running until 5.5.  I figured that still gave me a quarter mile to cool down before hitting the exercise equipment that I use to stretch.   I didn’t have any real goals with this run, just to enjoy the weather and the path and run off some stress.  Mission accomplished!

IMG_3383The lake was not as low as I thought it would be.   We still desperately need rain but the ducks and geese had some water.  There were plenty of people taking advantage of the weather as well.   I saw other runners, walkers and plenty of dogs.   Some were running solo, some with friends.    Everyone was friendly too.   I had a conversation going with a guy as we passed each other on laps.  He was out walking and saw me pause to take pictures.  I told him I needed a little break.   😛     I also loved that there were 3 guys who looked like they had just come a jam session with their garage band doing laps.

A little traffic on the way out.
A little traffic on the way out.

Today, I had to remind myself that rest days count as training too.    The weather was awesome again.  The inspection is still going on and I am discovering the meaning of stress sweat (TMI?).   I have been through so many of these before but this one just seems intense.    Leaving work I had to go return the previously mentioned new boots.  They ripped yesterday, classy right?    Then driving home, I passed no less than 9 people out running.   Against traffic on wide roads, yay!  I was so jealous.   But rest is good, plus I had classwork to do.  😦    Besides tomorrow is another inspection day, more stress to run off!!!

Moving along
Moving along

I am thankful that the extra daylight brings the lake back into play.    It is outside and flat, both dirt and paved.   More fun than a treadmill but better for my ankle than all hills.   It also brings me back to be being a 3 town runner.  I don’t know why, but the fact that I can run in 3 towns on a weekly basis just makes me smile.  🙂

I am 11 days out from the Wine Country Half and we are officially 46 days away from SLO Marathon.  I am so excited for both but I am getting nervous.    I still have a discount code for the SLO Marathon– anyone want to come run with me? Or faster than me?  🙂   Check out the amazing town and people too!  Check out this bling for SLO Marathon


Who is ready for hump day?

Anyone taken advantage of daylight savings yet?

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