Tempo Fail?

I think Jillian Michaels broke me.   Ok, it was me but, ouch.

I did not run my long run on Sunday.  Oddly enough, once I committed to that choice and stopped vacillating back and forth, I felt like it was the smart choice.  That said I didn’t want to be a total Slacker and since I had been meaning to get back to cross training, I figured I would do a kettlebell workout.   I think I must black out the memories of these workouts.   I seem to do one about every six months and the kettlebell collects dust the rest of the time.   I like the fact that it’s a short workout but you feel like you did something.     Oh son of monkey, I feel it.  Like I need to use the handicap bars in the restrooms just so I don’t fall on my face.    Seriously, how can I be this sore?!  IMG_9147I found out yesterday that I was likely going to get off early today (I work Saturday) so I was stoked.  I figured I would hit the lake path for the first time in months and get an afternoon run in.   I admit to momentary delusions of grandeur where I considered moving this weekend’s long run (10-12) miles to today and pushing today’s workout to the weekend.   I have a busy weekend ahead, so I thought this could be doable.    The effort it took to get out of bed this morning put a kabosh on that.     My glutes and my hamstrings were screaming at me.   Wow, I am out of shape.IMG_9175I ended up staying at work longer than planned but still headed to the lake.  I like that my training plan sometimes gives me options on Tuesdays-  speed vs power (hills).  I didn’t feel up to hills plus the lake is pancake flat.  I will probably do most of my speed work there once the time changes.  It’s as close to a track as I can get during the week.   You just have to dodge the dogs and bikes, kids and cars.  🙂  But I still love it.  IMG_9186The first mile was rough.  Like my legs were so heavy- I was shuffling my feet trying to warm up.   So what do I do?  Take it easy?  Nah- I aim for a tempo.  I never said I was smart.   1 mile warm up, 4 mile tempo, 1 mile cool down.    So yeah, that didn’t go according to plan.   But then it depends on how you look at it.  My tempo miles were too fast if I base my paces off of my Surf City finish time but too slow if I base them off of my goal half marathon time.  So, yay for middle of the road?   Miles 4-6 weren’t that bad actually.  Cool down was awesome!  🙂IMG_9187Once I completed the 6 miles, I used one of the workout stations around the lake to stretch out.   For some reason I still wanted to move but knew I was too sore to run more.  Instead of taking the short way back to my car I headed off to finish another lap around the lake.  So with an added walking mile I pulled off 7 for the day.    Not too bad for being sore, hopefully I can move tomorrow.   🙂IMG_9170I loved being back at the lake, come on daylight savings!!!   There was actually water in it too!  Hardly anything at all but more than the last time I was there in the fall.  We need more rain like we had this weekend.

Happy (almost) Hump day!

Please tell me I’m not the only one who gets their butt kicked by a dvd?  Pretty please?

Any YouTube workout recommendations?

24 Comments on “Tempo Fail?

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  2. Oh man, I know that feeling. It’s not a DVD but I sometimes do Blogilates workouts on youtube. Every time I do I’m sore for days. Nice work still getting the long run done though!


  3. The lake looks beautiful!

    Tempo runs are so deceptive, on paper they seem so easy but they are one of the hardest workouts around, it takes practice to really get them right. A tip I learned is to start by doing 5 minutes of tempo pace followed by 2 minutes rest, then repeat a few time, and work the 5 minute intervals up to full miles. It’s a great way to practice the tempo pace but you don’t have to be overwhelmed trying to hold it a full mile. I haven’t done a proper tempo run in a while and when I do one in a couple weeks I plan to start it this way – 4 miles at my tempo pace sounds way too hard right now.


    • Actually miles 2-4 had walking breaks. Partly because I was in the playground area and partly because I needed it. Mile 5 was the only one I managed to maintain running the whole time. I like your idea though, I think I may try that when my next tempo comes around. Who would have thought I would be looking forward to next week’s hills!


  4. First off, nice Dr. Who socks! Secondly, I miss kettlebell workouts. Thirdly, I’m so jealous of your sunshine and lake path. Mine is covered in about 3 feet of snow!


    • I like kettlebells more than regular weights but I hurt so bad afterwards it takes me forever to do another workout! Sorry about your path!! You’ll have yours soon and mine will be around 100 degrees!

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  5. DVD’s Fallon please!!! They totally kick my booty hence, why I haven’t put one in years haha lol 😛 I prefer to kick my own booty in the gym. “Son of a monkey” … that’s a new one 😉 and that was actually a very decent run in my opinion.


    • Haha, I have the proclivity to curse like a trucker so I had to find ways to edit myself at work and I just keep that going with the blog. However, people seem to find the phrases I come up with amusing. 🙂 You’re right, looking at it now, it actually was a pretty good run. 🙂

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  6. The girls on FB that I am always doing Fitness Challenges with, a couple of them are always going “arm challenge completed, plus Jillian” or “arm challenge, 30 min walk and doing Jillian later” (this month it’s an arm challenge if you didn’t catch that!)
    And some days I want to ask which Jillian DVD they are doing… but then there is the little voice that says as soon as I know I’ll be tempted to try it – and I’m afraid Jillian would kill me. Not. Even. Kidding


    • Some of her DVD’s aren’t as bad, maybe it’s the addition of the weight in this one? On one hand that’s why I like her workouts but right now I am wondering when I will walk normally again. 🙂


  7. Looks like a great place to run!!! I don’t do any DVD workouts, but maybe I should. I remember doing TaeBo back in the day, haha!


  8. Jillian Michaels totally kicks my butt too! I haven’t done one of her workouts in awhile though.
    That lake looks like a beautiful place to run. And I would definitely call your tempo a success! 🙂 Especially given that you were still so sore.


    • I would like to do them more often but it takes so long to recover! Which I know would lessen if I was more consistent. 🙂
      Thanks! It was one of those runs that was better upon further review! 🙂


  9. Yay for the return of the lake path! 😀 I eagerly await the day when my lake path isn’t buried under snow… until then I will continue living vicariously through you! I haven’t done a DVD workout since Tae-Bo in high school gym class, and those wouldn’t kick my butt because, well, I was in high school and not trying very hard. But I’m pretty sure my butt would be easily kicked by a DVD workout these days!


    • I wish I got off early enough to use it more often but daylight savings is getting closer. 🙂 I didn’t even take gym all 4 years of high school and even when I did I rarely tried so I totally get that!


  10. Those are some great miles! I love it when the first mile feels so damn difficult and then your body says, “okay, I’ll do what you want”. And I’ve had my buns kicked by a dvd plenty of times – most of the time they are so different from anything I am currently doing.


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