Vacation Week 1 Recap & Night November

Winter has arrived.   The last few nights have been in the 20’s-yippie.   😓  I will adjust but haven’t just yet.  My toes feel like Popsicles.  Between a long, cold hike and the frozen Turkey Trot last week they still feel frozen.  But besides that, I put more miles on my legs last week than I had in any training week in a long time.   Yay for vacation!

Monday– 4.5 miles- progression.  I chatted about that in this post but this was a good run.  It wasn’t the speediest but it felt comfortable.   I hadn’t felt that in a while while running.  😃

Tuesday– Rest.  With 8 miles on Sunday and then Monday’s run I decided to implement a 2 days on/ 1 day off schedule for vacation.  I figured my inherent laziness would kick in at some point but I also didn’t want to push too hard too fast.

Wednesday– 9+ mile hike/ trail run.  More on that will be in Wednesday’s post.  I’ll just say this- I had to climb up—out of a bat cave.  With my iPhone flash to light the way.

Thursday– Turkey Trot!  Also mentioned in my last post- so cold!!  And all the miles caught up with me.

Friday– Rest.   I really wanted to be outside hiking for REI’s #optoutside but my right leg was so sore and tight from #allthemiles in a short time, (for me) I could barely walk.    I spent the day taking it easy and alternately cursing/ crying with my foam roller.  😒    Zero shopping was done on this #blackfriday.

Someone else thinks it’s cold too.

Saturday– More rest.  My right leg was still super tight and sore.  It would actually buckle every now and then when my quad locked up.  Fun.   I spent the day wandering around SLO and made nice with my foam roller again.

Sunday-3.8 miles.    Night 3 of sub 30* temps, there was no way I was running in the morning.   I’d like to say I’ll get used to it but yeah, probably not.  Winter is the time of year that running in the mid afternoon rocks.  😄    I was pressed for time as I was going to an afternoon movie but I wanted to see how my legs felt.   The right one felt great, nothing at all like the past few days.  The left on the other hand was back to it’s old tricks.   I had to stop a few miles in to stretch out a super tight calf.  Grrr.    It loosened up for the last mile or so but I need to figure out why that calf tends to get super tight.    Other then the tight calf issue, it was another good run.   All of this week’s runs had zero walk breaks.  I can’t remember the last time that happened.   😃

Weekly mileage- 23.42

Who am I?  😄  Throw in last Sunday’s 8 and my 8 day total hit 31.42.    How many rules of running did I break there?  😃  To put that in perspective let’s talk about how November as a whole went.

Miles- 59.9
Races–  Big Sur Half Marathon 2:23:26
Turkey Trot 10k- 1:04:49

So yeah, half of this month’s mileage happened last week.    Oops.    Seriously why can’t I run at 3 all the time?   I know my treadmill motivation is seriously lacking.    I run so awkwardly slow on it, it also makes my legs overly sore.  New goal for December- conquer the treadmill.  Either that or invest in a headlamp and brave the cold, dark mornings.   Hmmm, decisions, decisions.

How was your November?  Are you ready for December?

Anyone brave the shopping this weekend?  Score any good deals?

11 thoughts on “Vacation Week 1 Recap & Night November

  1. Totally braved some Black Friday shopping – got some great deals! Totally forgot to place my Cyber Monday orders yesterday… and am dreading opening my shopping carts to check the prices! (I really don’t think they’ll have gone up). But, I love your monthly recap, it reminds me to go check my mileage.
    46.5 miles. So, I’m down a few miles from my average… but, we had several days of non-stop cold rain, so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised! I’m okay with it!


    1. Haha, I did the same thing yesterday! I put a few things in carts on various websites but never followed through. 🙂 I should probably see what happened to them!
      Cold rain would keep me inside under a blanket if I could!! Nice mileage though!

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  2. Wow, great week! I’m plugging away with the RW Run Streak, but I only hit 24 miles for November. Let’s hope I can keep up with the streak and get some good mileage for December!


  3. Oh, I hope you learn to embrace the treadmill…but for me, it only happened once I figured out that I needed to watch GOOD TV SHOWS while running on it! All of Breaking Bad in winter 2014, Game of Thrones in 2015…and Sons of Anarchy right now!! Movies didn’t work for me, and anything with commercials in it?? FORGET ABOUT IT!!! I do however, do my long runs out side in the horrific Canadian winter! lol


    1. I want to learn to like the treadmill, I do, but it’s so hard! I am trying to watch shows on it, well listen since I can’t get the phone at a decent angle but it keeps losing connection. I think I am going to try again and use my data instead of the gym’s wifi. I will figure this out!


  4. Dude, what the heck?! It was just summer out there, wasn’t it?? That’s quite a change in temps! Anyway, great week! *high five* I can’t believe it’s already December…. where did this year go??


    1. Right? The weather in my town tends to be a little erratic at times. Right now, it’s lows in the 20’s and highs in the low 60’s. Since I am on vacation I’ve been weather stalking for the warmest part of the day to get my run in. 🙂 I cannot believe that year is almost over!!! It’s too fast!

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