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I seem to like to ramble in the middle of the week.  34 days into the year and I am in a funk.

Minus the 6 day sick streak in January, I have been hitting the workouts I set for myself each week.   January was a solid start to regaining my base.   I started cross training more often, you could even call it consistent now.  🙂   Then this week.  I have yet to run this week.  I just can’t seem to get motivated.


Kimi is unimpressed by my lack of motivation

Maybe it’s taper crazies?  Not that I really needed to taper but I have had some phantoms pains too.   Maybe it’s that the last week or so of runs have been ugly and rough.  I am not expecting them to be all sunshine and daisies but an 11:00 minute pace was kicking my ass last Sunday.  That doesn’t bode well for Sunday’s race.

Maybe it’s that work has been all Mondays for the last week?   Which is odd because even though we are running short handed, our crew is small but mighty.  However, I feel like I am forgetting some huge important detail.    I hate that feeling.    Maybe it will come to me during the race on Sunday.   🙂

I need to snap out of this.  I started this post on Tuesday night but deleted it- it sounded way too whiny and pissy.   But some venting does help.    And there is #shiny still.  Like I said, the crew at work right now is awesome.    I have a fun weekend planned with 20,000 other crazies like me.  Besides the race festivities on Saturday and Sunday, I have some other fun things in the works for this weekend that I am looking forward to sharing with you.

So tell me- is it taper crazies or am I just cranky?

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  1. Whatever you have, I have it to. My runs have been crap so far this year, like added a minute to my normal pace and still feel winded. I’m chalking it up to new shoes, new medication and an increase of TRX training, but it’s discouraging. I’m hoping if I switch over to just running as I approach some races will help, but we’ll see.

    Enjoy the festivities this weekend, hope you have a blast!


  2. I’ve only run on Monday, as the week has been freezing here… and it was by far the slowest I’ve run… well since I pretty much started running last year! It was crazy freaky… so let’s just go with there is something in the air, your race will be fine and we’ll all be better next week! 🙂


    1. It was freezing here in the beginning of the week but it’s warmed up a bit. But in the opposite direction- race day is predicted to be in the 80’s!!!!! What?!
      Exactly- next week will be better! At least then when I am slow, I can call it recovery running. 🙂

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  3. I like to go into it thinking I got all the shitty stuff out of the way and now I’m totally due for a good run. I’m not usually right about that but delusion in these cases can be a good thing.


  4. It happens all the time. One week I am super motivated and on top of it and it’s great and the next I have no motivation and I have to force myself to go run and when I do I have no motivation/energy to go as far as I am supposed to. It’s probably a mix of a phase/fueling/weather related maybe? If you figure it out let me know!!


    1. It’s a cycle that I am not fond of!! Food could have something to do with it, I maybe should have waited to go back to low card until after my race. But I also didn’t really want to push it with my doctor. 🙂 Weather is huge- I hate running in the cold!


  5. It is the ebb and flow of running – you will snap out! I was in a pretty big rut on and off from late October – January. Hoping I can stay out of the rut to get through my marathon training!


  6. Vent away and be cranky. And, take a break from running. Seriously. Take the stress and guilt of not running by giving yourself a 2-3 week break (minus your race this weekend)…during that break, do what activity you want. But don’t run. This is what I do when I’m in a funk, so maybe it’d work for you! 🙂


  7. I’ve never experienced taper crazies (likely since I didn’t train properly before my one taper?) so I can’t speak to that, but I’ve been in a funk lately too. Maybe it’s just the time of year? I need to remember the shiny like you do! I hope it gets better and more shiny for you, and good luck in the race tomorrow!!


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