May Mileage

Holy crap.

So yeah that happened.   For the first time in 5ish years of running, I cleared 100 miles in a month.  I used to chase that goal so hard and fall so short every time.   Until this month.  Thank you marathon training.   The part that freaks me out is that I missed 4 runs over the month- 2 easy, 1 speed work and last weekend’s long run.  That would have been another 35+ miles.  Say what?!?

There were a few races too-

SLO Marathon 13.1
Bands on the Run 10K

The month started with a bang and ended with a whimper.  I won’t lie; I am tired.  I need to work on getting more sleep.  Or better sleep, but both are easier said than done.   Any tips?   May also brought me some gnarly shin pain.   My speed work has screeched to a halt since last week’s intervals and I am trying not to freak out about it.  Lots of RICE going on around here.    I would like to run 13 miles this weekend- even though the training plan only calls for a 10 mile long run- but right now I wonder if either is likely.

My first run of May was a half marathon, my last was a whimpering 3.5.    I am choosing to look at the shiny of all those miles I ran and try not to think too much about my shins.      My original plan for June includes a 20 miler, my current training plan says no.  I am still hoping for it though.   I would also like to get back to running the tempos- oddly enough, I missed it this week.  Who would have thought?  #stupidshins

How was your May?

Any plans for June?


11 thoughts on “May Mileage

  1. Wow, great month, Fallon! It’s crazy how marathon training gets all those miles in. Take care of those shins–definitely RICE, and don’t beat yourself up too much about your missed runs. You’re doing great!


    1. Thank you! Watching the miles add up was kind of cool. 🙂 Then the shins rebelled- grrr. I am trying to think positively. I’m attempting a long run tomorrow- I foresee lots of walk breaks. 🙂


  2. Hey. Working on shin splints issue with my daughter. She had them last year and it eventually became a stress fracture. We’re trying to prevent a repeat…and I have developed a theory that her problem may want exist b/c she runs with her toes out. Do you? Your thoughts?


    1. That’s interesting that you say that. By toes out- do you mean toe pointed up or toes splayed wide? I notice that my shins and calves feel better in my Brooks which I stopped running in because they squeezed my toes. My Sketchers have a wider toe box but now my shins hurt. Not sure if it is a real correlation or if I am just grasping at straws here.

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      1. She runs with toes splayed wide. I’ve done some research, and it is also called duck toe.


  3. Are you running strictly on the roads? Hard surfaces will kill your shins. I try to keep longer runs or even portions of runs on the side dirt area of the road or out on some trails or dirt roads. Are you wearing compression sleeves or socks? They help keep everything from moving around as much with the pounding. Even though I don’t like wearing them in the heat, on longer runs they really do help keep shins safe and comfy.


    1. It depends on where I run. The lake path is 90% dirt. Most of my other routes are the opposite 90% road. I usually wear compression socks but they have been irritating my feet. I need to invest in some sleeves but I can’t find a brand that I like so far.


  4. I hit 66.24 miles in May… I think it might be a new record for me, I’d have to check 🙂 But look at your miles, that is awesome! And I’m even more impressed with the fact that while you probably some days hate it – you’re listening to your body and doing what is best for it!! 😀 You got this!!


  5. Rock on, lady!! That’s a whole lotta miles! I wish I had tips for better sleep… find an interesting-enough but slow/boring too to read before you go to bed? 🙂 I ran a decent amount of miles (for me) in May, which is like a fraction of yours! Keep rockin, and may your shins start behaving soon!!


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