Run to the Music- 2

Is these last few days, there are a few more songs that are either A- getting me through the giant knots in my stomach or B-keeping me distracted.  So, I thought I would share them.  Like I said before, my music taste can be a little all over the place.

I first saw Skillet on the free stages at the Mid State Fair years ago.  I had never heard of them before and was a little taken aback by the enthusiasm of their fans.   I mean, who takes a frying pan to a concert?  Now, I would love to see them in concert again.   They’ve become on of my favorite bands.   And it’s great timing that they have a new album coming out next week.

Feel Invincible-

Back From the Dead is pretty awesome too, but this one pumps me up.

What are you listening to?

4 thoughts on “Run to the Music- 2

  1. Wow skillet, wasn’t expecting that. I love rock music as well, all I listen to on my runs. Well when I actually use music on my run lol


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