The SF Marathon Week 17 Training Recap

17 down, 1 to go.   I’m trying not to dwell on that.

This was the first week that I fully embraced the taper.  Some might say I took it too far.  ๐Ÿ˜›  I guess there really is a way to run less when training.   I didn’t mean to have such an ummm- “relaxed” week it just kind of happened.

The week started off rough.  I got little to no sleep on Sunday night and almost called in.  good thing I didn’t as my boss wasn’t feeling well either and didn’t make it in.  Then when I finally did make it into work, I was greeted by the news that my fish had died.    Can you be done with the week by 8:20 on a Monday?  Work was crazy from that point forward all week.

Monday- Rest.  After 13 miles on Sunday and crap sleep, I was fried.  Throw in the work day from hell and I was done.

Tuesday- Rest.   I thought about running, I really did but I was still feeling kind of foggy.   Besides, I had plenty of time during the rest of the week right?

Wednesday- Run Fall Out Boy!!!!!  Running was the plan but when you are given the opportunity to see one of your favorite bands for the cost of only 2 drinks- you take it!   So I made my trip to the fair a little sooner than planned.  Both the funnel cake and the concert were amazing. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜ƒ  They played all the songs I wanted them too and a few more.

Thursday- Rest.  I took my gym bag to work.  Even though I was still super tired I was planning on running.   I really was but once again I allowed my family to text-coerce me into going to dinner with them.  Yum.

Friday- 4 miles.  Holy crap, I ran on a Friday!   I didn’t get home until 7 but I was out the door fairly quick.  After 4 days off, I was kind of worried my legs wouldn’t remember what to do.   They did!  It was slow and still very warm but it was nice to get moving.

Saturday- Rest.  Damn, I’m really good at this rest thing aren’t I?  I wasn’t completely sloth like though.  I headed down to SLO and did a bit of shopping.  That counts as moving the legs, right?

Sunday- 9 miles.  I headed out around 8 but I should have headed out sooner.  It was way hotter than I would have liked.   I packed my Camelbak with more supplies than I needed and filled it with water.  I knew I didn’t need all of it but I wanted to practice carrying the weight.  The run was hot and slow and my neck was a little sore after it.   I was a nasty, sweaty mess.  Whose idea was it to train in the summer?

Shouldn’t I be feeling at least a little more fit these days?  Every run just seems so damn hard.   The smallest thing seems to trigger my asthma and I am freaking out.  But let’s save all the drama for another post, ok?

How was your week?

Seen any good concerts lately? 

Tell me something shiny!



15 thoughts on “The SF Marathon Week 17 Training Recap

  1. It’s the worst when you’re having one of those “running just feels hard” streaks. Hang in there and hopefully the race will go well and turn things around. Fun to see FOB! I saw them like 10 years ago and it was a super fun concert. I saw Dave Matthews 2 wknds ago, which was my fave band for, like, everrrr…and Borns in May, which was amazing also. Love live shows.


    1. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for this week and the race- this whole July has just felt off. Grr. Live shows are really growing on me, for the longest time I felt super weird at them but I think I’ve gotten over it! I need to find a few more concerts to go to!


  2. when you have the opportunity to see Fall Out Boy, YOU SEE FALL OUT BOY!!!! GOOD CHOICE! lol I just saw Weezer & Panic at the Disco and it was AMAZING. well….what I can remember was amazing lol


  3. Ugh, summer running just feels hard no matter how fit you are. I just try to remind myself that I’m gonna be a BEAST come fall, because the cooler temps and lower humidity will feel amazing.


  4. I ran 3,5 miles the other day!! That is very shiny for me!! I’ve struggled lately and that 3.5 was awesome! Of course, I took a rest day the next day… but I still have 6 days to hit 10 more miles and then I’ll have hit my mileage goal for July… I totally got that!

    Okay, time to start planning the outfit – cause good call on practicing with the heavier pack!


    1. Awesome!! You can do it! I think that maybe July is just a rough month all around? Things seem to get a little crazy.

      I have no idea what I am wearing- well my shoes and shorts but I’m going to need more than that!

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  5. You are so close! And I think you are meant to feel crappy during taper – it all magically comes together on race day. I am travelling back to Ireland next week to see my family so that is shiny for me – probably not so much for you LOL!

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