Run to the Music 3

Happy Thursday!!!

I am working on my race recap, promise, I just haven’t felt great so my attention span has been even shorter than usual.   😛  A week ago, I accidentally put my iPod on shuffle all.   Oops.  But wait, I kind of love it.  It’s been like a walk down memory lane meets a trivia challenge all in one- name that tune/artist in 20 seconds!

There has been a lot of what the hell was I thinking?!  I’ve had to Shazaam some of my own music!   There are more than a few “unknown artists” on my iPod thanks to a less than stellar computer switch a years ago.  On the upside, I finally found my missing 30 Seconds to Mar album that had mysteriously “disappeared”.

Anyways, an old running favorite of mine came on today while I was driving home.    I almost skipped it- I listened to it on every run or race back when I was in awesome shape and throwing down my best times at every race.    It’s been a long and bumpy road since then and I didn’t feel worthy of the song.

Who thinks like that?!  So in a fit of rebellion against myself and all my doubts, I cranked up the volume and shouted along.  Off key but whatever.  😎

Avery Watts- A Cut Above

Heads up- I’d never seen the video of this song before so when I pulled it up on YouTube I was a little confused- 7 minutes long?  It starts like an inspirational Nike commercial, who knew?   The song starts around 4 minutes in.  The beginning is a little shout-y odd so if you want to skip it, click on the second video.  😛

Who knew you could start a video at at certain point?!

I did warn you my music taste was a little over the place.   The next song was Shania Twain.

What are you listening to?


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    1. I hesitated for so long and never talked about my music choices but then certain songs got me through marathon training. Plus I love reading other peoples favorites so I figured why not? I’ve found some really good songs through other bloggers. 🙂

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