Week 41 Training Recap

Training for:

  • City to the Sea 13.1 ✅
  • Harvest Marathon 13.1
  • Golden Gate Half

I wish I could I could be all sunshine and daisy’s about last week but I can’t.  I am looking really hard for the shiny because I know it’s there somewhere.  It has to be.

Work has been stressful, we are still down an employee and haven’t been able to replace them yet.   Also, the shift back to being an hourly employee is affecting me more than I thought it would but I’ll keep trucking along.

My sleep is still crap.  I used to be the type person who while being a night owl, once asleep I was dead to the world.  Seriously, you could throw things at me and I would sleep through it.   I would fall asleep in one position and stay that way all night.  Lately I can’t fall asleep and when I do I wake up repeatedly and I toss and turn.  Toss and turn to the point that my quilt and top sheet are usually on the floor in the morning.  😞   This weekend I went shopping for new pillows and I’ve ordered some essential oils to see if they help.  Fingers crossed!

Loss.  I was somehow lucky enough to get this far in life without having to deal with loss often.  This year has been different and last week was more bad news.   I really need to work on being less of stress eater.

Monday- 2 miles This was supposed to be a rest day but with all weekend off due to my stupid leg, I wanted get in a few test miles.   We got out of work late so by the time I made to home town I was racing the dying daylight.  2 miles is what I was able to fit in.  I was a little achy but nothing hurt more than that.

Tuesday- Rest.  Something came up and I didn’t get off work until almost 7.     I didn’t even attempt to run that day.

Wednesday- Rest  2 days off in a row seemed like a good idea.  Plus it fit perfectly in my training plan from Ekiden Coaching.  😛

Thursday- 3.5 miles Another chance to test the leg and see if I would be racing this weekend.  The plan called for 5 x400 but I knew I wasn’t getting up to 5k pace.  I stuck to the 400’s but kept them around a 9:30 pace and walked the recoveries.   My calves were super tight per usual and I stopped at one point to completely re-lace both Hoka’s but other than that it was ok.  I realized that I will be on the treadmill much sooner than I would like though.  It is getting dark so fast!


Friday- Rough day.    But I did win my entry in City to Sea from a Facebook contest so there’s that right?!    Thank you to everyone I badgered into voting for me!  I registered for Sunday’s race on Friday morning.

Saturday- Rest day.  Went to SLO for packet pickup and wandered around doing some shopping.  Shopping and food make great distractions from life right?  The race shirt was tiny, like Stitch size tiny.

Sunday- City to the Sea 13.1 To be continued…😛
How was your week?

Have any sleeping tips for me?

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  1. I’ve been waking up a lot the past few years (I used to be a night owl but then dead asleep/never move sleeper too), and I finally just went mattress shopping. My new mattress is on order, but I’m 90% sure I’ve been sleeping on completely the wrong mattress for years! Fingers crossed that the new one will help me be more comfortable. I got a Sleep Number bed, so it will be adjustable, but I’ve been sleeping on firm mattresses and what I need is a pretty soft one.

    Hope you figure out what works for you. Restless nights suck.


  2. I understand the pain at work! We’ve had a girl out sick and one on vacation and two new hires so it’s like no one knows what’s going on. lol that causes long work hours and high stress. I’m a light sleeper unfortunately. Always have been. BUT I’m happy to report that lavender essential oils works so well for me. Best wishes for some sleep soon. That can make or break a training routine…


    1. Multiple new hires at the same time are always stressful! I am hoping that we can hire someone soon, we would still have to wait out training but there would be a light in the dark! I am anxious to try essential oils if only they would get here! The delivery was delayed for some reason. 😦

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  3. I’ve always suffered on and off with insomnia – and I love melatonin to help when it flares up. Beyond that, I’m a restless sleeper, and my Jawbone is constantly trying to sleep train me! “You woke up 3 times last night, maybe tonight try some leg lifts before bed to help” (Not even kidding!) The best part is that now that Adam I have been dating long enough to spend weekends together, I try not to ask how he slept… cause he tells me “You had a restless night” or “you got up and down a lot” 😀 Apparently my lack of sleep skills impacts him!
    On another note – I’m a big fan of essential oils, the pure ones. For night I like to mix them in a carrier oil and massage them on!


    1. Haha, my Jawbone never did that! That’s kind of funny. My Fitbit just shows me how restless I am but then again the quilt on the floor can tell me that too. 🙂 I finally got the oils today- the post office lost them- so I am looking forward to trying them tonight. Now if I could just get past the smell of lavender.


  4. I can relate on that hourly schedule! So hard to sneak out for a run when you need to be on the clock!

    Also I concur with essential oils. Lavender pillow spray helped me sleep when I moved and couldn’t adjust. Also try making your bed in the morning if you don’t already. Just the act of unmaking your bed to get in primes your brain for sleep.

    Happy training!


  5. I’m so sorry to hear about your loss! That’s enough to get anyone into a bad sleeping pattern, so I hear you on that one. I go through phases of waking at 3am on the dot and not being able to get back to sleep. It’s a stress thing, ugh. I always find running helps, even if it’s just because it tires you out! Can’t wait to hear your recap on City to Sea, hope it all went well. Loved the medal ❤


    1. Thank you, running sometimes helps me sleep and sometimes keeps me awake. I can’t seem to figure out a rhyme or reason. I keep trying to type of the recap but I keep getting distracted! I’m really behind on replying to my IG comments too. My goal is to catch up tonight!

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