2017- The Year Of

It’s that time of year where social media is full of reflections on the previous year (mine is here!) and goals or resolutions for the new year to come.  This is not that post.

I don’t do goals.  Goals are a 4 letter word in my book, literally and figuratively.  When I first joined the blogging world and Instagram, I followed along, all the cool kids were doing it- why not me?  I tried, I did.  95% of the goals I set for 3 years were spectacular failures.   The more I tried, the more I failed and the more I stressed.  It was a vicious cycle.

The problem is that I don’t like goals.  They rate up there with the word “potential”.  I hate that word.    90% of the time potential is always followed by the word “but”.  I’ve told employees over the years that I will never use it in their performance review and so far I never have.     But I’ve gotten sidetracked.

Goals don’t work as incentive for me.  They work for some people and that’s great,  they’re just not my jam.   Fessing up to a goal free 2016 took a lot last year, I was afraid of the reaction.   That said, I think a goal free 2016 went quite well- most miles run in a year and I ran a freakin’ marathon.  😀😀 Yeah, I’m still on that.

So that brings me to 2017.  I may not have goals, but I do have a word.

2017 is all about the challenge.  I want to challenge myself, not just in running but in multiple ways in life.  2017 is shaping up to be an interesting year in a variety of ways but instead of letting it push me along, I want to do my best to be driving the bus not just a passenger.

This is primarily a running blog so lets talk about running.    In 2017, I want to Challenge myself with some speed.  I have never been fast but I used to be speedier than I am now.     I’m not putting a number on it, I’m not even putting a finishing time on it.  One race finish does dictate speed.     I let myself use my health issues as an excuse for far too long, I was too lazy to put in the work, whatever the reason was, it’s time to put in the work and see what I can do.

Right now I only have a few half marathons on the race schedule, Livermore and Destination Races Santa Barbara being the key ones.  I do have the crazy desire to run another marathon but the only one that really intrigued me was Revel MT. Charleston.  However, it’s April 29 and I just don’t think there’s any way that I will be ready to run it.  Plus, it’s in Nevada and well, that’s a drive.  😛  So instead, it looks like I stick with my 1 half a month schedule February to summer and then reassess for a fall marathon.   While I am Challenging myself this year, I don’t relish the idea of 20 milers in the CA summer heat.    😛  I’ll do it if I have to; it just doesn’t sound fun.

I want to apply Challenge to more aspects of my life as well.  There are so many ways that I need to expand my horizons and step outside my comfort zone but I’m saving those thoughts for later date.   The water hasn’t quite boiled yet.

So, 2017- Year of Challenge…

Let’s do this.


16 thoughts on “2017- The Year Of

  1. It is funny – there were a couple least year, but I have seen a number of people this year who are giving themselves a ‘word for the year’. Some call it a mantra, but basically it is a guiding word or principle. And I think it is awesome!

    I was never a fan of resolutions – they seem so vague and nebulous and easy to be forgotten, because they lack the specificity of goals. So that is what I started doing a few years back: setting goals, using the SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, time-based).

    And for me it has worked very well – I have now run >3000 miles four years in a row, broke 22 minutes in a 5k twice, run marathons, etc. But what now? I don’t care much about races – but would like to run an Ultra, but that is less important than so many other things – so I end up with basically the same goals – maintain running, maintain healthy eating, maintain weight, job, marriage, kids, etc …

    Based on that I ‘mantra word’ sounds like a good idea. Some use ‘balance’, but to be honest I am already decent at that. I think I have to decide how serious I am about running the Ultra.


    1. Goals and resolutions and I just never mixed well. I knew I needed to change my mindset but I also new a mantra wasn’t likely to work. Too long, 🙂 . A word I can remember easily and repeat it as needed.

      Your mileage is seriously awesome. I love the idea of an ultra, they seem like a different animal than road races. It sounds like they would such a great experience, both the trails and the people. They also sound exhausting. But worth it I think.

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  2. I’m with you on the goals thing. It just doesn’t motivate me that well, and tends to stress me out instead. I think “challenge” is a great word to use, and wish you all the best this year!


  3. Nice one! I think it’s important to challenge yourself in all aspects of your life- though not everything all at once! When I re-evaluated my goals on my last birthday, getting out of my comfort zone and doing more things that I wanted to say no to (normally out of fear) and it’s gone well so far!


  4. For several years, I didn’t set resolutions or goals because it, like you said, kind of sets you up for failures. This year, I did the opposite and made a ton of goals and it’s already starting to stress me out. LOL. Maybe an ammendment to my goals is in order. 🙂


    1. I tried them and they just didn’t work for me. I start thinking about how much time has passed or how much time if left and I start to feel like things are chores and not something that I want to do. That feeling should be reserved for laundry and the like, 🙂

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  5. Challenge yourself, I like this. That’s the way i try to attack my running everyday. I want to challenge myself to complete a run, to run farther, run faster, run more elevation, etc. I always look at things through that microscope but now it has a name lol


  6. Goals/resolutions have such a bad rep, lol! I don’t mind them or any other name that’s synonymous. I think whatever people want to call what they’re working towards is all awesome. I’ve seen the one-word mantra and think that’s cool too. I look forward to reading how you challenge yourself this year! 🙂


    1. Any improvement is a good thing, I just feel like we put so much weight behind goals that when we fall short we feel like we ourselves fall short. Maybe it’s just me, I am just not a fan. They do work for so many people though.


  7. Love the word you picked! I think it will be perfect for you and this coming year! I had a friend write a blog post about how resolutions for the new year don’t work for her – and I giggled, because she clearly called out how for as long as she has known me, I don’t do resolutions – but I have words and mantras… and she is right, I love my words and mantras… but boy do I have some goals, too! LOL.


    1. Resolutions are too stressful for me. They are also too short term for me. I mean what happens after you complete your resolution- make another one or backslide? But Challenge? I need to challenge myself on a daily basis and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.


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