Weekly Recap 1-Rain and Mudslides Oh My

Why is that short work weeks seem so long?  Maybe it’s because we try to cram 5 days work into 4?     Maybe it’s just one of those questions that will never be answered.  ๐Ÿ˜›

Last week saw a better training week which is surprising considering the skies are dumping water on us and I have a fierce desire to avoid the gym the first few weeks of the year.   Seriously, I know that CA is in a severe drought and that we desperately need water but we are not equipped to handle this much water at one time.   Downed trees, power outages,  highways are flooded, in fact as I type this I have no idea how I am getting to work on Monday.  My main way to work has been closed since Friday evening due to a massive landslide.  Considering I drove past 2 pretty large slides already last week and they didn’t shut the road for those, the fact that the road has been closed for 2+ days is kind of alarming.

But enough about mudslides- let’s get to the running!

Monday- 3 ish miles.  That ish makes me a little crazy.  My Garmin decided to go a little crazy and lose satellite for the first part of my run.  Like most runners, I know the first mile from my house very, very well.  My watch always beeps at one particular street sign.    It didn’t.  Grrr.  It took another 2 blocks.    It’s not like I was setting any speed records, I was feeling overly sluggish but the drop in data really aggravates the type A data nerd in me.

Tuesday/ Wednesday– Work was busy and the rain came.   I carried my running gear around with me just in case there was a break in the rain.

Thursday- 2.6 miles  There was a break in the rain so I changed after work and headed back home for a nice evening run.    One bonus about running in the dark is that I feel zero need to push the pace.  It’s one of the few times I can run easy and have it actually be easy both in feel and pace.     Throw in dodging puddles and piles of dirt and debris and it really keeps things easy.   The break in the rain was nice but dang that temp dropped fast.  Make up your mind weather!   I kept it short because my stomach chose to be an asshat on Thursday but I wouldn’t let it completely win.

Friday- Rest What else?  Luckily I worked the early shift at work because the mountain decided to come down about 30 minutes after I drove through.  Yikes!

Saturday- Rest  I celebrated a little too early about the no more Saturday work days.  It was off to work.  Closer location and only for a couple of hours but it was kind of funny how quickly it came about.    It was pouring rain outside all day, my stomach was still an asshat so I pushed my long run back a day.

Sunday- 7.1 miles There was a break in the rain mid-morning so I made a run for it.  I layered up in preparation of the rain in case I was caught in it.  I was overheating by mile 2.    The Buff came off in mile 3.  I used the wait at a traffic light during mile 4 to peel off my jacket.   The weird thing was the damn wind.  It was so windy it was pushing me backwards at times.  The wind tried to take my hat off more than once.   Damn near lost it when I was running over the freeway–never getting it back from there!     It was extremely windy but it was a warm wind.   My pace was a little erratic thanks to hills and the wind but overall it wasn’t that bad.   My 3/1’s kind of fell apart thanks to some of the hills though.  I need to work on that.    Not bad for my longest run in months but man I feel out of shape.

12.7 miles for the week.  Moving in the right direction at least!   Slowly.  ๐Ÿ˜›   As for this week, the rain is still here so I am not sure how my week day runs may go.  Like I said, I’m not even sure how I’m getting to work.    As for the weekend, I am debating how crazy or stubborn I am but more on that later.

How was your week?

How is your weather?





21 thoughts on “Weekly Recap 1-Rain and Mudslides Oh My

  1. I hear you with short weeks feeling long – why is that?? Our weather has been a bit all over the place, but luckily no landslides… yikes! It snowed over the weekend and this morning it was 5* while I was waiting for the bus, but it will be in the 50s by the end of the week. New England is weird.


  2. Nice job getting the miles in despite crazy weather. We got snow and ice so I ran 9 miles on the treadmill on Saturday. Not my favorite but I watched Dark Matter and it wasn’t so bad.


      1. There’s only so much you can run through outside. I hope the rain stops soon for you guys! We’re at least done with the worst of it and are moving on to warmer temps and thawing out.


      1. Lmao. It’d still be super muddy outside. I’ve almost slipped on a grate while running the rain. It’s so dangerous out there. And yeah, driving in the rain is bananas. No one knows what to do. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


  3. Oh man, AZ doesn’t channel water very well either. Too much rain and we have flooding water ways.

    What is the handheld light you use? Looks pretty cool


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