Rambling On 2

The rain is back!  Which wouldn’t be so bad if it hadn’t come with some freaky fog this time.  There was one time last week where I was on the highway in a row of 4 cars and it was raining pretty hard .  All of us were keeping a respectable distance from each other.  Then the rain slowed and the fog rolled in.  Rolled in like a horror flick.   Ever seen that movie “The Mist”? Where the creatures come out of the fog and attack?   Soon enough all 4 cars were as close to each as we could get and still safely drive.  Do not break formation!  Break formation and you get eaten!    I could barely see the car in front of me let alone the car in front of it but they apparently decided they could not be the lead car anymore.  They pulled over, let the 3 of us pass and then got behind us.  Tag out!    It was a stressful but amusing commute.  😛

I want to do all the things!  They just announced that Alabama is going to be playing at a semi local concert venue and I have always wanted to see Alabama in concert.   Well, again.  I think I saw them when I was like 3 years old but I don’t remember.     It’s the same day as a race.  Eek!   And I want to run all the races!  But that means hotels and gas!  I should start buying a lottery ticket once a week.

I am trying to quit Diet Coke again.  Some days are great, some not so much.  I have cut way back though.   Now if only I could say that about pizza.  😛

I’ve officially lost count of how many times I’ve been fingerprinted.   Thanks to work, I’ve been fingerprinted every couple of years.  Today I was fingerprinted again but this time for the school district so I can chaperone an overnight tournament for my mom’s tennis team.

I am debating a 10k race this weekend.  Part of why I want to run it is because I think half of it will be on trails.   However part of my hesitation is because it is supposed to rain all week.   Trails = yay!  Mud bath = umm, not so much.  I admit I like dirt but not mud.  I can’t decide.

How has your week been?

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16 thoughts on “Rambling On 2

  1. something random: I have laryngitis.
    I had a rest day yesterday, and due to waking up with intestinal issues in the middle of the night, I decided today would have to be a cross-training day, as I didn’t trust my body! But then, when it was time to get up – BAM – now it’s laryngitis! 🙂


      1. I believe it is about 410 miles. I’ve read of people walking across Nevada on US 50. It’s called the “Loneliest Road in American”.


  2. Are you serious?!?! Muddy trails are the best, I would highly suggest that 10k…then again I’m not normal lol.


    1. The longer drive is driving me batty so I have to lighten the mood somehow. 😛 The fog is bonkers, I can’t even see road signs. I’m wondering about the race- the county has been closing a lot of the trails so I have no idea if they will have a course change or not. The website is very minimal. I can’t decide.

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  3. Something random- WordPress put your post plus someone else’s in my spam folder. Fortunately I try to clear it out once a week so I found them. Not sure why that happened though.


  4. I too love trails and enjoy running in the rain. But mud runs? Not so much. Here’s hoping the rain and fog go far, far away. We need some bright and sunny weather soon!


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