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Disclaimer: I received a pair of Horizon RTT  from Under Armour to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!”

Surprisingly enough, dirt and trails are a few of a my favorite things.    I say surprisingly because in some ways I am a huge germophobe and if I’m not in running gear, odds are high that I’m in a dress and heels.    Get me on a trail though and I turn into a 5 year old and run free.  Sometimes a little too free but that’s another story.

When I had the chance to try the Horizon RTT’s from Under Armour, I almost jumped for joy.   My current trail shoes were trashed and it had been way too long since I had run recklessly down a mountain.  I needed it.    Then they arrived and they were so pretty.  But hopefully they wouldn’t stay that way for very long, I wanted to get them good and dirty.

Ok, let’s cover the technical details first-

UA Snip
from the website

Ok, first impressions.

This is a serious shoe.  So much sturdier than my previous trail shoes.   How was that going to feel on my feet?  Ok, where’s the dirt? 😀  My first run in them was a couple laps around the lake.    Not bad, nice traction, good grippy feel, I never felt like I was going to skid out in the loose dirt.

Next adventure- 3 Bridges Preserve, a new trail with a little more zig-zag up than I was expecting.  😛     The shoes felt good, kept me sure footed on the path and helped me explore a little more of what run town has to offer.

Other adventure- An unexpected illness turned a planned Bishop’s Peak hike/run into a calmer ocean trail adventure where I took the shoes over paved paths, hard packed sand,  sandy dunes, boardwalk, gravel and roads.    No problems at all.  And something else I noticed that day?  This hike was done with my mother and she had just purchased a new pair of trail shoes that day.  Her shoes and socks were full of dune sand when she took them off but mine weren’t!

Overall, I wore the shoes for about 20+ miles of mixed routes and surfaces since I received them.  Full disclosure, that unplanned sickness kept me from testing them in my favorite way.   My favorite part of trail running is careening wildly down a mountain side in a barely controlled fashion.  Yes, people usually look at me like I am crazy but I love it.  I need a trail shoe that grips tight so I can run free.  Being sidelined kept me from 2 planned mountains.  Boo.   So as soon as I can run crazily down a mountain, I’ll be back with an add on to this review.  And probably a big smile on my face.  😛

That said, I do have some thoughts on the shoe.  While the outsole is great for traction, I feel like it is very stiff on your foot.   Now maybe I have just become used to a more cushioned shoe lately thanks to my everyday running shoes.   I have a tendency for taking the wrong turn on trails and turning a 5 mile run into 9 or 10 and I think more cushion in the sole would be nice.  This can also probably be corrected with a good pair of inserts, I’ve just never had any luck with those. We shall see.   However I plan on putting in many more miles in these in the months to come.  😀

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How do you run on trails?


  1. You know – I don’t have any trails. I’m not even sure where I’d go to find some! I have a nature park, but I don’t think you can run through it! But, if I did, those shoes look awesome – I’m ready for you to be better, too, so you can run down the mountain!


    1. I try to find dirt paths or trail in most of my routes, at least a mile or so. If there is dirt in a race, I will find it! Dirt is so much nicer on your joints sometimes. Yeah, you have to pay more attention to your feet though. 🙂


  2. Paula says:

    I now have a new pair of trail shoes… just gotta find a trail to break them in on, 🤣. Great review!


    1. Yat, good luck with your shoes!

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  3. I haven’t run trails, but hopefully this fall we’ll find ourselves on them!!



    1. I think you’ll love them! I wish I had longer ones closer to me, it’s the drive out to them that makes me lazy. 😛


  4. Most of the trails I run on are at least partially covered with mulch so they don’t have a lot of loose dirt. I just run with my regular running shoes and haven’t had a problem. I didn’t used to run on trails that much but lately I’ve been loving it! Nice review!


    1. One of my trails has some mulch, but most are loose dirt or shale. Another person who tested them ran in a bunch of mud and I was like mud? What’s that? Haha, it’s so dry out here, that didn’t even occur to me. 😛

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