Rambling On 20

The airline freak out edition.

Ok, freak out is too strong of a description.

People, I haven’t been on a plane since the 90’s, saying things have changed would be an understatement.  So can I pick your brains?

So, yeah no real tickets anymore?  I either print it at home or once I get to the airport?  That’s so odd.

Can you really not lock your luggage anymore?

And what’s with the no assigned seats?

I mean for crying out loud, the last time I flew it was on an airline called Ryan International and my flight number was 007.  Doesn’t even sound legit but I had an assigned seat.  I was also flying over the ocean so maybe that makes a difference who knows.

Can I take food? Like my drink mix and some gummy bears? Or is that a bad idea? A bottle of water?

Or medications? I can throw them all in a jumble in one container right? I don’t have to lug 4 pill bottles around with me do I?  

How about a tennis ball?  My back sure would appreciate it.  😛

I know nothing!

You should check in the day before? Well, that’s just stressful.  I don’t really have internet or printer access or work so that means I can’t until I get home.  Among everything else I need to do before leaving for the airport Friday morning.

Oh and that airport is still a good 3 hours away from here.

Am I missing anything?

Any helpful flying tips?



13 thoughts on “Rambling On 20

  1. Oh my goodness! Stop!! You’re stressing me out!

    The airport has little kiosks, you walk up to them and put in your information and it will print your boarding pass.
    If you are checking your luggage, then go spend the $12 to get the TSA lock – Target has them, I’m sure Walmart does too. But it locks your luggage and only TSA is supposed to be able to get in.
    Yes, you can take your drink mix and gummy bears, but no to the water. You can take an empty water bottle and fill it up after you get through security – OR – but a fresh bottle at the gift shop inside security.
    Now it’s your turn to take 10 tiny deep breaths!

    Also, I did cut back my mileage for the week, you were right, it was too high. I need to run 3 miles either this afternoon or tomorrow morning. I’m aiming for this afternoon… cross your fingers for me!


    1. I am hoping to carry on. I left one section of my bag empty in effort to aid meeting the carry on requirements. That way I squish it down. Or try to. I did but locks too though.
      I haven’t run yet this week. My left shin has been screaming and the time change has enabled me to be a super Slacker. So now I have to try and squeeze in a few miles today.😯

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  2. Oh man, you’re going to be fine, Fallon! I agree with everything Kate said above. Also, I recommend checking in online as soon as you can, because when you check in for your flight is when the actually assign you a seat, and it’s usually first come, first served. Aside from that, review TSA rules, remember that you can only bring a quart-sized bag of liquids on the plane, and you’ll be great! Most airline websites have all the info you could possibly need, and if you’re really nervous or not sure, just call them!


      1. Only one quart size per person. If you’re checking a bag, you can put as much liquid in there as you want, but you can only bring one quart sized bag on with you.


  3. You’ll be fine. Are you flying Southwest? That’s the only one I know that doesn’t assign seating. I actually like unassigned seating more, but maybe it’s because I’m able to get seats up front more easily.


  4. On the bright side, they can now swipe a card if you want to use it to buy drinks on the plane, no need to have the cash anymore. Just letting you know in case you need something to calm your nerves during the flight 😊


  5. Liquids AND gels in one quart size bag, I learned that the hard way when I took a bunch of energy gels with me to Europe and spent a minute holding up the security line trying to shove my gels in with my toothpaste and deodorant.


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