Week 44- Lazy Lesson

Upcoming Races-

  • Rock N Roll Las Vegas 5K
  • Rock N Roll Las Vegas 13.1!!!!!

Ahh, Daylight savings time.  Love the extra hour for about 2 days in the morning but hate it in the evenings for running.   However, since the time change didn’t take effect until Sunday, I can’t really blame the laziness of the week on that can I?  Nope, this was all me. 

Monday- Rest Silly Slacker forgot her Knuckle Lights and I do not go the gym on Monday evenings.   So I just headed home.  Bad idea.\

Tuesday- 4.3ish miles bike I had my gym bag from the day before and my previously misplaced lights but with it being Halloween I figured an outside run was probably not a good idea.    My gym also has a tendency to close early for every holiday (which I previously learned the hard way) so I admit I didn’t even try.  I aimed for some cross training instead.  Maybe the not running was for the best as barely 4 miles in I was running away sick.  Stupid stomach.

Wednesday- Rest Ok I can never miss my Monday run.  It’s just a downhill slide of lazy after that.   It was too easy to be talked out my run tonight.

Thursday- 3 miles I ran from work hoping to take advantage of slower sunsets except it was overcast and the summer barely came out. Boo.   Other than that it wasn’t a bad easy run.  And somehow even with the massive hill at the end I still kept my heart rate out of the red zone.  Tiny wins.

Friday- Rest I didn’t have to work open to close- wow that was nice!   Getting home was a little tricky as the league championship high school football game was being played down the street from my house.   Spoiler alert- the home town that has gone through head coaches in a year (so much drama) somehow pulled off an undefeated season.

Saturday- 3.1 miles  I am trying to prepare for Vegas for so it was another double afternoon run weekend.  Saturday went according to plan.   Not speedy and kind of chilly to start- odd storm clouds had rolled through on Friday but it cleared partially mid-run and suddenly I was overdressed.  Ahhh, the running outfit struggles.

Sunday- 7.75 miles All aboard the struggle bus.  I set out in the early afternoon with a plan for 10 miles.  Mile 1 started out ok but mile 2 turned into a something different.  I couldn’t control my pace and my breathing was out of whack.  Just as my watch chimed mile 2, I felt like my blood sugar bottomed out and it was all I could do to stay upright.   I stopped and took a few moments.  I then changed my route so I was always near people and cars and I turned on the run/walk intervals so I could force myself to keep things easy from then on out.  That said, I still wasn’t sure how far I was going to get.   7.75 brought me back to my car and that seemed like a good number. Or better than nothing.

13.94 miles for the week, 4 ish on the bike.   Yeah, lazy week indeed.

And now we’re on to Vegas week!

How was your week?

Did you race?

10 thoughts on “Week 44- Lazy Lesson

  1. I can’t believe we are onto Vegas!! I’m so excited! It’s going to be so much fun! Oh my gosh, my parents surprised me with a medal hanger on Sunday! I need to get a picture and post it and very publicly thank them for their support! You’ll enjoy meeting them! 🙂 Last week I got in 15.45 miles, and then an 8 miler to start my week on Sunday… after 20k steps yesterday, I took today as rest – and I’ll do 5 miles tomorrow, 4 miles Thursday and 2 on Friday. I’m iffy on the 5 miler tomorrow, I may drop it to 4… I’m afraid to put too many miles in this week!


    1. That’s an awesome gift!!! So nice of them! Umm, that’s quite a few miles for race week. We are running 16 this weekend. I’m running twice. Maybe once if my left shin has it’s way. I’m telling it to shut up though. 😛


  2. I enjoyed the extra hour of sleeping in the morning of my half marathon last Sunday. I’ll have a race report up later this week. It was nice timing for the race, but other than that, I hate changing the clocks back in the fall.


  3. My Sunday is usually a lazy day, and this past weekend was no exception because on Saturday I completed a Spartan race in Spartanburg (yes, really)! Calves were achy, so just puttered around the house and went to yoga. BTW, one nice thing about the gym at this time of year is that with the holidays coming up, attendance dwindles and you can get a machine without waiting. It’ll be a different story starting in January!


    1. Awesome, congrats on your Spartan! I do like that gym is less crowded this time of year, the exception to that just seems to Mondays so I just try not to go then. Yeah, marathon training in January is going to be interesting.


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