Race to the Row- San Jose 408K

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Have you ever run an 8K?? I haven’t.  I find myself intrigued by them.  Not a 10K, not 5 miles but 8K.  I am not even sure how I would run that… fast like a 5K or kind of like a 10K but push it for that last .97? So many thoughts!

But let’s talk about the race itself-

This is the 7th year running for the San Jose 408K.  (see what I did there😛?)  It’s an 8K point to point course that starts at the SAP center and runs to Santana Row.  It’s the only event in San Jose that finishes on Santana Row.

The benefiting charity is the Pat Tillman Foundation.  The race takes place on Sunday, March 4th.

For a shorter race, it has a couple of special moments laced throughout the course-

Dude, I want to run it!  Actually, it’s been on my radar the past few years but I’ve never been able to make my schedule work out.  That trouble strikes again this year as I will be chaperoning the boys tennis team in a tournament.  Boo.  But for sad runners like me who can’t get to San Jose on race day- Represent Running has a remote runner option.  Same great swag mailed to you and you run the race on your own.  Sweet!  Bummed to miss out on all awesome perks of the race atmosphere though.
For more information, check out run408k.com.
Want to run it on March 4?? Use code BIBRAVE for $8 off registration.
Ever run an 8K?

13 thoughts on “Race to the Row- San Jose 408K

  1. The mariachi mile sounds fun! I’ve never done an 8k but I’ve run a 6k… though that’s basically a 5k. Hope you get to run this one soon!


      1. I just heard about a half half half half half (I think that’s the right number) marathon that’s happening next month! Haha. I want to run it just for the novelty. It’s .826 miles.

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  2. I’m about to run my 3rd 8k this weekend as part of the Gasparilla Ultra Challenge. It is the last of 4 runs of the weekend and usually ends up being a run/walk of survival to get that Ultra Challenge medal!! Soooo, I have yet to race and 8k, but I have participated!!


  3. I’m running it!!!
    Well, virtually! I won an entry and sadly, that 8k will be my long run for the week! I’m still technically in recovery from the Half. So much harder to race than run!! But my blister is healing – so I’m excited for my first 8k! (Now to figure out how to make that happen in my neighborhood!)


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