Rambling On 38

Happy Friday.  Right?

Running has been more miss than hit this week.   I felt a little off all week and actually went home sick on Thursday.  Say what? Who am I???

On the upshot, my boss is back so I was actually able to go home when I finally made that choice.  Is it sad that one of the things holding me back from going home was that then I would have to admit that I wasn’t running that evening?😂

We had a few days break in the triple digit weather and they were all the days I didn’t run due to feeling poorly. Meanwhile this weekend will start another above 100 trend. I have to laugh, right??

Maybe it’s time to go the movies?? Is anything showing? I won’t tell you the quality of TV I’ve watched this past week.🙃

Or that my food choices haven’t been the greatest this week.

Moving on, onward and upward, right?

What are you up to this weekend?

9 thoughts on “Rambling On 38

  1. My running this entire month is down… I’m trying not to stress it – it is the hottest month for us, my morning lows are humid and in the 80’s… But, this weekend Mr. T turns 20!! Ack! The cake is made – even with the lumps!!


    1. My month, my year, I may need to reassess but I am stubborn. Forget the lumps- the cake looked good! I can’t believe he is 20, I feel like I found your blog when he just started high school but I am not sure about that math.


  2. urgh. But move on upward and onward, Fallon! Next week is bound to be better. Hope you feel better. I’m sure once the weather cools off a bit, you’ll start to feel better too.


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