Rambling On- 56

And I finally looked up the number. 😉

Happy Friday!

Have you seen the Old Glory shoes from Brooks? Someone tell me I don’t need these. It’s so hard to resist!

I don’t talk about work much other than to say it was busy, but it has seriously been insane the last few weeks. Like full moon crazy for weeks. What?!?! Why?!?

Do we want to place bets on if I will get up early to run on Saturday? You’d think I would learn but clearly I don’t. I wouldn’t even bet on me at this point.

I recently started rewatching Warehouse 13. I miss cheesy, awesome sci fi shows like that. Where did they all go?

I was social! Well, kind of. Networking is not my strongest skill. Socially awkward over here. But I went to the monthly mixer and was moderately social. It helps that it was small and at a very pretty location.

I was torn between 2 local 5K’s in the next week and then time passed for registration for the first. Oops. But seriously, how is it almost July??? I think I am in such denial about how fast time in flying these days.

Anyone else feel like running has lowered their standards on what is acceptable to wear in public post run??? I used to be pretty put together and now I’ll go around in just run in clothes with sweaty hair, looking haggard. Which might not be so bad if people from high school or elementary school didn’t suddenly decide to be everywhere lately. I’ve be recognized at the random-est times by people I don’t always remember lately. What?? People, I was recognized by someone from the office staff of my elementary school. How??? It’s been decades. Literally.

What are you watching?

Ever get recognized when you least expect it?

2 thoughts on “Rambling On- 56

  1. I’ve started Warehouse 13 as my filler – but, they just had one of the Eureka cross-over episodes… Eureka is one of those shows that I actually own the series on DVD… and now I feel I must watch it! Also – Adam and I finished the 3rd F&F… and found a set of all 8 DVD’s for $15, naturally, we got it – because several of the movies aren’t free-streaming… got home and realized the store had the wrong barcode on the set – but I was already home, and well, $15 worked for me!!


    1. I started with Eureka, once I finished that I looked everywhere for Warehouse 13 but couldn’t find it. Then is showed up on Amazon and I won’t tell you how quickly I watched it. 🙂 $15 is awesome!!! I think I paid 60 for the first 7 in a set.


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