Run!, Slacker

Run to the Music 6

I’ve made no secret that I’ve been a little stressed the past few months.  Between work and waiting for news about my job, all the rain, the longer commute and just life in general; I’ve been kind of a hot mess.   I’ve started taking my Fitbit off because I don’t need to see my heart rate numbers climb like that.

Enough is enough.    I’m doing what I can to take back my calm.  Music is huge in my life.  A lot of memories are tied to songs and a lot of songs remind of books and times past.  I sing way louder than I should in my car.  And sometimes at work.   So in an effort to help myself calm down I made myself a new playlist.  I called it “Calm the Frak Down”.  You know, in case I needed a reminder.  😛

It’s an odd mix of Bebe Rexha, Rise Against, Papa Roach and Florida Georgia Line.  Eclectic but it’s working for me.  I tend to only listen to country in the summer when it’s 110 outside and the Fair is in town so I’m usually always a year behind when it comes to Florida Georgia Line.  When I was working on my playlist I saw they had a new album… oh nope-2016, oops, I’m behind a year again, damn.  I clicked buy without even previewing it.  Why not?  It’s not summer yet but let’s shake things up.

I heard this song on my way to work thinking that the words fit my mood.  So I played it again.   Then I actually saw the name of the song and started laughing.   Well isn’t that fitting.

The other song I have on repeat is Bebe Rexha’s “Sweet Beginnings”.  Little different vibe though.  😛

How do you calm down?

What are you listening to?