Run to the Music 6

I’ve made no secret that I’ve been a little stressed the past few months.  Between work and waiting for news about my job, all the rain, the longer commute and just life in general; I’ve been kind of a hot mess.   I’ve started taking my Fitbit off because I don’t need to see my heart rate numbers climb like that.

Enough is enough.    I’m doing what I can to take back my calm.  Music is huge in my life.  A lot of memories are tied to songs and a lot of songs remind of books and times past.  I sing way louder than I should in my car.  And sometimes at work.   So in an effort to help myself calm down I made myself a new playlist.  I called it “Calm the Frak Down”.  You know, in case I needed a reminder.  😛

It’s an odd mix of Bebe Rexha, Rise Against, Papa Roach and Florida Georgia Line.  Eclectic but it’s working for me.  I tend to only listen to country in the summer when it’s 110 outside and the Fair is in town so I’m usually always a year behind when it comes to Florida Georgia Line.  When I was working on my playlist I saw they had a new album… oh nope-2016, oops, I’m behind a year again, damn.  I clicked buy without even previewing it.  Why not?  It’s not summer yet but let’s shake things up.

I heard this song on my way to work thinking that the words fit my mood.  So I played it again.   Then I actually saw the name of the song and started laughing.   Well isn’t that fitting.

The other song I have on repeat is Bebe Rexha’s “Sweet Beginnings”.  Little different vibe though.  😛

How do you calm down?

What are you listening to?


4 thoughts on “Run to the Music 6

  1. Not the best advice but when I’m stressed, I run. It had to be a hard run. And it has to be out in nature. Feels like I’m miles away from all the issues and problems. Nature is peaceful and welcoming. Always works for me.

    Music I’ve been listening to Stevie Wonder and Elton John during my workouts. Don’t use music during my runs. Takes away from the peace and tranquility.


    1. I really need to get back out the trails. There is something so calming about them. Unfortunately a lot of ours are closed right now. All of the storms really did a number on trees and flooding out here and the county closed a lot of trails and roads. Hopefully they open soon.


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