Week 4 Recap-Finding Calm

Just like that, we’re 4 weeks into the year.  Dude, how.

The weather here is crazy.  On one hand we finally had a break from the crazy rain, yay!   Which made room for the hard freeze.    I hit ice twice on Wednesday morning… I screamed like a little girl the first time while the rear end of my car fish tailed all over the road.    We actually get freezing temps frequently out here but that was the fist time I’ve ever hit ice while driving.   Yikes!

In better news, I found out last week that I get to keep my job.  🙂Which is great news and while it will help with some of my stress; right now I admit that I have mixed feelings about the whole thing.  There are still so many unknowns about the merger as a whole.  I know that this was a huge part of what is stressing me out so I hope I can start to dig myself out of the stress hole I keep crawling into.  But it’s like quicksand, the more I dig, the more I sink.  I did sleep a little better last week, so there’s that.

Monday- News day.   I didn’t know I was getting the news about work and wasn’t feeling mentally prepared.  I went home and ate pizza.    🍕🍕

Tuesday- Rest.   I can’t remember what I did.  Oops.  I know I did my planks and push ups all week.  Still can’t hold a plank up to a minute without falling on my face but I’ll get there. Maybe.

Wednesday- 3.1 miles.  I love my Knuckle Lights.  Seriously, they let me run in work town in the dark and I really needed that run.  I called it a therapy run.   I wanted to run down to the Eucalyptus grove but the path was blocked off.  Boo.  I made due with a 5k but that’s ok.  It was enough.   I watched a few moments of the sunset and just enjoyed the views.

Thursday- Rest   I had to sit through a class on driving for the school district.   I’m chaperoning a trip for my mother’s tennis team and I had to be re-certified.  Mostly I spent the class thinking how I wanted to redo their entire PowerPoint.

Friday- Nothing 😛

Saturday- 8 ish miles   I decided to try last Saturday’s run again, same route, same plan to end at the high school and catch a ride from my mother.  I need to stop planning.  I was 15 minutes late getting out the door because my Garmin wouldn’t turn on.  What?!  It had been fully charged on Wednesday.   So I plugged it in and ran with Strava instead.  I turned on the voice cues and auto pause so I didn’t have to fish my phone out of my belt at all the stop lights.   It reminded me why I dislike autopause.  It turns on too soon and takes too long to turn off.   I also realized how much I like my 3/1’s on this run.  Without my Garmin I was trying to estimate the 3/1’s by songs and it just wasn’t working.   I like that the watch does all the thinking for me.  Such a whiny problem I know but I missed my watch.    This run just felt more tiring than I would have liked.    I think it was mostly mental but I was just dragging for most of it.  Almost getting hit by a car at the halfway point sure didn’t help matters.  The guy never even saw me.  He was too busy staring at his lap.  I’m guessing he had just left the Wendy’s drive thru.  Whatever, I was pissed.   Grrrr.

Sunday- 3.6 miles  I planned a nice, easy 4 mile recovery run.    Yeah, plans.    I set out with my mom planning to walk a bit and then run ahead and double back like we used to do.  Half a mile in, my stomach let me know it was having none of that.  I cramped… bad.   Grrrr.  The me of 2015/16 would have turned around and called it.  Instead I slowed way down and it turned more into a wog, heavy on the walking but I got something done.

Weekly total- 14.8    That puts me exactly where I wanted to be for January and there’s still 2 days so that’s not so bad.   Training for Santa Barbara and Livermore starts this coming week so I know my mileage will start to increase.    I’ve also realized that I need to rework my training plan thanks to the landslides but more on that later.

It was an interesting week and this likely to be another interesting one too.   Will I actually get in 5 workouts????? We shall see.

How was your week?

Is your weather crazy?

Share something fun!


11 thoughts on “Week 4 Recap-Finding Calm

  1. I almost got hit by a car this morning!! Not even kidding, as he was driving past I, out loud, exclaimed, “nice way to yield to pedestrians!!!” Fortunately, I caught on early enough that he wasn’t paying attention!

    And, this week, my training calls for (1) 4 miles, and (2) 5 miles… I’ve never done (2) 5 mile runs, so I’m excited and scared… but here is the funny thing, since I started adding 4 and 5 milers in, they feel better than 3 milers! I just feel like the last couple of weeks my 3 milers hurt… I’m sure it’s all in my head, but, I’m not going to complain if 4 miles becomes a new normal for me! 🙂


    1. Why do people not pay attention?!? I know I could pay better attention but some of these people are just ridiculous! It’s illegal to even touch your phone in CA these days.

      Once I started running longer, I realized it took me around 3 miles to really warm up. So while I like that 3 milers take less time, I always feel kind of crappy at the end.

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  2. That’s good news about your job. I know how stressful that kind of thing can be. You just want it to be done so you can move on with your life. We’ve been having crazy weather here in NC- 65 for the high one day then 45 for the high the next. I’m so over winter it’s not even funny.


  3. Great news on the job, I totally would have celebrated with Pizza too. I have seen a lot of reviews on knuckle lights, its probably time I go get some of my own. Sorry the weather is pretty crumby. Have a great week!


  4. Wow great news about your job. I’m sure that is a huge weight off your shoulders. Something fun…I’m soooooo looking forward to a rest day tomorrow lol


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