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Adios August

Goodbye August, don’t let the door hit you on the way out.  Well, actually, on second thought…😝😃

I started August with such high hopes but unfortunately it seemed like life had other plans.   Between work stress, getting sick, crazy heat and humidity, headaches, crazy drivers and car accidents, I was so happy to see August end.  To add insult to injury I have some crazy, creepy bug bite.  I felt something sting after my good interval workout last week.  It just felt like I scratched myself so I ignored it.  Come to find a huge red lump below my ear on Friday.  It was so creepy that my coworkers are helping me keep an eye on it.   I can’t see it really well and cannot seem to get a picture of it either, so they and my mom have been super helpful.  It’s still a lump today.  So long August!

But let’s get to the numbers-August2015Not what I was hoping for but at least I am going back up in miles.   Even if it’s a tiny bump (half a mile), it’s still up.   I deliberately took the month off from racing as I was feeling achy and tired.   I was having some leg/foot/shoe problems that I needed to figure out as well.   Which led to buying new shoes.  So far I am really liking the Pure Flows.  My only concern right now is I am wondering how long they will last.   I am afraid that what makes them so comfortable will not last long.   Only time will tell.  😃

This look back made me notice some things.  While my running was pretty consistent at 3x a week, my actual workouts were hit and miss.  I thought I had done better than that.  I never ran farther than 7.3 miles.  Which if this was a non training period would be fine.  However, I am training for a goal half marathon, followed a month later by another half and a week later by a 25K.    This was not the month I needed.   I have been doing some serious thinking about that goal half but have yet to come to a conclusion.    Between the heat this month and my stupid stomach, I try to not even look at my splits.   Looking for a positive spin, maybe I am base building for 2016?

So hello September.   As much as I am looking forward to September, I have some serious scheduling issues.   Every single weekend is booked.  Between a work weekend, race weekends and Avocado Margarita Festival conscription volunteering, I have no idea how I will get my long runs.  Well I do.  Get out of my own way and get up early.  But can this Slacker do that?  Combine those weekends with my boss going on vacation for 2.5 weeks, which means I can’t even leave the building, and September will be busy.  Can someone set up a Diet Coke delivery? 😄  My planner looks a little scary.   I am trying to only look at 2 days at a time, 2 days is manageable and lets me breath.  All that chaos aside, I am still looking forward to September.  In denial that the year is 2/3 over but still looking forward to September.

Starting with this weekend- first booked weekend- 5k!  But I have Monday and Tuesday off!!!  Monday is Labor Day and I told my boss I needed a mental health day before she left so I asked for Tuesday off.   😉     I also haven’t raced a 5K since July 2014 so this could be a train wreck, we shall see.

How does your September look?

Any plans this weekend? Anyone racing?

Should #getoutofmyownway be my new motto?