Adios August

Goodbye August, don’t let the door hit you on the way out.  Well, actually, on second thought…😝😃

I started August with such high hopes but unfortunately it seemed like life had other plans.   Between work stress, getting sick, crazy heat and humidity, headaches, crazy drivers and car accidents, I was so happy to see August end.  To add insult to injury I have some crazy, creepy bug bite.  I felt something sting after my good interval workout last week.  It just felt like I scratched myself so I ignored it.  Come to find a huge red lump below my ear on Friday.  It was so creepy that my coworkers are helping me keep an eye on it.   I can’t see it really well and cannot seem to get a picture of it either, so they and my mom have been super helpful.  It’s still a lump today.  So long August!

But let’s get to the numbers-August2015Not what I was hoping for but at least I am going back up in miles.   Even if it’s a tiny bump (half a mile), it’s still up.   I deliberately took the month off from racing as I was feeling achy and tired.   I was having some leg/foot/shoe problems that I needed to figure out as well.   Which led to buying new shoes.  So far I am really liking the Pure Flows.  My only concern right now is I am wondering how long they will last.   I am afraid that what makes them so comfortable will not last long.   Only time will tell.  😃

This look back made me notice some things.  While my running was pretty consistent at 3x a week, my actual workouts were hit and miss.  I thought I had done better than that.  I never ran farther than 7.3 miles.  Which if this was a non training period would be fine.  However, I am training for a goal half marathon, followed a month later by another half and a week later by a 25K.    This was not the month I needed.   I have been doing some serious thinking about that goal half but have yet to come to a conclusion.    Between the heat this month and my stupid stomach, I try to not even look at my splits.   Looking for a positive spin, maybe I am base building for 2016?

So hello September.   As much as I am looking forward to September, I have some serious scheduling issues.   Every single weekend is booked.  Between a work weekend, race weekends and Avocado Margarita Festival conscription volunteering, I have no idea how I will get my long runs.  Well I do.  Get out of my own way and get up early.  But can this Slacker do that?  Combine those weekends with my boss going on vacation for 2.5 weeks, which means I can’t even leave the building, and September will be busy.  Can someone set up a Diet Coke delivery? 😄  My planner looks a little scary.   I am trying to only look at 2 days at a time, 2 days is manageable and lets me breath.  All that chaos aside, I am still looking forward to September.  In denial that the year is 2/3 over but still looking forward to September.

Starting with this weekend- first booked weekend- 5k!  But I have Monday and Tuesday off!!!  Monday is Labor Day and I told my boss I needed a mental health day before she left so I asked for Tuesday off.   😉     I also haven’t raced a 5K since July 2014 so this could be a train wreck, we shall see.

How does your September look?

Any plans this weekend? Anyone racing?

Should #getoutofmyownway be my new motto?

17 Comments on “Adios August

  1. That’s still a great month, Fallon! I only ran 33 miles in August, which is so not what I was hoping for, but it’s all I could manage under the circumstances. Like you, I’m trying not to look too far ahead lest I freak myself out. I know that once the show is over, my schedule will be much more open, but with my weekends being so booked, I’m worried about long runs. Oy!


    • Your schedule makes me feel tired just reading it- 33 miles is awesome! Long runs are a big stress for me right now. How am I supposed to fit 12 miles into some of those days? I am slow! And will I still be able to function after that if I do? Ha!

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  2. Great month, Fallon! You were dealing with a lot and you still got out there to run even without the racing there to motivate you! Good luck with the 5k! I’ve got one this weekend too (first one since Sep. last year!) so I am feeling your uneasiness about it. I have absolutely NO IDEA how to pace myself yet since it’s been awhile. But I’m excited!!
    In terms of the shoes – if they are comfortable for you, it’s worth it to keep getting them even if they don’t last as long. I used to wear Asics GT-2000 series and they would give me about 500 miles. But then I had my foot issues. Since then, I’ve been tied to my Saucony Kinvaras which are super light and only last 250-300 miles. But they make my feet happy so it’s well worth it! Plus, I get the old version off of Amazon for fairly cheap now. That’s always an option once a new model comes out 🙂


    • Thank you! I know I am going to start out way too fast for the 5K. I looked at a bit of the course today and I think we start downhill and finish uphill. Ouch.
      My Mizuno’s only lasted around 300 miles but I have a feeling that these Brooks will run around the lower end of 200 miles. I’ll have to start checking sales and things to see of they ever go on sale. But so far I am really liking them.


  3. Awesome month. With how busy you are and everything else going on, you should be proud of all those miles you got in! September looks a bit less busy than August (less travel) but more races and definitely a lot more running! No wild plans for this weekend and no races, but am hoping to get my first 20 miler in this training cycle. I am so excited for the extra day of sleep on Monday – you have no idea 🙂 And very smart to take Tuesday off – sounds like a fabulous weekend – ENJOY!


    • Thank you! Good luck with your 20 miler! 20 miles seems so far to me. I don’t know if I will ever get there. 😃 Extra sleep sounds amazing, I admit I slept in this morning. It was kind of awesome. Have a great weekend!

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  4. It sounds like your September is pretty hectic- good luck with the scheduling! I hate looking at my diary and being like shit, where the hell are my workouts gonna go! This morning was an early morning swim, and I gotta say I’m struggling now, even though it’s only 10pm!


  5. Your September sounds like my August! I’ll be honest, I couldn’t get out of my own way and get up early (or figure out other ways when I was not home) to get those long runs in. Don’t do that! Because as a result I ran 30 miles total in August! You are in a good groove right now and I’m confident you will allow yourself to slack in another area to stay true to your name and also get your runs in😜.


    • Early is so hard for me but I am going to try! I actually did pretty well last week but this will be the roughest week schedule wise so fingers crossed! 30 miles is still good! I know I will end up slacking on something this month. 🙂

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  6. I feel like we would be great running/drinking diet coke buddies. I’m in search of one for my long runs…which keep getting longer and I need more motivation for.


  7. My thing is, if you got out and ran in August – no matter how far, how fast, or how many miles – you are winning. The heat is brutal, and as for stomach problems – I think the heat contributes to those. Kudos to you for getting out there – you WILL be race ready!


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