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A Love of Socks

Disclaimer: I received compression socks from Extreme Fit as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to review find and write race reviews!

I love socks. Short ones, tall ones, solid ones, patterned ones. I’ve been know to show up to work in a dress and mismatched knee socks. Especially in the winter. I always took them off and transitioned to heels but plenty of people probably saw me over the years. I literally have 3 boxes of sock in my closet.

A few years into running I started wearing compression socks- I rarely ever ran without after that. I’ve also been known to sleep in them. However as years went on, the ones I had relied on began not to work for me. I was looking for other options. So when the chance came up to try out Extreme Fit, I was all on board.

Extreme Fit makes various types of compression socks, sleeves, low socks, shirts, pants and of course- masks. Their have compression socks with multiple levels of compression- 15-20 mmHG and 20-30 mmHG, i.e, everyday wear vs high active wear. Plus they have awesome patterns.

Then the socks arrived- holy moly sock palooza! Various awesome patterns, multiple lengths and a mask. Woo hoo! I was stoked I received a pair of camo socks!

Now here’s where things get tricky. If you by chance read my last post, you know I have put on some weight. That includes my calves. Which puts compression socks and I in a complicated relationship. Knowing that I sized up to the L/XL.

The low socks were mostly comfortable but too big, well too long. My running shoe size is a 9.5 and I was able to pull the heel cup up to my ankle. Not a huge deal, I just threw them in the dryer. That helped for the most part but I am also still dealing with the fallout from those damn Cascadia’s. I had a bunion that never bothered me at all until those shoes and now it still gets a little angry sometimes. Stupid shoes.

Anyhow, back to the socks. Ok, let’s talk about the usual knee high compression socks. The patterns were so cute! I loved that the orange pair would match my Bibrave tank and thought the reflective socks were awesome. Also I like that these socks feel much softer than my other pairs of compression socks.

Less awesome was that any one of the socks with patterns that involved different stitching didn’t fit. They would get to a spot on my calf and just stop. Boo. The pairs that were a solid tube of fabric did fit and felt good. They felt good on the run and post run. They were also comfy enough to pass my nap test- aced it in fact.

No, not the best pic but they fit!

But the best thing- the calf sleeves fit!!!! I have never found a pair of calf sleeves that fit even when sizing up. Seriously, some brands calf sleeves look like they would struggle to fit my arm let alone my calves. I’ve actually cut the feet off multiple pairs of compression socks to make my own sleeves. I will probably be buying more of those as they were so awesome.

So while I liked the socks I could wear, I am bummed about the ones that didn’t fit. I mean, yes, it gives me more motivation to get my butt in gear but it’s also frustrating that there are less options for people my size or bigger. We like patterns too!

The socks are very affordable and I liked the compression level so I may by a few more solids as well.
If you want to try theme out, code BRP20 will save you 20% on $50 or higher.

Do you wear compression socks? How do you like them?

Other Pro thoughts-

Keep Left

My week of self imposed torture is almost done!   I’ve missed running and reading all your posts.   I did manage to read some posts, I tried to hit “like” on what I did read, but  my comments were kind of sparse.  Sorry 😦  Since this week has been so off and all over the place, this post is going to be a little different-

Things I’ve Learned this week-

*Procrastinating is not as cool as you think and working under pressure does not make things more exciting.  And, yes I knew that before but have been forcibly reminded.

*I found something slower than a treadmill mile- and a typo


*Compression socks are awesome for your circulation on a long drive.  However, if you are wearing said socks under skinny jeans and are stuck in traffic in a poorly ventilated car- watch out!  I was so flippin’ hot and I couldn’t loosen my pant leg enough to get the socks off.   But Pro Compression did retweet me!

*When your GPS app is telling you to keep left, you should keep left!  Instead of making it have to recalculate and circle around.  If the app could talk, I think it would have had some choice things to say.

*No matter how clean the rooms are or how friendly the staff is, care facilities are depressing.  Just straight up sad and I don’t do well with that.  😦

*Why yes, I do eat my feelings.  And it’s usually pizza.

Ok, kind of blurry, sorry.
Ok, kind of blurry, sorry.

*Running into a headwind doesn’t always suck.  For example, when its 90º+ outside.   I still walked a lot but thank you wind.   Was it too hot to run?  Possibly but after 3 days off, I really wanted to run.  Saturday’s original goal was 6 but that wasn’t happening.  3.5 instead. IMG_4560

*Visor’s really do make a difference.   Took a run break from the research today and realized I forgot my visor 1/2 mile in.  I thought I would be ok as it was 10º cooler than yesterday.  So not true.   I was hot and sweaty and sweat was dripping in my eyes.  I don’t think that has ever happened before.   I did an uncomfortable 4 and called it.

Why do my grimaces look smiles?
Why do my grimaces look smiles?

*Finding said visor and dunking it water before taking the puppy out for a puppy jog-awesome!  I was so much cooler.  The puppy also had a really good walk/jog.  She loves to roll in grass.   I think this needs to be our weekend tradition. IMG_4595

I have 2 deadlines, one Monday and one Wednesday, and then freedom!  Haha.   I am sure something else will come up 🙂


How was your weekend?

Anyone race?

Am I the only procrastinator?